Friday, July 31, 2009

Well worth a listen. Enjoy...

..and for your further listening pleasure...


Sunday, July 26, 2009

I've had a few days break from blogging and work, taking time to get sand between my feet and to smell the flowers, bake bread and drink beer. Baking bread the traditional way (knead that dough) because the breadmaker has given up the ghost. No 1 son also has his girlfriend staying over, all the way from Cornwall,so the last few days have been given over to relaxing especially in light of the news that Mrs.C will be losing her job. So she is putting out feelers for new jobs. In between she has turned the garden into a 'Bluepeter' version of a bladerunner future to cheer herself up; all solar powered lights and colourful windmills. Windchimes are next on her list although my repeated suggestions of a pond are ignored (she does not like frogs). Back to work tomorrow and a hopefully busy schedule so back to dipping my toes in the shallow end ...


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our local pub acquired new owners this week after the recent occupant was spirited away. So the past few days has seen a slow trickle of regulars returning as well as one of the former staff who knows the pub inside out. A good night out Tuesday, Friday and a 'quieter' one last night (disco booked by the recently departed). I am thus like a dog with two tails and particularly fine pigs ear to chew on. However, the new owners will have a lot of work to do to regain the punters. I'm looking forward to good ales, good music and hopefully the return of the quiz night.
On the work front I was loaned out to a neighbouring trust to perform some work for them as they were snowed under. It raises some interesting ideas for the future.
Anyhow, back to spotify and listening to 'Blackmore's Night'. Mediaeval rock at it's finest by an unusual man. I also recommend this site for similar music. Enjoy...


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blimey. Just as the crime figures have "cough" fallen "ahem", new victims emerge. The Australian equivalent of the RSPB has received training from the SAS, with moggies and foxes about to be permanently retired. Will this cause a backlash as the Australian RSPCA train their own operatives to take out the snipers and protect murdered mammals? It could all end in tears except for the Aussie refusals to engage in such an unmanly response. So skippy burgers, crocodile steaks and now pingu kebabs added to the menu.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today has consisted of a mainly relaxed working day at home. After the craziness of last week and the weekend spent with a stiff, painful neck, it's time to chill and take stock. To ease all of that tension away from my neck and shoulders I have been cool, calm and continent. Cool lime drinks and listening to Tangerine Dream on spotify...a citrusy day. All the assessments and paperwork done, tees crossed, i's dotted and flying pigs parked up. The mutt had an extended walk and a dip first thing this morning...she smells horrible so a bath is needed. She also entertained the public because although she can paddle, she will not go too deep and if her feet can't touch the bottom she comes straight back to dry land.

Apart from attending to paperwork I have been attempting to write an electronic signature. I am sure there is an easier way to do it but I practised on a tablet with mixed results. A couple of thoughts came to me and I wonder how legitimate is an electronic signature? The documents I sign off are legal documents and I usually send off hard signed copies to back up any electronic or faxed copies. But would an electronic copy do with my electronic signature on? What's to stop anyone, apart from their being sad individuals, from copying my signature and using it?

I'm sure if the management bought us state of the art laptops or note books we could bet this job done more easily. There are only ten weeks left and it's obvious that apart from the training, this has all been done on a shoestring budget. It'll be even cheaper when we are turfed back to our original jobs but expected to continue to do this work. Now that will be fun & games juggling the two jobs. However, decisions will undoubtedly be made and we will be the last to know. So no change there...I can't complain because I've been given a wonderful opportunity and for the first time in twenty four years I have had a paid 'break'* from frontline working and my two colleagues and I are in a unique position. It is too good to last so I guess I will just have to enjoy the next ten weeks and see what happens, with fingers crossed of course. Too good to resist...

* Break from shifts, on calls and being abused / assaulted.

Monday, July 13, 2009

According to the test I took I fall around about here...

Somewhere near the Dalai Lama and Gandhi.
Back to wearing a homespun dhoti and eating lentils then. I am officially some sort of 'pinko' then, as well as a "do gooding social worker"* (quote from a care home matron!).

* I want a badge that says that.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Phew! What a busy week that was. It started last Friday at 8 a.m. and did not stop. I felt immersed in my work which possibly probably is not a good thing and working long ten - twelve hour days certainly isn't good for my health and wellbeing. But I enjoyed it and I feel as though I have been hardened in the forge of the best interests experience. I'll be glad to see my other full time colleague return next week so that I can share the stress. A well deserved beer and some sleep tonight are my main requirements and No.1 son is orf dahn sarf camping over the weekend so peace and quiet...lovely!
Excuse me....I just checked to see if that Bentley was still parked outside. They are brave given the propensity of the local yoof and envious folks to key cars around here. Nope, it's gone. It does astonish me that people can drive a car which costs more than my house. A different world where appearance of wealth is as important as having wealth. No different to owning the latest Reeboks I guess apart from the scale of economy. I wonder if it was Fred hiding out in the anonymity of Grimsby.
"I'll use the blue Bentley...less ostentatious and it'll blend into the background".

My plans for the weekend generally focus upon sleep and time at home. If the weather is good perhaps a walk in the Wolds with the pooch and camera. Old churches and scenic views of sheep and trees. Maybe a live band although peace and quiet may be preferable. Another cup of tea and some thought is required.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

This is a first...working on my day off. After the hard slog of three assessments and scoping umpteen other possible referrals on Friday I eventually got home after a ten hour day. Mind you,I then joined a group of friends for a night out on the town to celebrate a friends eighteenth birthday (yes, she can legally drink now). A lot of beer, a good band and a naughty but nice kebab before collapsing into bed at 02.30 after an excellent night out. Todays paperwork is to keep myself ahead of the next weeks expected deluge as well as to allow myself time to deal with the difficult unexpected third assessment which we received at the last minute. For a variety of reasons this was extremely difficult and potentially it is a legal minefield. Hence I shall approach it with caution and ensure I am not dropped in a deep hole full of shit and woe.

However, having now caught up on the paperwork for the other assessments I am free to laze about in this oppressive heat and humidity. There isn't any sun because of the clouds but I can still use the time for appropriate activities (book reading and contemplating my navel). I am also aware that I will receive no kudos for working on my day off and there are more important things in life.

n.b. As an aside this makes interesting reading.