Wednesday, November 06, 2013

This article prompted today's blog post and serving and ex- military folks have an expression to describe such people. They are known as "Walts" after Walter Mitty and as may be imagined they are not held in high regard.

We have all come across sad individuals who, to boost their low self esteem or because they are indeed just plainly inadequate, invent aspects of their lives to impress others. Some do so to make financial or other gains as well as boosting their social profile. This piqued my interest because a man became involved with a close relative some years back and he was given to making statements which boosted his own profile. To say he was an inadequate fantasist would be an understatement because his claims, once closely examined, easily fell apart. Claims such as playing rugby at county level, being an expert guitarist, having owned and ridden large expensive motorcycles in a biker gang, etc... None of these claims were true but you get the basic drift and in and of themselves such claims can be dismissed. It is the fall out for others involved and that such claims tend to be the tip of the iceberg. Discovering he had walked out on two previous marriages and that even his parents had come to disown him did come as a shock when we eventually found out as was the trail of debt and misery he left in his wake. The odd thing was discovering that his father had fought as a pilot in the second world war and was a genuine hero. That was the one unexpected outcome as well as discovering his parents were lovely people.