Tuesday, August 29, 2006


February 1945.The Yalta conference where the Allies are deciding the fate of Europe and the world. The leaders are arguing over the future of Poland...

"It will be a free, democratic state as is it's right in fighting against fascism" stated Churchill emphasising each word with stabbing gestures of his cigar.
"No...It will be a shining example of a socialist paradise which we in the Soviet Union will endeavour to support our fraternal Polish colleagues in adhering to the true path of socialism" replied Stalin.
"I have to disagree with both of you" Roosevelt interposed, "It will be a giant mall with extensive free parking, a free park and ride and late night opening on Thursday evenings".
The world leaders talked late into each night as the fate of millions was decided.

Well bugger it...Mrs.C and I had our own Yalta conference yesterday.
The venue: Homebase.
The subject matter: The garden and how we will 'transform' it.
We bought the new lighting for the kitchen, no problem. We have reached general agreement regarding the plants to go in the garden. We are at an impasse as to what to do with the garden....Mrs.C stated her intention to wait because it will go her way....I fear I will be Churhill in this minor domestic version of Yalta and it will go Mrs.C's way. Ho Hum...

Monday, August 28, 2006

House 'work'...

Mrs.C and I spent the weekend discussing the work that the house needs attending to.
Gulp! Lots of it and as a fully paid up member of the 'Lazy Crap DIYer's Society', it's become clear that some of it can no longer be avoided. I have the phone number of a reliable handyman (married to a work colleague) whom I'll ask to cost a couple of jobs for us. We are also finally getting the gasfire removed from the front room and plan to put in a grate, etc..for a real fire. We'd like a woodburner but paying the shareholders of various utility companies precludes that and we need to save up for it. So a real fire...cue singed pussies (Got your attention you filthy minded beast you!) and even more singed mutt. It should be interesting watching three cats and a dog vying for the best spot. The fireplace itself, behind the white painted board and dreadful gasfire is delightful to look at. I had to rescue a pigeon last year that had fallen down the chimney and discovered the wonderful Edwardian tiles. They do look like the genuine article and I am astonished that the fireplace was blocked off.
Hence our desire to open it up; we'll need a chimneysweep to check all is ok although the pigeon looked fairly clean. More importantly, we need to check that smoke draws properly and doesn't smoke us and/or the neighbours out. So No.1 daughter on her return from her hols will give us the number of a reputable corgi engineer via her landlord and Mrs.C wants this done asap. She's not allowing me time to do my usual 'Let's consider all angles...', with the job still outstanding six months later.
However, when the fireplace is done...real toast and crumpets on a toasting fork. No.1 son has already made plans to buy in marshmallows. I can picture the scene: rain beating down on the windows and a cold wind blowing; log fire burning in the grate and I'll be sat back with a good book and a malt whisky; a knock at the door and Watson will say "Holmes, who can it be..." Oops! Carried away there. You get the picture...We're off to B&Q to as I have the chance to endanger life and limb later.The kitchen needs new lights and I have to fit them...

Friday, August 25, 2006


Second post today...nothing on the telly and I've been checking out the latest on the Time Team royal dig.18 hours of live broadcasting over the next three days...I'll catch bits of it because I have other things to do. My only gripe about the little bit I have seen so far is the excessive toadying to the royals, but it is to be expected otherwise access may never have come about. Vote for your 'favourite royal' on the site...Oliver Cromwell is missing from the list. I know he isn't royal but he gets my vote!

Oliver Cromwell.

It will be interesting to see what TT do find at the three sites, given the possibilities of royal gardens and removal or destruction of the sites to provide such gardens. But I get my Time Team fix...a whole weekend of it.Excuse me, Mrs.C is calling me....
I've just had to phone the police as 20 drunken youths have been throwing bottles, threatening and abusing passers by and people in the Tap and the restaurant above it. There was a confrontation as some drinkers came out of the pub to talk with the tossers. The scum have all dispersed and when the police arrive in the next hour or two, hey presto!...no drunken youths. Undoubtedly my call was one of several calls made requesting the police intervene...vigilantism will become more attractive to people around the country as the authorities appear to be more concerned with statistics and giving coppers increasing amounts of paperwork rather than allowing them to do their jobs. My apologies to Humberside's finest as a squad car has just been along to check things out.
Currently drinking: Meantime London Porter which I have wanted to try for some time now.

It comes in a large 750 ml bottle, states it is bottle conditioned and is a delightfully rich, dark, flavoursome and strong beer at 6.5 % abv. I will definitely be trying this one again and for me I only need this one bottle tonight. A quality beer I thoroughly recommend.

Listening to: Kate Bush 'Aerial'...I can't get enough of this album and I seem to discover new depths to it with each listening.

Fair to Middling...

Exercise woe...I have pulled a groin muscle. Fnarr! Fnarr! as Finbar Saunders would say. It could have been worse and I pull a grin muscle, but sadly I overdid the powerwalking the other day and I am limping along slowly. Cycling on the backburner for a couple of days as I recover.
Memo to self:'I am no longer a fit athletic eighteen year old with boundless energy and corresponding recuperative powers'.
I looked in the shaving mirror the other day and was horrified to see a middle-aged man staring back at me. I also realised whilst laughing at something on the telly that I could hear my father laughing. Both of these realisations over the past week have brought it home to me...I am middle-aged and I am more like my father than I had previously believed.Or as Mrs.C pointed out to me "You're an old fart". I felt grounded after that and all the better for it. As I may have mentioned before, I've booked my mid life crisis for when I am 50 and I can afford it. A Harley Davidson plus the leathers for the 'Easy Rider' look. I don't have the energy or inclination to chase 18 year old girls, but posing on a big old slow hog does sound like fun.Having said that, I'll probably be on the old bicycle because petrol prices will put such dreams beyond my means...that'll be healthier and better in the long run for me.
I have to go...No.1 son needs new trainers,trousers, shirts,jeans, etc....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cycle of Life...

Great start to the day...I take the mutt out and as we are walking towards the end of the road I see a cyclist haring along the pavement towards the road junction. I'm thinking "She's not going to brake in time " and I'm considering pulling muttley into safety when the cyclist shoots straight off the pavement and into the car turning right. Car goes ahead, bike goes one way and the cyclist flies off in another direction. Before I can say a word she is up, swearing, shouting and jumping up and down. It's obvious she is on something as she continues her tantrum in the middle of the road. I move her bike and suggest she come onto the pavement before another car hits her. The car driver joins us and I state to the woman "You didn't stop and look...you went straight across". She stops the effing and blinding, looks at us both and says, "It's my fault, I didn't look...I've gotta go". That's when I realise she is not 'on something' but is on her way to buy her next hit as she is desperate to get away and get sorted. At this point I left her and the driver to sort it out as she wasn't injured although the driver may need some time to recover from his shock. The junction itself was altered last year because of problems with the traffic and pedestrians. It is now easier for pedestrians to use but the majority of problems now appear to be lack of common sense, like the above incident. In her case she didn't think whereas the moron who thought it would be funny to saunter across the same junction a few weeks back as cars turned in...plain stupidity. The driver didn't stop and the moron had to move very quickly. Similarly, the two middle-aged blokes who wandered out across the main road despite the lights being green and then abused a driver who had to screech to a halt...He then pulled over and got out to discuss their differences further. It's not often that you see middle-aged men move that quickly...entertaining for the rest of us, but these people value their lives so cheaply.Stupid!
I can remember an incident some years back when I was out training on my bike in London and I spotted another cyclist out training. Being young and male, the adrenaline and testosterone was obviously raging and we started racing each other through the streets of North London. The inevitable happened and at Highbury Corner our wheels touched and we both went flying. Cuts, bruises and damaged egos as a result of our stupidity as well as damaged bikes. We were both lucky really because I know of two friends killed in London whilst out cycling, both the fault of car drivers. It's bad enough competing for roadspace with cagers without acting stupid ourselves.I'd like to say that was the only accident I had but there were several others, although they were the fault of car drivers except for the one where my brakes failed going down Highgate West Hill. Steep and busy...luckily on that occasion I found a hedge to aim into. Still a painful way to stop but no broken limbs that time. As I am slowly returning to cycling I do have one problem. How do I take the mutt along? I walk her which gives me some exercise but there are days when I will not have time to do both. I could buy one of those child trailers and put her in it.
A quick trawl of t'internet and I find this...

Or I could use something like this one although I'm not too sure about shoving her into a little plastic box.

There is the cheaper option to begin with which is a lead you attach to the bike via a short bar....

Hmmm....I am not too sure about traffic and an excitable dog attached to my bike. Especially if she spots another dog or cat and decides on a change of direction. Training would be needed at quiet times around Sainsbury's car park. We would both benefit from the exercise and a trailer could be useful for longer trips.
I also found this site and it could be worth pursuing some time in the future when I have a few cycling miles under my belt and I can contemplate cycling to and from work without collapsing in a sweaty heap after 3 miles or more of cycling. Something worth considering...

Monday, August 21, 2006

Keeping abreast...

Today I have been mostly....sitting in the breast clinic with Mrs.C. A dull way to spend a couple of hours but a necessary checkup. Apart from sitting there and watching the comings and goings of various women, there was one in particular who suddenly made me and doubtless everyone else realise the importance of mammograms, check ups,etc... She walked in confidently and appeared to know the staff very well.She chatted about various things before sitting down and smiling at us all. What gave it away was the complete lack of hair and the bright scarf on her head. That and my own Mrs' scare a few years back brought home the nature of todays visit...all clear I am pleased to say.

As predicted No.1 out with his mates for most of today, hanging around and looking cool as well as avoiding chavs. Two of his mates were assaulted the other day by some lowlife drunken twat. What angered me is that one of his mates is 15 and it was a grown man who assaulted them. Another carling/fosters hero no doubt who had a go because of the style of dress. As my son says, he and his friends stay in a big group for protection and do know where to run for help. It doesn't stop us worrying about him. But we can't keep him at home and 'mollycoddle' him, just hope he and his friends remain safe. It comes as no surprise to find that N.E.Lincolnshire is amongst the worst counties in the UK for alcohol problems. The main industries are gone or employ cheap labour form Eastern Europe, few available jobs anyway and a culture of hopelessness/ anger and envy. Those who do well at school and university invariably move away and the feckless wasters like the tosser mentioned above can't move away. It's a shame because this is a good area to live and the problems here are mirrored all over the country, so it is not unique to this area.
Anyway, to cheer us all up...

Playing: BBC Radio 6 but now putting some of my own music on as the current track is shite...Tom, put on some decent music! That's better...The Who.
Drinking: Orange squash...plus some dorito's.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

All Hail to Armitage Shanks...

If you guessed correctly, the photo from the other day was none other than the delightful Miranda Richardson. Here's a more recent photo.

Recovery day...too much beer and whisky last night but it was a great night out with good company and a few laughs.But most of today was spent slowly recovering; alcohol on an empty stomach was not a good idea. However, I managed to make an excellent roast chicken dinner (No.1 son's favourite) including the ritual of explaining once again why he should eat carrots. I was a bloody vegetarian when he was conceived so how come any vegetable is anathema to him? I'll have to hide vegetables in his food somehow. But the food was well received and it was followed by the traditional fall asleep in front of the TV until I realised one of the discovery channels had three hours of 'Time Team' on...I still fell asleep! I managed my weekly fix of Time Team and that's me a happy bunny for today.
As a kid I disliked Sundays but over the past several years I have grown to really enjoy the 'ritual' of a Sunday, not at work of course. The rituals are: early walk with the dog; newspapers and a leisurely breakfast; prepare and cook the dinner; find a ropey programme on the TV and generally chill out. No.1 son usually takes off to see his friends but occasionally we can make time for cards or a board game if he stays at home. Sunday evenings, radio or play CD's and read a good book. As Mrs.C is often fond of telling people.."He has a radio in every room and listens to them all".So the radio is usually on as I potter about the house. Boring to some I guess but for someone who works two out of every four weekends it keeps me grounded and I thoroughly enjoy it. Mind you, if the weather is good we often head out somewhere for a few hours...and guess what? Yep, 'heavy showers at times' according to the weatherman.Mind you, I've had no interest in going out today except for forays into the garden whilst 'Blue sky spotting'.
Yesterday I looked up some info about York and I have never been to the Jorvik Centre. We took our son when we met up with some friends several years ago and he went in with them to look around. Mrs.C and I had very little money so we sat outside and 'people watched'. Mind you, some Viking re-enactors were outside so that was entertaining. So we may go there as well as look around York. If we aren't too tired we might also take in the ghost walk. I'll have to wait until after pay day. I earn more these days but I pay out more...inflation of 2% my backside! I'll end up ranting if I go on about utility companys, etc...so I won't. We might have a day out at Lincoln or the seaside...We'll see.
Current Listening: Procul Harem 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'album.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Return of the Prodigal.

Hmmm...still not 100%. I had an early night last night with a hot chocolate. Either I have catapulted into pensionerhood or I am still not well...the night nurse I had last night indicates as much.I had to prise myself out of bed this morning, although I am 'wheezy' at the moment because I've just hoovered up and the hound sheds hair by the ton. I found out yesterday she is a 'Spanador'; a cross between a cocker spaniel and a labrador,not a cockerdor as I thought. She is certainly spannered where her brains are concerned, barking at everyone who calls to the house. Excellent burglar deterrent until they see her; soft as mud.
No.1 son returns this afternoon hence my attempts to tidy up before the chaos ensues.We'll not see him for the next few days as he catches up with his mates or monopolises the PC.He has two weeks of his hols left so I will ask him what he wants to do: trips out to York or Sheffield perhaps although I suspect we'll differ as to what to visit/see there.My first search on the net brought a moments confusion until I realized it was York in Canada...mmm, some nice attractions.
I must away, I've work to attend to.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Chilled to perfection...

Adopt the chilled position for today, sans the fag of course.
Can you guess who and, gorgeous is not the answer but one I would agree with.

Ah...that's better, a cup of tea and settle in at the PC. Well, it's warm out but it's wet. I was soaked twice yesterday and again this morning taking the hound out.So a bit of exercise for me and lots for her.Currently listening to Bill Frisell 'Good Dog,Happy Man' which matches the opening of this post. See! I told you it's planned...my arse it is.
Today is for chilling out..getting my bearings and 'adjusting ' to two weeks of having nothing to do with crisis work. I read Chris Evans' blog ('shlog') yesterday and his post about everyone needing 'a hill' which is their personal zone for relaxation and a true perspective. I was quite frankly surprised, Chris Evans having more depth to him than I had hitherto imagined. The blog is also a good read and I recommend it. But his comments regarding each having their own hill really struck a chord. One of my colleagues also has two weeks leave now and we both felt full to the brim of other peoples problems and we both felt we were beginning to run on empty...cliche city this entry! Maybe I should run an anonymous blog detailing work and all the details (maintaining confidentiality of course!) of the sordid underbelly of modern society. Madness to some extent, lots of parasuicides and self harming, but also the anger, drugs, alcohol, perceived failure and general unhappiness we deal with. However, two weeks of walking, cycling, gardening, etc... should chill me to the bone...in a nice stylee.

I am cooking a marrow in the oven stuffed with minced beef, vegetables and spices and making a spag bol for Mrs.C. I've finely chopped the carrots so there is as much carrots as minced bef in both...healthier option. I've got the time today to do this.
I'm orf for another cuppa.
TTFN mes enfants.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Summer hols...

View of main street.

At last....I am on my hols just in time for the good weather to arrive. It is a bloody monsoon out there, chucking it down. So much for my plans to garden and acquire a tan.
However, I now have two whole weeks off to do as I please No.1 son and Mrs.C. demand. So tonight it will be the quiz and a few beers to celebrate and I then have to look at wet weather activities for the next few days...or water sports in the garden.
So I am orf to get ready and I shall blog in earnest(who he?) tomorrow.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Hoorah! Three cheers for Nightnurse (or rather, the Sainsbury's version of it...nearly a whole quid cheaper!) and Vicks vapour rub. Taken at 10.30 pm and I slept like a log until 10.00 this morning. I coughed and spluttered into life on three cylinders until several teas later. I smell like an eucalyptus tree but I feel much better. I can go back to work tomorrow and I can possibly pop into the pub tonight...I've been told Timothy Taylor's 'Golden Best' is on. I'm sure I had this a few weeks ago Link, on 16th July. Sadly, I shall opt for an early night so that I am 'fit for purpose' at work tomorrow. I shall pop back later as someone is at the door.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Still ill...

Still poorly...full of lurgie and assorted nasties so I am orf sick today.
I rummaged around the cupboards and found assorted remedies but no paracetamol...shot out to the local shop and bought 'Nightnurse' for tonight and paracetamol for now. Now I am full of the requisite medicaments and sweating like a good 'un...it feels so cold hence I am wrapped up in a variety of layers including a hat not too disimilar to the pictured one.It's warm, nuff said.
No.1 son has departed for his second week of camping with the Scouts. I hope it stops raining and I'm sure he'll have a good time.
Lots to blog about but I think I'll go and lie down.Bleugh!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Musical interlude...

Gratuitous picture of John Peel...and why not.

No.1 son is home...for the next 18 hours and then he is away for his second camp. Guitar, PC, more music and an early 'Sunday lunch' from being picked up at 4 pm until he crashed out at 10 pm. Lots of laundry and a packed lunch for tomorrow, as well as scraping up the readies for his week ahead. The house will once again be very quiet tomorrow as he goes and I'll be off to work...no wonder the dog looks miserable.

I watched the Proms this evening...Shostakovich's 4th symphony; bloody hell, it was very good. First time I have heard it. I've heard some of his work before but not this particular work.I can go to 'Listen Again' to hear it and check out some of his other work.I tried to interest my son..."It's crap...boring". It's strange but as a child in the sixties we had 'Movement to Music' as well as listening to classical music in junior school. I certainly remember 'Peter and the Wolf'. I think I must have had the last of the grammar school /early comprehensive educational ideas before the experiment went horribly wrong.

Yesterday as I sat at the PC bemoaning my stuffy nose and lack of vitality, I found on BBC Radio 6 the interviews John Peel recorded with John Walters about his musical journey thro' life...excellent. Hence the above picture of a truly lovely bloke whose love of music, humour and warmth shone through in his broadcasts.
Ah well....Time for bed.

Friday, August 11, 2006


I have a cold (cowd)...my sinuses are bunged up and extremely sore and my nose (doze) feels twice it's normal size. I had no desire to climb out of bed whatsoever this morning but I am now full of various medications and wrapped up warm. I had planned to shove the monster in the car and visit a couple of old churches. Instead I shall now be confined to barracks, playing loud music, drinking copious amounts of tea and feeling sorry for myself. I know women can give birth to children and paint the Sistine chapel at the same time whilst suffering a cold, but this is serious in men. It is a little known fact that a cold in men effects the delicate hormonal balance...if those moans, nals and hors tip in the wrong direction we could explode.
Professor Myn Sar-Pint in his seminal 1937 research 'The Masculine Cold: It'snot a Myth' proved this very point. To quote from that very work...
"It is very important to maintain the fluid balance at this time by consuming dark fluids with an abv of approximately 5 %, eating spicy curries and being gently nursed back to a vigorous good health by delicate feminine hands".
His further recommendation that the patient smoke 40 Capstan full strength has since been proved wrong.
So I plan to cook a lovely Jal Frezi this evening and I shall add Vitamin C in the form of orange juice in between each beer.

Some chilli sauces come to mind from this wonderful site Funky Pepper .

I've got some mild sauces, some very hot sauce and a variety of fresh chillis, which I shall add to my meal because Mrs.C doesn't really appreciate the subtle nuances of the chillis I add to the meal. She states she would like to taste the food we eat...I can taste it, but then I have been a chilli gourmet for many years.
Current listening: Radiohead 'OK Computer'.
I am orf for a nother cuppa chai.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Thinks..."Bacon, I'd like some of that.I'll sit here with a doleful look on my boat and he'll feed me some instead of that tinned crap they call dogfood...It's not working.I'll try my cute pose next...that might work".

The Mutt enjoyed a long walk today and her usual paddle in the dock, only this time she had a playmate...another orange dog.great...I can admire the view(!) and chew the fat with the other guy whilst muttley runs herself ragged. That shortened the long walk by a mile.
The day is now mine...what can I do that is cheap and cheerful, entertaining and avoids the showers predicted for later...I'll have to put my thinking cap on.The decision would be easier if the sun was out...scenic walk with mutt to look at churches with camera at hand. I might still do that...good idea batman!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Break Fluids...

Two 'quietish' days at work and today the phones never stopped as we were called upon to don capes and save the world. After we told them off for expressing silly ideas we flew faster than a locomotive went to work...and the phones never stopped and they all wanted more. I'm glad I am off now for two days...it'll be waiting for me when I get back.
Yesterday's beers:One of my favourite beers and it's in a bottle...another one I would love to see as a draught beer in my local.From Bacchus on the bottle to the wonderful hoppy, malty flavour..mmmm with added mmmm. As an added bonus, one of my heroes (yes, I'm a sad man!) has some involvement with the brewery, Phil Harding of Time Team.Yes, it's Hopback Summer Lightning. The empty bottle on the extreme right but better tasting than Boris Johnson...or so I'm led to believe.

The other beer I had yesterday was Rolling Hitch, a beer for all you sailors and scouts/guides out there. A delightful beer, lovely scent and flavour...the amarillo hops and an IPA; Next to my favourite IPA 'Old Empire'.But I will certainly try the Rolling Hitch again as it went down very well. IPA was designed as strong pale ale with LOTS of hops to survive the journey to India to quench the thirst of the troops and civil servants out there. Chota Peg for the Colonel and excellent beer for the other ranks, civil and military.
For all those 'Simpsons' fans out there...yes, it is 'Duff' beer from the
Daleside brewery. Duff is apparently Scots gaelic for black. I've had this beer several times and I can recommend it. Rich and quite dry, it too goes down very well.At the moment I am drinking some Thwaites Dark Mild. I am a mild fan, 'woild for moild' in fact and May of each year is Mild month. Check out the Camra site for info on beer types.
Excuse me...cat wants afussin' over...it's Molly the 'old lady'.
Music of choice this delightfully cloudy and threatening to rain evening is :
The Stone Roses, The Who and Alison Moyet...all at once on the same stage, highly unlikely but you could try and picture the scene...no, still highly unlikely.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Orifice chat...

At work today I broke the main computer...thoroughly deaded it necessitating a phone call to the IT bods who told us to leave it well alone and they'll be out to repair it. I was sent to the naughty corner with no tea.
We spent the day (working really hard!) laughing at everything that moved and several things that didn't...move that is. I am seriously counting the days to my hols. Ten more to go; woo and hoo!
We also discussed the myths about size of mens feet and penis size.As you can tell I work mainly with women. We also moved onto the myths about size of nose, middle fingers and the fact of car size and mens egos....Prince - 'Little Red Corvette'.
No wonder train drivers are always smiling! There are a number of single middle-aged women in the team and they are looking for attractive younger men who have their marbles intact, above and below; are solvent, fun and are not psychologically damaged (right team to check that out). I fear they will be young, free and single for a long time yet. But as one of them said.."I'll have fun looking and do more than window shopping!" Personally I prefer older women who know what they want, enjoy life and and have a personality that is more than skin deep.
I am off to try a couple of new bottled beers and I shall give my verdict of them in my next blog.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Blog the ball...

The house is tranquil, with the soft buzzing of insects in the garden and birdsong to delight the ear...How the hell would I know, I worked the weekend. But it was a good weekend...Town beat Boston at home, coming back from 2-0 down. I heard the second half on the car radio, BBC Lincolnshire for their unbiased commentary. I parked up and walked into the house. Kettle on, brief chat with Mrs.C. and turn the kitchen radio on for more woe as we were 2-0 down. Bloody hell, 2-2!! I'd missed the best bits but more was to come...a winner. Isaiah Rankin and Peter Bore provided the goals, the latter on his debut !! I also found out why BBC Humberside was not broadcasting Town matches; some disagreement over money. Some of us work Saturdays and can't make it to matches. Town and the BBC, sort it out.
I also managed to complete a project for work which was long overdue; pressure of real work and my inherent idleness. But it's done and,sadly, will lead to a lot more work on said project including some major presentation to academics and other bods.

Sadly, two blogs have recently hit the rocks: Diary of a Septuagenarian and Girl with a One Track Mind . The former is an original and often informative view of the world from the perspective of a truly grumpy old man. I often chuckled at his remarks and I was occasionally annoyed by some of them. I certainly take a different viewpoint regarding Israel but sadly he is now calling it a day. I'll miss his weekly missives and I quite grew to like him, a real gentleman. The girl is as far away from the Septuagenarian as one could get, but sadly she has now been 'outed'. This will I believe lead to a change in her blogging style and substance at the very least. Both are original in their perspectives and give one a lot of food for thought.
I opt for the 'heads down' blog style; I avoid blogging about work and my politics tend to be left of centre, although I am a supporter of Israel. However, there are more than enough political blogs to satisfy those who want to debate Westminster or the middle-east, or to just rant and rave.
I now have to head off to work and phew, it's humid.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another Manic...Saturday?

I thought yesterday was odd...
After dropping No.1 son off for his scout camp, I received a frantic phone call from work enquiring why I wasn't there. Oops! I was convinced todays shift was a late but oh no, so a frantic dash to work. A rude awakening and very late. Straight to work whilst watching everyone else enjoy themselves in the sunshine....ah well. My turn on my next days off and...only thirteen days to two glorious weeks off!
I'm on call this weekend so tea and biccies only...good for my liver I guess.
The house is unnaturally quiet now...no loud metal music, guitars or drumsticks on any available surface. However,on his return I will be assailed by requests for a drumkit....ebay time again I suppose.I'll enjoy the relative peace and quiet.
Aah...'Rock 'n' Roll Suicide' followed by 'All the Young Dudes'...Bowie at his best.

No.1 sons rock 'n' roll rebellion....sweet!
He'll hate that...

No.1 son is trying to sell me his ipod and I am tempted but, when we swapped phones several weeks ago at his behest, I ended up with a mobile with a very erratic battery. So I'm holding back on doing the ipod deal until I am sure it is fully kosher.I'm just 'Dad' so he assumes I'll pay more than the going rate....nope, this is business.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Fridays nice bloke...Phil Harding is under that mud somewhere!

Yep, bugger all on the magic box once 'Trawlermen' finished. An excellent programme, full of drama and poignancy. A reality show of the best kind; TV commandeered by Mrs.C for BB tonight. I'm happy with this magic box, good beer and listening to Seth Lakeman.Today no longer feels odd, so what that was all about...God only knows...

Strange days...indeed.

A strange day...
No.1 son has repacked for camp for the umpteenth time as he goes tomorrow. Some 'extreme' gardening...I attacked a bush which had taken on triffid like proportions. Watched a JCB remove lots of crap from the building site behind the house.Drank lots of tea and walked muttley.Chatted with neighbours. All in all a perfectly normal day.
Yet it feels odd. Did my beer have hallucinagenics in it last night or have I reached the next age of man, moving from prime of life to middle-aged twat overnight?

Baby - Aaah!
Child - Discovery.
Adolescence - Satan, Satan, Satan!
Adult - Hunter / Gatherer/ Party.
Parent - No sleep 'til...
Middle-age - Twattery.
Old-age - "In my day..."

Mind you, there might be seven ages for women and one age for men, a continual childhood.

It could even be the lack of sunshine and a typical autumnal August day...grey but warmish. Whatever it is....stop it now!

JCB and crap gone.

Finally, I am catching up with 'Listen Again' Cambridge Folk Festival. Nickel Creek playing their interpretation of 'Toxic' by Bertney Spears....Priceless!
Emmy Lou Harris, Richard Thompson, John Tams and Barry Coope,Chieftains, Capercaillie...fantastic. I am going to have to go to next years festival.
A winner on every count: Good music, good beer and camping...and I might catch up with old friends. I'd better start saving my shekels from now on.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Booted into touch...

PC rebooted and sadly lots lost...That'll teach me not to make back up discs.
I could not find the problem and the computer froze, not allowing me access to explore further. No.1 son has gone into tantrum mode because he too did not create back up discs. C'est la vie...we have both learned a salutary lesson.
After three hours this morning tackling this and then paying the non DD bills plus shopping, I finally popped in for a fortifying pint...then home to sort out the dog.
Now I am having my first cup of tea today...nectar.
Yes, it's good to have a day off!
I'll post mor later...TTFN.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Gripes and groans...

Let's see if I can post without the PC freezing, again.
Lovely day yesterday: work so-so, soaked walking the mutt, PC still having tantrums and now I have a cold.
On the plus side...weather is supposed to be good again in August and the Louth beer festival is in October. I didn't even know about it until a work colleague mentioned it! I also have two weeks leave in August and for once I am counting the days until I can chill out and enjoy life.
Little chance to 'Listen again Radio 2' as I planned to do for the Cambridge Folk Fest.via the PC. Hopefully I can catch up over the next two days. I have also applied to do some courses related to work. One is a ten week introduction to 'Psychodynamic Psychotherapy' via work and the other is an Open University course 'Critical Practice in Health and Social Care'. The latter is towards my degree whilst the former may whet my appetite and may be the direction I take my career in. In 21st Century nursing one has to study continuously and move towards 'specialisms'. Study in and of itself is a good thing, but I do wonder who will nurse the patients as we do the paperwork; study and train; read,digest and apply the growing pile of policies, protocols and latest fads from upon high; teach and train students and other staff; meetings. I am luckier than most as I work in a team where we have more autonomy and can escape to work with patients.
Sadly, most of my degree is in modern history (including much on the modern Middle-East) and I would prefer to continue that but I'll complete it with OU health/social studies for a Humanities Hons. degree for my career. I have little desire to have nurses or social workers as bosses who have little experience, GCSELite qualifications and zero commonsense, because they have a certificate in juggling oranges and a degree in sociology. My main gripe is that after I have nursed for over 21 years and studied / trained throughout that time; I have worked hard to ensure I am good at my job, ensure clients get the best quality service and I enjoy my work.I also like most of my clients and get a sense of satisfaction when someone is able to move on successfully.I know my own limitations as well as the limitations and pitfalls of services.I am also aware that I do not know it all but I continue to learn.I do worry about the quality of some of the staff that are coming through. Or maybe I am just a miserable old bugger and when I started out in the eighties the miserable old buggers back then complained about standards being lowered.
Anyhow, enough moans: Listening to - 'The Best of David Bowie 1969/1974' and Paolo Nutini. Both very good although the latter is Mrs.C's. I am off to work later so I am relaxing with a cup of tea and mutt at my feet.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bloody computer!

Bear with me, PC keeps freezing despite anti-virus finding no nasties.
Normal services resumed when my technical head works!