Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Stop the bloody fireworks".

A quick moan: fireworks, twats, October, small animals, not. The salient phrases for your one sentence to reconstruct my whinge. I thenk yew.

Back to the fray of frontline nursing and a difficult day with some ethical dilemmas for which a speedy and pragmatic solution was required. My wand was waved and magic dispensed 'Hey Presto!'. In reality, hard work and tactful negotiation was applied. Not the answer people are really looking for but we do what we can to slap a temporary 'mental' elastoplast on to difficult problems. But the trip with my colleague around the delightfully sunny countryside was compensation enough.Eight weeks to Christmas? It was more like a late summers day apart from the autumnal leaves and woodsmoke from garden bonfires.
I have a week off soon and I fully intend to get some walking in and I can only hope it will be like today. I haven't yet popped up to Whitby this year and I really would like at least a day up there. So fingers crossed and I'll be watching the weather forecast for the next week. I just got off the phone to a friend in Philadelphia and we were discussing the extremes of weather...snow over here (inches)is certainly not a patch on the snow over there (several feet plus). We were also discussing how two boys from the arse end of rough North London housing estates (housing schemes) escaped and have become relatively successful. A story for another day I guess. Time for tea.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A lovely lazy Sunday.
The usual routine of dogwalking, papers and cooking a roast dinner. The things we often take for granted and some people sneer at. For many people, in Darfur,Iraq, Burma and in this country, the routine we take for granted would be an idyll they can but dream of. As a teenager I really disliked Sundays and what I regarded as boring. I wanted more excitement and less time stuck at home. Thirty years later and when I have a Sunday off work I thoroughly enjoy the routine. Having said that, I have taken to rooting through websites and books for good walks for a Sunday. Ones that'll take in the scenery, the odd interesting church and a good pub along the way. Perhaps a trip to the wolds or even further afield.
But for today it'll just be a quiet, lazy day surrounded by cats and a damp dog (she has been in the dock again!)
Part two of 'Most Haunted Live' tonight and I shall blog more about that in the near future. For now, back to the newspapers and a cuppa.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ahh...some semblance of service is resumed. I popped across the road to oil some parts and have lunch with L-E, No.1 daughter whose birthday it is today. She's the grand age of twenty-something. She is off out clubbing tonight with mates and they're all in fancy dress. So if you are boogying on the dance floor with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, wish her a Happy Birthday.
I am still unable to publish pictures so it will be dialogue I'm afraid. No plans for tonight because I will be tuning in for the megafest of 'Most Haunted Live'. Nibbles are ready as is a supply of suitably Halloweenish beer. I am torn between scepticism and just enjoying the pure hokum on offer. Flashing devils horns and a cape are on the dog and the cats have glow in the dark batwings attached, ready to launch at the kids who call for sweets. To really scare them I have music by David Hasselhof set to 10.
7-4 odds that Yvette screams within 15 minutes of the lights going out.
5-4 odds that faxes will arrive of various bearded figures called Jack/George/Herbert in Victorian dress.
Evens that a monk will be 'seen'.
The celebrity will be someone whose face hasn't graced our screens for the past year. Well, there is no 'celebrity' b*g Br*$+er this year.
A spooky TTFN to you all.
According to my PC my current addy is 'Cannot find server', yet I am here blogging!
Virgin Media are sending out a tech to check the modem and boxes because they state "it is a problem from our end"....paging the proctologist Dr. Finger...paging Dr. Finger. However, a busy week at work ahead of me so I have booked them in late in the week.

Coming up to Hallowe'en....whoooooo....
Mrs.C saw our ghost cat this morning and her right leg was suddenly very cold. She had a shower afterwards and found scratches on her right knee....spooky. We have never seen the cat's face and today Mrs.C saw only the tail whilst her leg was icy cold. This cat has followed us from house to house and until today there have been no problems. The mutt often sits and stares into the dining room of an evening, a habit she also does with our living moggies. I have had cats as pets since I was nine years old so it could any one of half a dozen plus, I used to help with Cats Protection to check out homes for rehoming the little critters. From a sceptical perspective it could have been one of our cats. Molly was asleep under our bed and a jealous dog lay beside her and Mog was in the garden whilst Mrs.C was downstairs. Tigger is white and tabby and very vocal...you know she's around but she was also in the garden.
Anyhow, three whole days off after a nine day stretch of non-stop working including calls out overnight and lots of activity with the police and paramedics. One person came close to breaking the record for most overdoses in a week and that was just us with the brewed coffee...caffeine wired and twitchy.
I must go as the connection is playing up and publishing needs to be done now.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'd like to say this was the sight that met my eyes as I manoeuvred the motor around a local roundabout. Remove the tigers and substitute grey rabbits for the cute fluffy pie fillers in the photo and you'll have a fair facsimile. The cute grey bunnies munched contentedly as every so often one of their number met its natural enemy....the car tyre. How long does evolution take to equip the rabbit with the commonsense needed to realise that speed(motor vehicle + rodent) = crow food.

Having said that, once we as a species has made the planet uninhabitable for humanity, the descendents of those bunnies will still be munching contentedly away.
Who has the last laugh then?

Th..Th..That's all folks!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Bad ideas...

Sometimes one has an idea which at the time is the right idea. No.1 son and I had that idea a few days ago because the PC was slow and access to internet explorer (My Arse!) was (cue British understatement)not too good.
We rebooted....
....not a good idea because despite saving all the relevent and important stuff, it has taken the last few days to regain access. Admiitedly, some of those days involved me studiously ignoring the PC and pretending an absorption in other important things...paint drying, rugby and is there a higher intelligence (Yes there is and she is on holiday for the next millenium). But today I could no longer ignore it and I have finally discovered that the fault may be with the particular firewall I was using which I now suspect did not recognise my attempts to connect to the internet. Verging mediocrity was responsible for the other 50 % of failed attempts.
So I'll post this and see if it is successful.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The motor was duly collected....after 5 pm. So the pooch and I had a local walk rather than the wild shenanigans of Cleethorpes. However, I am pleased to have the old familiar wheels back and gleaming like a shiney ruby set out to attract the magpies.
I am off to the metropolis tomorrow....well, Nottingham for another day of this course. I found the wherewithall to do two hours study today for it. What's handy is that I use my work situation in applying the studies. It also gives me a chance to nose around Nottingham although I haven't much chance of nipping in for a quick drink. But I have scoured the 'Good Beer Guide' and I am mapping out the pubs for future reference. I have received my orders to note shopping areas. I have taken note of my orders and I have noted bookshops, car showrooms, hi-fi stores...no, she wasn't pleased. I found I enjoyed the studying today because of it's very relevance to my everyday work, so perhaps I will enjoy this course after all. Ask me again after five hours of travelling. Star Trek transporters have never been more needed.

I am going to stop here because either the PC is playing up or, as I suspect, verging mediocrity is providing it's usual poor service.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


What I did today.

Actually, I was kept busy today what with looking for a replacement cooker and pottering about at odd jobs. Since the excitement of the weekend and finally laying the OU course to rest I find that I have run out of steam. I have a course to complete for work and enthusiasm is in short supply this week. Energy is also lacking and I find I am running at 20 watts instead of my usual 100. I also managed to watch 'Deal or No Deal' today, momentarily overcoming my dislike of Noel Edmonds. Oddly enough I did enjoy it but he is still a twat. Will I watch it again? Probably not. Also, when did Des O'Connor take over at Countdown? I knew Richard Whitely had shuffled off this mortal coil and received plaudits usually reserved for people with the stature of Ghandi...but Des! I think I'll stick to radio during the day and the internet when verging mediocre cranks the power up properly.
Nevermind...the car should be returned from having her repairs completed tomorrow and I can take the pooch up to the beach for a run around. She was a big hit with the wino's today on her walk as they partook of their sherry and electric soup. Also the little girl who ran up, grabbed her and after several minutes of 'manhandling'the mutt asked "Does he bite mister?" I think today may have been a taster of future retirement...bloody hell, I hope not for another ten years at least.
Time for a beer to soothe my nerves and fuel my brain for the backgammon contest.
Music: Tubular Bells and Genesis.
Accompaniment: Dog thumping tail (good name for a band that).

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A quick entry (fnarr fnarr) before I nip over to the pub for grub, beer and the rugby. Work is busy which is to be expected as Christmas looms over the horizon. More along the lines of relationship problems, homelessness, alcohol problems and debts...with the occasional episode of someone with a mental illness for which the team was set up for. But sadly people mention the magic words "I'll kill myself" and we are called in, even when it is blindingly obvious there is no real intent to do so. However, some people do attempt to harm themselves and misjudge the attempt. So it behoves us to do our job and attempt to limit any damage to a minimum. Taking two paracetamol, a spliff and a vitamin C tablet is not a suicide attempt especially when performed in a busy street during the busiest time of the day. When you are due up in court the following week also has us rubbing our chins whilst muttering a prayer to the patron saint of disbelievers.
However, I have a day off and I can recharge the batteries.Dog walked, shopping done and cashpoint raided for the beer vouchers. I never learn, walking the mutt and shopping at the same time. Tying her up outside the local supermercado and as i walk away the piteous howls begin. I sneak a look out of the window and all I can see is a bouncing orange dog surrounded by onlookers who are attempting to reassure her. Cue even louder howling and yipping because she's been abandoned by her heartless 'owner' for all of five minutes. My return sees me covered in saliva and dog hair as she races and bounces around me like a papparazzo scenting another royal RTA.
Anyhow...a beer has my name on it and we can have a rare meal out with No.1 away for the weekend.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Free at last....

At bloody last! The exam was tackled in the manner of a sex starved chihuahua making the acquaintance of a female poodle...with gusto. Whether I answered the questions correctly is debatable but I no longer care as the course is now finished. I'll settle for a pass and accept the certificate, thankyou.
To celebrate I had a very welcome cup of tea and removed all of the OU stuff to a large box where it can remain for the duration. Naturally, beers will be consumed tonight but as I am at work tomorrow, moderation will be the watchword. I am off at the weekend and there'll be a feast of rugby and football to shout at in the pub.
Oddly enough, Mrs.C made an interesting insight into my behaviour in that I appeared to be in mourning over the past few days because the course had ended. Spot on but it also allowed an insight into why and the link to my childhood.
"Psychobabble Alert!"
Libraries and reading were certainly a better distraction from an interesting homelife for a child compared with the then alternatives of drugs and mischief. Sadly, the discipline of studying and direction were not learnt at the time.
I have decided to give the OU a miss next year as I'll be moving on to the next stage of my psychotherapy training. I can also spend more time having a life and spending valuable time with family and friends. There is also the chance of travel to foreign parts and I will need the readies for that.
I assembled the new exercise bike and we have all given it a try out...excellent. Confusing for the hound who is fascinated by all the activity but no corresponding movement. I have worked out a vague exercise regime for the next two weeks and I will build up my stamina gradually. I particularly enjoyed cycling three kilometres yesterday whilst the rain poured down outside...nice and dry.
I have bought a couple of new beers from Tesgrows and they are now awaiting my attention.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bloody hell!
There it was on breakfast TV....too much sleep is bad for your heart. Cancel the new bed and back to six hours a night. The research that shoving squirrels up one's arse is about due out from the University of Piddle-on-the-Wolds. Apparently some people are shoving 'em up head first when it should obviously be fluffy tail first...

"New baggage rules announced by the government".

No.1's school phoned up this morning to check he wasn't sunning himself on a beach in Trinidad. They also phoned Mrs.C at work to check because I was a tad slow crawling out of my deathbed (Manflu) to answer it. My initial response was bitten back as she is a 'flunkey' and not responsible for the new rules to control the little blighters.
"I've sent out to clean chimneys after he's bought us some fags and a bottle of Lambrini".
Actually, my first unspoken response was "Fuck off!"
But I am sure an ASBO would have winged its merry way as soon as you say Muhammed Robinson....never mind the rioting, thieving, drunken youths terrorising the local pensioners....mind you, most of them are in Blackpool care of Dave this week.
On the good news front I received my last marked assignment from the OU and I scored a delightful 77%. So I am indeed a happy bunny.
I must away for another tea...plenty of fluids and all that.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My old alma mater which has been a local park and residential accommodation for many years now.

The 'Old Bin' where I trained as a nurse is also now 'exclusive accommodation' for those who can afford it, not nurses obviously.
I have touched upon this before, how my past is being eradicated so as to leave few traces. Better that than eradicated in front of me. But my old schools have gone; several places of work and accommodation likewise. It's a good job I don't work for the government although I do work for the NHS....
I have completed my course of antibiotics and to celebrate I have a bottle of Wychwood 'Pumpking' to sip as I use the bastard machine spawn of satan computer. Much needed as I am now full of cold and my ISP (verging mediocre) is providing it's usual excellent service of 24/14....

Trawling thro' t'internet and I came across an article that states a connection between lack of sleep and obesity. I have asked my GP for three months supply of sleepers and a month off work plus buying a new bed. I am eagerly awaiting the research that states beer cause you to lose weight and makes you attractive to women. If some university gives me the money I am more than willing to conduct the necessary research myself.
Talking of research it is time to conduct the next experiment...where's me bottle-opener...