Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I received two lovely surprises this evening, so much so that I actually cancelled my plans to go out to the pub. The first was a contact via Face Book from a Finnish guy I last saw in 1984 on an Israeli Kibbutz. He followed the link from a kibbutz reunited web site to FB and sent me a message. So I have downloaded some photos for him to look at...mind you, it could be risky. Twenty six years is a long time and he may have been released from a high security jail for all I know!
The second surprise was an email from my brother. He hasn't had a computer for years so I did not expect to hear from him at all. Catching up with people after some time and the memories are flooding back. The photos certainly fill in the gaps during the alcohol fuelled months I spent in Israel. The partying didn't stop...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good news all around: Spurs beat Fulham 3 - 1 and are through to the semi-finals of the FA cup but I will swiftly move on to the better news for those who couldn't care less about football.
I had a scan today and much to my surprise it showed NAD (No Abnormalities Detected). It is good news but it still does not explain the unknown 'lump' that is still sitting there nicely. The nice chap who stated "I'll apply some gel and then fiddle with your bits and bob" stated it may be a lump of hard fatty tissue and no...that wasn't bob! Damn...that's where my brain migrated to. I'll have to discuss it with the doc but I do feel very relieved that no hernia or nasties have been detected. I hopefully have the all clear to start using my exercise bike and start my gentle journey back to fitness. i.e. Avoid the bull in china shop approach to trying to get fit.
The other good news is that the eedjit is finally leaving the team and moving to pastures new. Several of us, past and current team players are planning a celebration. If I don't like someone I usually ignore them if possible because life is too short to harbour ill feelings. I accept that I won't like everyone but I usually try to find the good in people. This one is simply a 24 carat shit of the first order without any redeeming features. Good riddance and we'll drink happily to the back of them. May the road rise up and slap them in the face. Maybe now the bullying, secrecy, lies and bullshit will finally stop with their departure.
Having said that, it now seems inevitable that the team will be amalgamated with another team. Exciting times ahead....well, interesting times perhaps. Again, I don't mind because I take the pragmatic view. I am working, I will still be nursing which I enjoy and those of us that remain are a great bunch of colleagues. So we will carry on regardless and believe me, at times it is a carry on.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I seem to have spent the day attempting to log in on various computers at work and here at home. No problems with t'internet but huge problems having my passwords recognised. Spookily enough this has happened on various systems. Either I have acquired dyslexia overnight, the government spies are ineptly blocking me or I am an oaf? My money is on the last one. I have also had my first alcoholic drink this evening after two weeks abstinence. Very nice too...Badger 'Golden Glory' which went down a treat.
Seany, you will need to sit down...I went off alcohol. I couldn't drink it. No appeal to me whatsoever which is a first for me. Maybe I just got bored with it or I really had no taste for it and it didn't bother me at all. If I went off curries or tea I would be very worried because both are necessary to sustain life. Maybe it's an age thing and I'll be wearing beige next and wanting to play golf. However, I treated myself to a malt whisky I haven't tried before. Mrs C. liked the look of the bottle: "That'll look nice with a candle in it" so I gave it a go. I will try a glass this weekend when I am not at work and give my opinion then.

I am a great fan of some malt whiskies with Old Pulteney, Springbank, Bunnahabhain and Dalwhinnie producing some of my favourites. I bought this bottle bearing in mind the next budget is due and I am sure the government of all the talentless (and clueless) will slap a huge tax hike on alcohol.

This bottle should last me ages unless Mrs C. gets her hands on it. She has a fondness for the usquebaugh (water of life) but at least she now knows not to add coke to a good malt! I had to lie down in a darkened room for an hour or two...But from time to time I do like to sit down and relax after work with a good book and a glass of a good malt. Preferably during winter in front of a roaring log fire whilst it is lashing down outside. But spring has finally and thankfully arrived and I'll happily have a glass after doing some serious gardening this weekend, weather permitting. What are your favourite tipples then?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This 'lazy nurse' (read any daily maul lazy inaccurate article re. nursing if you must) earned his crust twice over yesterday. Two hours unpaid overtime and I didn't even have time for a cup of tea, let alone a meal break. Crisis referrals came in thick and fast plus emergencies as we rattled around the county attending to each one. I finally got home at midnight having started work at 1.30 pm. Today is a most welcome day off and apart from walking/swimming the mutt plus some necessary shopping (Teabags! I can't survive without tea), I have spent it nursing a dreadful headache. Stress from yesterday is the probable reason. I also received some welcome news today regarding a work colleague but I must save that for another day.

On the work front the rumour mill is working overtime regarding work rationalisation and efficient work practices. It is likely that teams will be amalgamated and middle management will feel the sharpened blades as cuts take effect. I only hope that unnecessary admin and bureaucracy will also be addressed in a similar fashion.
As for me troubles (sotto voce) down below....I have a scan next week at the local hospital. Worryingly, the GP does not believe it is a hernia but something is obviously amiss hence the scan. I just want to find out what is wrong and get it dealt with. I'm away now to waste time on a meaningless but suitably therapeutic computer game.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

As you can see this vicious beast needs a licence, insurance and red flags carried by slow walking pensioners as I walk her amongst the potential victims in the High Street. The machinations flowing through her cunning mind as we walk along: me with a superstrength double looped steel tensile lead and muzzle to ensure she doesn't maul any innocent kiddiwinks. She, focused upon sticks, pigeons and dropped kebabs.
So who will the new dog licences effect?
Ill educated knobheads with ill-treated dogs trained to kill or.....pensioners, disabled, unemployed, etc...The common theme is poverty. Fuckwit labour politicians disconnected from real people and the real world will punish those whom they supposedly represent. I don't smoke but I believe publicans can make their own decisions as to whether to allow smoking. Ditto alcohol, fatty foods and chocolate, Hawaiian shirts, S&M practices, etc... Adults make choices, often informed but sometimes without considering the consequences. It makes A&E a tad more interesting whilst staff remove that strange object from your body and enlivens Facebook as you spot your neighbour half dressed and pissed up in the local pub. Allow children and adults to have an education and adults to then make choices within acceptable social contracts. So it is with dogs and their owners. Most dog owners can spot the knobhead with the screwed up dog and will make their exit sharpish before the fuckwit and his dog (Fuckwits are usually male) spots their latest victim. The dog does not know any better but the ill educated knobhead does. The police know who they are and Joe Public is able to recognise them immediately. Why punish law abiding people. I am so fucking sick and tired of these intrusive liberty hating mealy mouthed closed minds who masquerade as public servants. I'll be scooped up and detained by the obesity police or for sporting that oppressive symbol of misogyny, a moustache.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

If you will excuse the poor pun* but I could not go with the original photos I thought of downloading...I'm rather squeamish where my own health is concerned. I have a femoral hernia, possibly two hernias. I will be seeing my GP again this week and requesting I go on the list for surgery. I have gone through the various phases: 'ignore it, it's not happening'; 'Wishful and magical thinking' i.e. It will heal itself and the 'self maudlin' stage. I have arrived at the 'give me gas and Jack Daniels and just mend the fuckers' stage because the discomfort, pain and inability to do anything without feeling eighty years old is really wearing me down. Lifting a sack of spuds today did not really help the situation...hence the now double hernia.
Fingers crossed that the Dept. of Health propaganda is genuine and it is not a long waiting list.

* No offence meant to any American readers.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Please excuse my recent absence but work commitments and No 1 son's birthday required my attention. I got the job and I am now a permanent (part time) best interests assessor and part time nurse in the crisis team. It is indeed the best of both worlds and suddenly I am in demand as an "expert" (Note: other clowns available). No ! son is now seventeen....I remember holding him as a baby and dancing to music, changing his nappies, when he had an operation aged three months...He is now taller and bigger than me. I am enormously proud of him and love him to bits but boy, do I feel old now.
Anyway, a favourite artist and track for your delectation...