Sunday, May 18, 2014

Yesterday was extremely productive as I took advantage of the glorious sunshine to tackle some necessary work in the garden. The old fence came down very quickly and easily via the skilled approach of 'grabbit and pull hard'. That was the easy bit as was cleaning out all the muck before I tackled the fencing itself. Now, this should have been straightforward: measure up, hold trellis in place and drill through in the appropriate spots, ensure holes deep enough and insert rawl plugs. Then up goes the trellis and insert screws, tighten up and Bob's your uncle. The new cordless drill lasted fifteen minutes despite full charge so a change to the spare battery... no charge! After some fruity language, tea and a brief break I realised I wouldn't have to wait over three hours for the recharge because my old trusty drill was in the house somewhere. After twenty minutes of searching and rummaging through all sorts of stuff, including dumping some of it immediately in the bin, I found the drill in the first place I had looked in, rolled out the lengthy extension cord and I was back in action. With the application of proper mains power the job was very quickly completed and I looked upon my new trellis fence with some pride. A little minor fettling and it was complete.
Having spent the better part of the day fencing, gardening and keeping the pooch entertained, too late I realised that I had 'caught the sun'. I glowed a radioactive red upon my face, arms and legs. A quick shower and I lathered myself with E45 cream before settling down to recover from the various aches and pains in previously little used muscles. I have to admit that my first task this a.m. was to check that the fence was still up... I have blogged previously about my lack of DIY skills. But having caught too much sun yesterday I am keeping out of it today unless I am lathered in sun screen & wearing a large hat. Hopefully you've all had similarly good weather as spring finally shakes off it's winter coat and bathes us in its beneficence.

Friday, May 16, 2014

What can I say.... a beautiful day and once the various necessary chores were completed, I hied myself to the garden. I set the chair out, headphones on for suitable music & a freshly brewed mug of coffee close to hand. Heaven! No media of any sort, just the sun and a slight cooling breeze as I was joined by the mutt & one of the cats for company. The headphones were necessary because of the workmen at the back and newish neighbours a few doors up from us making a racket. Just what I needed for a couple of hours to unwind. Plenty of bees around, lots of insects and several butterflies which amused the dog no end.

We have plenty of wild flowers as I have adopted the lazy gardeners technique of chucking wild flower seeds in various spots and enjoying whatever plants make an appearance. It seems to do the trick each year and makes a contrast to the vegetables and other assorted flowers we grow. As I sat there it occurred to me that there are various jobs I could attend to whilst the weather is good... after dismissing such nonsense I continued to enjoy the sun on my face and limbs. Sometimes it is right and proper to take the time to sniff the flowers.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I believe that the older I get the more befuddled I am although it may just be information overload. I still haven't received a start date for the new job and in the interim I have responded to the request for help from my ex-boss. I have been out assessing this week and boy, was it a shock! I cannot believe I did this job day in, day out for up to 12 hours a day. I have returned from work absolutely shattered, by the driving, the hot weather and high pollen count and the sheer effort of doing hard thinking and decision making. Happily, I decide what hours I will do and how much work hence only a couple of days per week. It is also an emotional toil because you are dealing with upset and distressed relatives as well as dealing with very strict deadlines. But that's it for this week and a well earned beer this evening and feet up. It's nice to feel in control and in demand.
But the befuddlement also relates to my attempting to use new technology or rather, trying to marry up the laptop with old systems that worked for me on an old computer. No.1 son will give me a few pointers later this week and he suggested  I download adobe to enable me to do the job. It's funny how much one forgets in not using technology but my other skills are thankfully intact! I have been looking at the OU and considering starting a course next October and an IT course may address that. My befuddlement also extends to the bullshit, hysteria and downright nastiness surrounding the up and coming elections and media in general. I've made my mind up as regarding where my vote will go and it ain't going to any of the big three parties of lying, troughing, arrogant disconnected wankers whom I would happily see jailed on the Falkland Islands to clear mines and count the grains of sand for the next twenty years. But, it is an evening for relaxing, pleasant thoughts and good spirits... So more music, that much anticipated beer and tickle the cat under her chin. I bid you all a good evening and hope all is well with you.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

                              Happy May Day!

What images come to mind when you picture May Day celebrations?

The May Pole, Morris Dancers, a sunny day and a fete with lots of happy people enjoying the celebration or...

A public holiday for workers with the slogan of eight hours work, eight hours rest and eight hours for what you will. Yet another image comes to mind...

The Russian celebration of May Day has become Victory Day celebrated on May 9th, the anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War in 1945. The last image has taken on a new meaning however with the shenanigans in the Ukraine and Putin's desire to 'reclaim' Russia's borders pre the breakup of the Soviet Union. I think I will celebrate the first two images today although I shall celebrate with a cup of coffee and cake, preferring to use sabres to cut cakes as opposed to rattling them from my comfortable armchair. Ho hum... do human beings ever learn from past mistakes?