Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm on the mend and emerging from my hidey hole at long last. Walks, rest, gardening, Toblerone and, as my concentration improved, reading kindle books have contributed to my recuperation. The arrival of spring has certainly helped with lots of light and occasional sunshine. I return to work next week and the team administrator has promised to avoid giving me anything too stressful. I also retire at the beginning of July and I am looking forward to that day. Mrs C. has been looking at new bathrooms and I guess that and a variety of other projects will keep me occupied. I have been looking at camper vans. I chanced upon this site, Amdro Camper Conversions and it may be the answer to my plans for travelling and having transport for work, etc... Other camper vans I have looked at are expensive although very tempting. Particularly the Japanese imports although the prices for what are second hand vehicles appears very high. I will continue to keep an eye on ebay for any potential bargains... I quite like Romahomes although No.1 son thinks they are horrible.

 I also intend to rejoin my local fat fighters club having resorted to chocolate and a high carb diet whilst labouring under a black cloud. Time to return to listening to "Kidnapped" on listen again and a freshly brewed coffee.

n.b. How about this for camper bling!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Three weeks... I would like to say I have been involved in fun and games but sadly I have been off sick. The stress of travelling, work, etc... finally caught up with me. The final straw was the removal of my wing mirror by some numpty and then the broken windscreen. I finally lost faith in people and my usual self confidence evaporated. Hence I never did get to the railway day out as I couldn't face people on what should have been a fun and relaxing day. The result is the GP signing me off with a prescription for prozac and advising me to rest and to search for work nearer home. Three weeks later I can finally "put pen to paper" although I still find social situations difficult. Mrs C insisted we had a day out at Mablethorpe today to blow away the cobwebs and to test my levels of concentration whilst driving longer distances. Apart from driving everywhere at a sedate 40 mph and my insistence on listening out for the various odd noises the car makes in the belief that the car was about to break down we had a good day out. The gentle susurration of the surf and the wind blown sand did the trick. The immensity and inevitability of the sea is wonderful for getting things into perspective. That and a bag of chips whilst sat on the beach; simple things but good for one's peace of mind. Now I just have to challenge my social phobia and that will entail coffee in the local shopping centre amongst the crowds. With luck I should be back at work fairly quickly and in amongst the fray once again. The GP also prescribed dog walking b.d. and the poor mutt's legs are about to drop off after the amount of walking I have done. I have ignored the news although the bombing in Boston followed by the fertiliser plant explosion in Texas are dreadful and my heart goes out to the people there. How anyone can plan, prepare and then initiate such bombs to kill and maim people just beggars belief. Truly awful. The funeral of Mrs T... I have ignored it and it would have been better for the lefties to do the same thing. A dignified silence and move on despite this govt. capitalising upon her death. The latter was to be expected and sadly the response of some of the people who opposed her. I vividly remember the miserable winter of discontent (1978 - 79) and I voted Tory for the once and only time in my life as a young 18 year old. The last thing this country needed then was a militant extreme left wing attempting to run the country with an inevitable right wing backlash possibly involving the military. The historians will argue the toss regarding Thatcher over the next few decades until it forms part of the dusty volumes of forgotten political history with importance only for the few attempting to pass exams.
My plans over the next week... continuing to tackle my anxieties and depression, relaxation and considering my plans for my retirement. As I have stated before this is the end of one episode in my life and the commencement of another. I will have to work, preferably part time and I have been exploring various work opportunities, mainly in the private and charitable sectors. Time for some music (Richard Hawley) and a beer  (Sagres- Portuguese beer bought at a huge discount in B & M)...