Thursday, May 15, 2014

I believe that the older I get the more befuddled I am although it may just be information overload. I still haven't received a start date for the new job and in the interim I have responded to the request for help from my ex-boss. I have been out assessing this week and boy, was it a shock! I cannot believe I did this job day in, day out for up to 12 hours a day. I have returned from work absolutely shattered, by the driving, the hot weather and high pollen count and the sheer effort of doing hard thinking and decision making. Happily, I decide what hours I will do and how much work hence only a couple of days per week. It is also an emotional toil because you are dealing with upset and distressed relatives as well as dealing with very strict deadlines. But that's it for this week and a well earned beer this evening and feet up. It's nice to feel in control and in demand.
But the befuddlement also relates to my attempting to use new technology or rather, trying to marry up the laptop with old systems that worked for me on an old computer. No.1 son will give me a few pointers later this week and he suggested  I download adobe to enable me to do the job. It's funny how much one forgets in not using technology but my other skills are thankfully intact! I have been looking at the OU and considering starting a course next October and an IT course may address that. My befuddlement also extends to the bullshit, hysteria and downright nastiness surrounding the up and coming elections and media in general. I've made my mind up as regarding where my vote will go and it ain't going to any of the big three parties of lying, troughing, arrogant disconnected wankers whom I would happily see jailed on the Falkland Islands to clear mines and count the grains of sand for the next twenty years. But, it is an evening for relaxing, pleasant thoughts and good spirits... So more music, that much anticipated beer and tickle the cat under her chin. I bid you all a good evening and hope all is well with you.


Blogger Scoakat said...

I've never heard of getting hired and then waiting this long to start, let alone just getting a start date. I hope it falls into place for you soon. I'd hate to think of you getting pulled back into that old job full time. I think you'd be disappointed, too.

Then technology and politics, two things I can be ignorant of at times, one by choice!

10:25 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

It is odd but there is apparently a major overhaul of services. To interview new staff before the overhaul is started seems to be a strange way of managing things.
I won't be returning to the old job f/t & I have made it clear from the start. It is only a temporary thing to ensure some money continues to come in & I think 12 - 20 hours/ week should be enough.

10:36 am  

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