Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Day off today as I have taken time owing and inevitably the morning was spent at the modelling table  building and painting more of the Walrus plus ordering the new sink, tap, etc...The latter should be delivered later this week although one part will be delivered next week. Then comes the search for a plumber whose price is reasonable and who is also reliable. 

These photos are from yesterday when Mrs C and I went for a stroll in between the rain showers. The swans have eight cygnets and they are growing very quickly. We along with half the neighbourhood keep an eye on them and track their progress.

Sadly, there are n'erdowells who would harm the swans because they lack any morality or compassion.

Once again the local press has mentioned plans to build upon the brownfield site which overlooks the swans nest. The land has been empty for over fifteen years and has become an informal wildlife area where I used to walk the pooch. Rabbits, foxes, all sorts of birds plus the local winos and skateboarders used to inhabit the place. As the last council administration has run up a debts of £100 million it might be another pipe dream to develop the site and the wildlife may still be there ten years from now! The plans include building student accommodation and opening up the centre of Grimsby as a tourist destination.

My preference is for the wildlife...


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Plumbing woes...or the tale of discovering the bodge job to the kitchen sink by the previous house owner...

No.1 son did an excellent job but despite buying the correct parts for both 32 mm and 40 mm pipe fittings we discovered the resin sink is an unusual size including the waste traps. One was fitted for 32 mm and the other for 40 mm but the latter will not take the usual sized trap. He tried all sorts but we had to admit defeat and the small 1/2 sink is plumbed in and can be used whilst the main sink with the odd plug hole is not being used but has a plastic basin in it for washing up.

I had originally decided to buy a new sink, taps, etc...and hire a plumber to fit it all but we decided a new waste trap would suffice for now and the plan was for a completely new kitchen at a future date. So plan A it is with a new sink, waste trap, taps and possibly a cabinet to buy and find a reputable plumber who isn't too expensive to fit it all. Over time we have discovered a variety of issues with the house which the original owners had bodged as repairs. They were buy to let landlords and they scrimped on repairs. From our neighbours we heard about previous tenants / owners many years ago where the husband apparently went on to kill someone, not here I hasten to add but I'm not too sure how true that story is. The house dates from the late Victorian era and the 1887 map of Grimsby shows the street and houses generally as they are today but whether these are the original properties I don't know. I would love to know more about its past and the previous occupiers. We did look at records in the local library when we first moved in so I may pop in again for another look at those. What is odd is the 1887 map showing houses but a map dated 1890 doesn't show the same so some research will be required. The map below shows Grimsby c. 1600 and we are situated on what was once Flottergate, over the bridge to the top of the map near the town centre. The map is courtesy of http://www.nelalhs.co.uk .

Otherwise I had a lazy day indoors as this morning saw a lot of rain and I took advantage of this to focus on modelling.

I carried on with the slow build of a 1/48 scale Walrus flying boat with some more brush painting and my first attempt at rigging an aircraft.

The finished product will be something like this which is dry fitted as I have to drill out the wings to fit the struts and the rigging.

It's a Smer kit and was cheap as chips hence my desire to use it as a practice build trying out some scratch building and my hand at rigging before I tackle the Airfix kit at some future date. The last photo shows both kits and they are poles apart in the contents and number of parts plus detailed instructions for the latter kit. The Smer kit originated in the late 50's and the same moulds are used whilst the Airfix kit is more recent.

All in all a pleasant and very relaxing day made better by the knowledge that I am off work tomorrow.


Saturday, May 25, 2019

It's a bank holiday weekend and as it is traditional here we popped into the local DIY store to buy a new kitchen sink trap. After a debate about the right size we bought both kits and we'll see which one fits. As I have blogged before, I dislike DIY and No.1 son is going to do this job which is actually relatively easy. But he's practical and he'll enjoy doing the job. We also have lined up a trip to the council recycling depot as there is a lot of rubbish to be disposed of and the spare room will no longer  resemble Steptoe's yard. I never have time during the week as I leave the house at 07.45 and I generally get home at 6 p.m. As expected the DIY store was busy, even at the early hour we popped in. Otherwise my plans are gardening, some modelling and a couple of beers at some point. Given the amount of driving and computer  / desk work I do, it's understandable if I give the computer a miss this weekend and soak up the sun before the bank holiday rain arrives! 
Enjoy your weekend folks.


Friday, May 17, 2019

Just a quick post to let my few remaining readers know I am still around. Very busy at work and to be honest it hasn't stopped. However, today was delightfully slow and relaxed for a change and we had some time to sit and chew the fat...yes, our boss is on leave so despite being busy all week it has been remarkably stress free! These arrived in the post today and the kit is tiny and the new glasses case just took my fancy. I am tempted to post the picture on my fb modellers group as it is a new arrival but I suspect some of the 'somewhat right of centre' religious US modellers with strong views on god, family and country will hop up and down with excitement when they spot the spectacle case! I shall post it and report back...

The aircraft is a Russian made one but I hope to model it in the colours of the Spanish Republic during the Spanish Civil War as I am currently reading this...

An introduction to and an overview of a conflict I have an awareness of but know little about. A very nasty* war with a taste of what lay ahead for WW2. I consider myself as slightly left of centre politically but sadly the extremists from all sides are in the ascendent and sensible adults seem to be absent.

                                                 Tiny Tiny plane!

My last purchase for a while as Mrs C  pointed out HOUSE REPAIRS! when this arrived. That's me told...

*Can there ever be a nice war?!!


Saturday, May 04, 2019

Another bank holiday weekend and boy, it is hoying it down with a fair old wind whipping all before it plus the occasional sting of hailstones to add some variety to the mix. It's also very cold and as one auld fella said to Mrs C this morning "Winter's made a comeback". I've been staring longingly out of the window at the garden and my plans for planting out are again on hold. Still, good weather for modelling and cats notwithstanding I managed to get some done this morning before venturing out for a brisk walk. Helped by the lack of wifi and TV service earlier on so I got some reading in too.

Still a work in progress because I had to use some mix and match skills, use some paper and modelling clay to amend the figures. So more paint, clear coats and decals to be added as I enjoy a slow build and work around the cats as the table top is Maisie's bed!

I bought a much needed new airbrush and it is a revelation. I wish I had done this earlier but the skills I learned from using the cheap Chinese airbrush meant I was able to use this straightaway and no problems in first use. I am ready for the larger aircraft and vehicle builds I have waiting in the wings. As the photo below shows I bought a few other kits as well as crowd funding a new author whose book arrived the same day. Bird Therapy by Joe Harkness which I am dipping into and enjoying as I very much believe in using whatever is available to prevent illness / aid recovery. We used bird watching as a therapy for someone several years ago when we discovered the person used to be into bird watching. Music, art, walking, dancing, pets...everything helps and introducing young children to these activities very early on enriches their lives and builds future resilience.

I also ordered one other kit which I am awaiting after I had promised Mrs C to buy no more for a few months but she saw this and encouraged me because of the colour scheme and it was cheap.

Yes, they actually painted the aircraft in a blue rising sun style scheme! From the Spanish Civil War and as soon as I saw it I thought that cannot be genuine but it was. It all provides a good distraction from the current omnishambles (now a legit scrabble word) in the UK political sphere. I voted independent but our ward has a Labour councillor with a much reduced majority but the council is now run by the Tories for the first time ever. Mrs May turned up yesterday to bask in a rare win so whoever locally has that voodoo doll of her please cut the elastic band so she doesn't keep coming back. The army had a recruiting fair in the town centre today following her visit and I just hope the two aren't connected!
I must away as that book is calling me and I hope there is more baseball on TV tonight. I stayed up to watch the Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees last night but I fell asleep and only caught the first hour. I am still trying to work out the rules of the game! I find it fascinating all the same.