Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The 'Beast from the East' has struck. Lots of snow on and off over the past two days. Currently -3 C but wind chill factored in it is -10 C. I went out for a brisk walk in the snow and the brief sunshine and, wrapped up like an Inuit, I enjoyed the snowy walk. I wish I had taken my camera but I hadn't given it a thought. Some photos of the back garden...

Since these photos were taken we have had a further heavy fall of snow and more predicted so winter hasn't released it's grip yet. The cats are sensibly glued to various radiators and are not moving from their warm toasty spots. By the standards of much of Europe and North America this is light snow but  predictably the country has ground to a halt. I am returning to listening to Big Foot stories on-line and  a hot coffee. I hope wherever you are you are keeping safe and warm.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A quiet couple of weeks as we have all come down with some leurgy. Mrs C is suffering with head and earache which has knocked her off her feet. It's February and there is a lot going round so roll on spring, fresh air and lighter days as it is needed. The picture is of Sherlock who looks like he has a rod inserted somewhere!

I cancelled the job interview because of illness and because I realised I would be working with those patients who present a danger to the public. I decided I have had enough of that excitement and I would prefer a more sedate working environment. But with a high temperature and light headedness, coughing and spluttering my way through an interview would not present me at my best!

No lengthy modelling updates although I finally bought a unit to display them in. I will be looking at some clear perspex covering to prevent it becoming a cat hotel. The King Tiger I have been working on is nearly finished and is currently displayed  until I feel well enough to continue.

My usual clumsiness has doubled and after knocking two meals in progress off the stove and scattering the contents, I think it's safer for me to avoid doing any delicate work. Even my vindaloo, whisky and night nurse cure failed this time. As I stated earlier, roll on spring as the garden needs work and I want to replace the garden gate. This winter has gone on long enough.