Sunday, May 27, 2012

Austins at the National Fishing Heritage Centre.

A long time of no blogging because of real life and I would like to say excting things have happened (skydiving, pearl fishing, gold prospecting) but it has been all work related. I had set today aside for more course work but the weather is lovely and I wanted a break from studying. I also strolled across to the above and took a few photos. It was the mutts second walk this morning as I wandered over with camera to hand.

A good ten or so pre-war Austins were lined up ready for their run out across the county. I love looking at old cars, the simplicity of design and manufacture, the hands on nature of them (for the tinkerers out here) and ease of use compared with modern computerised cars. A couple of the cars had the bonnets open and the space with readily identifiable parts was astonishing. Mrs C. had no interest in seeing them and regards my interest in them as "boys and their toys " which I cannot disagree with. She's always afraid I'll buy some old vehicle one day and we'll be saddled with more junk!                                                            

I spent yesterday tending to the garden and it looks rather more presentable after a couple of hours tidying it up. So much rain and now glorious sunshine over the past few days and the weeds had taken over. After the several hours spent out there I am now a redneck...literally. I'll be heading out to buy some sunscreen and wearing a large shady hat this afternoon. Two things may spoil this afternoon: a neighbours yappy terrier and the drug addled drum and bass aficianado who lives several doors down from us. The terrier doesn't stop barking and does not seem to understand that it's territory is within it's garden and doesn't extend to other gardens. I intend to make the most of todays sunshine because this could be summer. I can study tomorrow and with only three weeks of placement left (Hooray!) and four weeks until submitting the portfolio I will need to crack on with it.

Time to buy that sunscreen and enjoy more of this glorious weather. I hope the sun is shining wherever you are and I will raise a  cold glass of beer to you later.                                           

Monday, May 14, 2012

Study day today but after several hours studying my head is fizzing, sparking and in danger of going Pfft! A quick trawl of the on-line newspapers and a studied avoidance of the economic and political turmoil out there brought me to this.

I love sausages and this dieting lark means I have had to be creative. I know of three local butchers where I can buy very low fat tasty sausages. One offers low fat Lincolnshire, pork & apple, Toulouse, Spanish style chorizo, etc... Ten quid for three pounds of sausages but I ensure they last and I can fill in at times with the low fat supermercado versions. With the latter I tend to remove the sausages from their skins, mix with herbs, spices, citrus, etc... to add flavour. Occasionally I will just 'bite the bullet' and have a proper sausage especially if it is something I haven't tried before. Wild boar, Greek wine and beef sausages, black puddings... now I am salivating. There is one butcher in Louth which specialises in a huge variety of sausages but over the last year I have avoided his shop. A good sausage cassoulet with boiled potatoes always goes down well in winter. Having seen Scoakat's recent BBQ and with the sun having finally made an appearance my thoughts wander to barbecue hence the sausages, steaks, chicken, etc... with a cold beer and good company. I am promising myself a BBQ during my two weeks off this summer in between the decorating and the thousand and one jobs lined up for my time off. As for the sausages... it will be spicy pork & pepper kebabs tonight with rice and beans.
Back to the books...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

This new look blogger is bright, shiny but worth bugger all. After trying yesterday I finally found a way today into posting because the necessary icons are missing from the main page. I may have to consider starting anew elsewhere if it doesn't improve.
After a few busy and very stressful days at work I have spent the weekend walking, gardening and living the rock 'n' roll life with early nights. Two days of dry weather and I had the opportunity to tackle the garden. So many many tomato plants again but many now potted up and ready for new homes. In the greenhouse the strawberry plants are flowering despite Tigger sleeping on them, the shallots are thriving and lots of beetroot coming through. More than enougth to keep me occupied for most of today although I am now glued to the PC and listening to BBC Radio 5 Live for the football.
As stated, the placement at work has been very busy with AMHP assessments coming through and I have been trying to get used to the new role. I also received the good news that we have all passed the two exams although my concerns have always focused upon the essay which we have yet to receive news about. What I am particularly enjoying is the contact with people I ordinarily wouldn't get to see. Interesting discussions about the current zeitgeist surrounding the public sector, politics and the economic situation both here and abroad. I am always surprised to discover that not every social worker is a Guardian reading, sandal wearing Bolshevik. The general consensus is that life will be extremely difficult over the next decade / we are fucked / where are the lifeboats as the good ship Britannia has hit several ice bergs? Unsurprisingly, many of those very close to retirement or can go fairly soon are considering leaving the NHS and leaving the rest of us to it. I don't blame them and if I had the option I would choose the same route. Interesting times with performing dogs winning £500k, Greece... is the word goodbye, a UK government of the inept for the unkept and extremists garnering support across Europe. Sigh....

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Given the current weather I am expecting to wake up one morning and see the above. It's cold, wet and windy alternating with cold, hailstones and windy. Drenched today whilst walking the mutt who loves going out whatever the weather so at least she is happy. I also have a sinus infection so I am not a happy bunny. That's the moaning out of the way... on with the motley.

The placement is ongoing and I have been busy, a lesson in being careful with what you wish for. One day I finished very late as I spent the better part of several hours on one case finally concluding it at 10 pm.  So this bank holiday weekend may well be spent catching up on sleep although tonight there is a reunion of the local pub regulars at our local wetherspoons. I think some alcohol may be imbibed... Our local pub 'The Tap' remains closed and sadly is likely to remain closed. It's crazy really because the whole building apart from one tattoo parlour is empty. The potential for refurbishing the building as flats, retail units and the pub is huge but there is no money and little interest in it. Beside it is several further empty buildings and a huge expanse of derelict brownfield begging to be used. Currently it is used for dog walking and by local kids as a place to hang out. If the govt. used the banks owned largely by the state and supported the local council with loans / funding to kickstart rebuilding and refurbishing projects it could create jobs and address some of the housing issues.Instead, we have another local factory closing with the loss of a further 340 jobs and nothing else on the horizon. No.1 son has asked the job centre to arrange for him to join a job placement scheme for eight weeks. One of those unpaid work fare schemes the clueless Metropolitan liberals criticised. He said he'd rather do an unpaid job for the experience insead of sitting around with little to do. He has also applied to be an extra in a Ron Howard production being filmed at Cadwell Park, the local race track about twenty miles from here. It's only two days work but if I had the opportunity I would certainly apply. I'm not interested in motor racing but No.1 enjoys Formula 1 racing and if accepted he'll get paid for participating in something he enjoys and it'll be recorded on film. Sounds good to me. Time to get the menthol crystals out and blast this sinus problem.