Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I could not resist.

I also came across this:

Psychiatric Nurses
Government of Nunavut – Health & Social Services
Various Communities, Nunavut

The Psychiatric Nurse provides service for the mentally ill in conjunction with consultative and referral services for professional medical staff and multi-disciplinary team.

The Psychiatric Nurse provides service for the mentally ill in conjunction with consultative and referral services for professional medical staff and multi-disciplinary team. This position also provides community based outreach support services in order to ensure compliance with treatment, safety of the community and full utilization of existing resources. This position requires implementation of the nursing process to provide mental health services to clients, families, groups and communities through use of a holistic model. The Psychiatric Nurse is part of a multi-disciplinary team that integrates services with various community resources.


Registered Psychiatric Nurse or Registered Nurse with Certificate in Mental Health.
Minimum of five years of psychiatric nursing experience.
CPR certification.
Registration with a professional governing body acceptable to the Government of Nunavut.


A working knowledge of the Mental Health Act and Regulations.
Knowledge of child welfare legislation, criminal justice system.
Knowledge of Critical Incident Stress Management.
Excellent communication and assessment skills.
Time management skills.
Ability to work in a cross cultural setting.

For full-time, permanent nurses, recruitment bonuses include: $5,000 on start date, $5,000 at 18 months of service and $10,000 at 30 months of service. Other bonuses include a $9,000 Annual Frontline Allowance and a $375 Monthly Retention Bonus totalling $4,500 per year.

The salary range for this position is $79,911-$90,675. The Northern Allowance varies by communities and ranges from $14,289-$28,975 depending on the community.

Subsidized housing is provided

For more information on nursing in Nunavut please use the contact information below and/or visit our website, www.nunavutnurses.ca

Mrs C. is keen for me to apply for this job. She will not accompany me but states I can send money home and she'll look after the house. Oh! I can also take the dog with me.....
On the plus side: Polar Bears, icebergs, a unique and fascinating native community and culture as well as lots of space.
On the other hand...long, cold dark winters with blizzards, isolation and the main form of travel is by aircraft as there are very few roads. Dog sleds and skidoos sound exciting. Believe it or not I am interested because I am approaching 50 and could do with a change and some adventure and the Arctic Circle for three years does appeal. Now, if I can hurry up my GP and get a necessary hernia op out of the way I might be ready to seriously consider it.

n.b. Typo error now amended.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Marvellous...just marvellous.
No.1 son couldn't sort out vista on his laptop so he threw it on the bed. It bounced and crashed to the floor. Exit one laptop. After a brief exchange of Anglo-Saxon from father to son he is now very subdued. He is now very much aware that the next laptop will be funded by his own endeavours so he is even more desperate for a job. Sadly, I know it was not his intention to damage the laptop but he is now paying the consequence for not doing the obvious. Walk up to computer repair shop where I bought the hard-drive and have a quiet chat with the bloke. Butter him up and play on his knowledge, skills and the guarantee. He might be taller and bigger than me but he is still sixteen and sometimes lessons need to be learned the hard way. Mind you, he was first to say he will buy his next laptop.
The job interview went reasonably well but I won't know until Monday. I believe the manager is negotiating so that all three of us can work on a part time basis. However, a manager of another team is playing at silly buggers and uaing her power to be obstructive and refusing to release one of the guys who applied and with whom I worked for several months at this job. Fingers crossed she'll see sense and agree to release him part time. The alternative is that with his skills, knowledge and experience he will leave anyway for a neighbouring Trust and she will have him in the team for 0% of the time. However, as I have long known people are promoted within the NHS according to dress sense, hair style, bullshit and friendship as opposed to experience, knowledge and ability. I can immediately think of several managers whom I wouldn't allow to look after a potted fern. Rather like politicians: all image and little if any substance.

Friday, February 19, 2010

I was recently asked by a friend whether we had many referrals for people claiming they were possessed. I can only think of two people who believed they were possessed or visited by demons and evil spirits. One had a rigorous West Indian Christian upbringing and on one visit to see her I inadvertently walked into a full-blown exorcism. The less said about that episode the better.
The other involved a woman in her late fifties who believed she was visited by an incubus most nights of the week and a colleague from another team asked me to assess and give my considered opinion. After a couple of visits my colleague nearly fell off her chair when I agreed that from the woman's perspective she could well be 'possessed'. She didn't believe in the medications offered or the "trick cycling quacks of a pseudo-science" (I still love that phrase and I often quote it to challenge students). I suggested she needed to make some friends, attempt to find a relationship because she was a strong and attractive but evidently lonely woman and in the meantime to invest in a vibrator. If that didn't work she could then call in a priest. It was her turn to blink in surprise but after some consideration she agreed. She asked me for the rationale for my suggestions. I said that she needed to consider her earthly needs before exploring the supernatural and that she struck me as a strong, capable and determined woman who did not suffer fools gladly. With most men in her age group taken, infirm or useless she was lonely and isolated and she also had no close female friends. She was also a keen organic gardener and ecologically aware with a touch of the 'earth mother' about her which was unfulfilled. The upshot of this was that she did follow my advice: She bought herself various sex toys, joined some local groups and she got herself a dog. I received a note a few months later from my colleague thanking me for the guidance and that the 'possession' was no longer a problem. The note also stated that if ever I became available on the singles market and liked older women to look her up! She regained her self possession...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Well I never...after whingeing about work, the management (They do do Ron) has given me a laptop for when I am out and about on my travels. One week before I am interviewed for a permanent position in the best interests job I have covered for the past year. Wonders will never cease etc... Mind you, there are three of us with a good chance of success chasing one and a half jobs! I suspect I will continue half & half in this and crisis work, the best of both worlds I hope. So I put it to the test today by working from home...just right as the sleet and snow fell and I avoided the hundred mile round trip to head office. Marvellous. Stress free and saving petrol money. Now if I can persuade patients to use the internet and webcams...I knew there was a flaw in this plan somewhere. As for Sainsbury's selling a Baker's Dozen of doughnuts which I noticed when I popped out for lunch..."I must resist...resist!" More bloody Hail Mary's will be required as opposed to Bloody Mary's for failing to resist temptation. Mrs C. ordered a Chinese takeaway this evening so I am stuffed with sugar, MSG, fats and 'guilt'*. Bloody hell it feels so good yet so bad.

*Free choice so I don't feel any guilt at all. I'll make up for it with Bran flakes and fresh fruit tomorrow so as to achieve some sort of balance.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hooray! Reconnected with the virtual world after several hours of "an area problem". No.1's laptop repaired, well a new hard drive as the last replacement he had purchased is now confirmed as a duff 'un. It's still under guarantee so money or a replacement is being sought to compensate. However, he will have his own access to the net and I am free to use this one again. It's also arrived back in time for him to go online regarding some apprenticeships advertised in the local free press.
Mrs C. will be made redundant again in two weeks time and my employer is tightening the screws in these straitened times. An email arrived at work from the big chief stating "Efficient use of resources..." so anyone who leaves is not being replaced and we all have to be more flexible in our work practices. Get rid of all the unnecessary bureaucracy and that will address much of this. So we are being squeezed from all sides. Mind you, I still have a job so time to knuckle down and crack on with it all. As I have said before it is the youngsters I feel sorry for.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

God but I am tired. Too many late shifts, on calls, assessments, unpaid overtime and lots of mileage in bad weather conditions. Two days off now and I plan to sleep...lots of sleep. No 1's laptop is also going to cost a lot to repair and it is money I do not have after the major service on the car. I just need to dream of some numbers...

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Four busy days at work as the referrals flood in and I am working through yet another lurgy. Blocked and painful sinuses, leaky eyes and I am deaf as my ears are also bunged up. But everyone I meet appears to be ill as well or just recovering. Thank the gods for nightnurse and Vicks vapour rub and tissues! A couple of days off now and time for a well earned beer tonight at my local. No.1's laptop has died again so a visit to a repair shop is required despite his initial demands for a new laptop. A firm no and refusal to engage in pointless protracted arguments worked.
Continued today (Wednesday) because this bug has given me achey bones and sitting at the PC was uncomfortable. But I sit here now surrounded by the beasties and sipping freshly brewed coffee. Apart from briefly shouting at the radio (I really do dislike Fiona Philips) I am having a quiet day in the warm as the pile of tissues grows bigger by the minute.

BBCi supplying the entertainment as I catch up on various shows including 'Dad's Army' which cheers me up no end and when I have had enough of that I'll switch to Spotify. Back to the radio...