Saturday, May 28, 2016

It's a bank holiday weekend, the second one of May and a three day weekend for most folks not that it makes much difference to me. As per usual for a bank holiday, sunshine at first and now overcast with some ominous black clouds. Hopefully they are just passing over with the sun coming up behind. I was out early to cut the grass and the combination of grass and pollen necessitated a piriton and a hot shower. Hay fever has cut in on the turbo overdrive. One of the mutt's rubber balls  was caught up in the mower and it is now a piecemeal rubber b a l  l, sans squeak and round shape. The combination of the piriton and hay fever unfortunately means I write off the next couple of hours as my body retreats to sleep and the land of Nod. On the plus side, chocolate milk and music as I write my inane mutterings on the blog. I am currently listening to this chap which has brought back memories of the early seventies for me as he was always on the radio. He was very popular with teenage girls and naturally, as a teenager wanting to make the acquaintance of teenage girls I heard a lot of his music amongst others.

It's only now as I read through his history that I realise how much he has achieved over the past few decades.

The piriton is kicking in now so time to crash out for a while and listen to some heavier music... and no, I shan't be listening to the Bay City Rollers. I still cannot stand them.


Monday, May 23, 2016

Mrs C is again unwell with some leurgy, the second one or a continuation of the same one she had two weeks ago. I do wonder that as we make advances in medical and public health sciences strange unknown diseases come to the fore. It might be that in the west health is generally pretty good and we tend to focus on illnesses as part of a collective neurosis. It is fascinating that people I regard as generally sound and balanced depart reality and rant about chem trails and secret government trials of unknown toxins and viruses. That's not to deny that governments have conducted research into a variety of nasty biological weapons and possibly continue to do so. But to reiterate my earlier suggestion, is this a modern phenomena? Historically people worried about illness and disease but there was a very strong chance of being killed by simple things such as septicaemia, measles, small pox, etc... Currently, there is the real worry about anti-biotic resistant bugs and we may be about to return to a world where simple bacteria start to kill us off again.  We live in an increasingly crowded world with easy travel and communication, with the recent scare of the ebola outbreak in West Africa a pertinent reminder of the need for vigilance. We are supposedly overdue a major influenza epidemic but hopefully that will remain overdue. Mrs C is thankfully not experiencing anything of this order of magnitude and hopefully rest, paracetamol and fluids will help her to recover.
As an after thought, we also live in a world where as little people we feel increasingly powerless, disconnected from the idiots whom we vote into power and assailed and assaulted by 24/7 media and rolling news. Throw into that mix the interminable bullshit of sleb culture and Voila! Let's nurture that collective neurosis. I admit that increasingly I am avoiding or ignoring the rolling news media and I stopped any engagement with sleb culture too many years ago to recall when I stopped it. Concentrate on family and friends, eat and drink well, grow stuff, stay connected to nature, keep pets and laugh. I would also add read and enjoy books to that list. Hopefully you are all keeping well and similarly avoiding the collective neurosis.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I thought I would venture into the spare room which currently resembles a jumble sale. No.1 son has plonked a lot of stuff in there along with much of my old stuff. The first thing to sort out was a very large box of old LP's and singles donated by my mother, plus my own collection. She's a big Country & Western fan and. much as I like some of it, I can also live without it. After a brief sort out into pile A. - charity shop and pile B. - keep it or consider ebay, I had to have a look see on the net for values of some of these records. Not a lot although one album 'The Fool' from 1969 may be worth about thirty - forty quid. Needless to say it is not one of my mother's albums as it's fair to say she never became a Hippie in the late sixties. We had a group of Hippies living downstairs in our house in the late sixties and an interesting lot they were too. Telling children to not mix with that lot led to us immediately showing great interest in their clothes, scents, language and behaviour!

I will keep the Elvis albums because I do like his music and I will keep some of the Queen, Bowie, Cream and Genesis albums. Sadly, most of my vinyl and my Hi-Fi was sold when we were on our uppers years ago. Food on the table and the rent took precedence over owning material goods. Boney M, Abba and various Blue Beat singles amongst the pile will be kept. You can't beat a bit of Boney M at Christmas!

This reminds me of those hoarding TV programmes where people hang on to all sorts of stuff including rubbish and cannot bear to get rid of it. Apart from these few albums the rest will go to charity shops. A friend suggested selling them at car boot sales but I have no interest in that. I'd sell them but end up buying and bringing home other things instead (books!). I am considering visiting my friends stall at Hemswell just to see what it is he sells. Whatever, Cats Protection or the Samaritans will receive the albums I don't want plus a variety of other bits and pieces. Just for the record, some of the albums I bought were touched by the hand of Annie Lennox when she worked / helped out in Spanish Moon Records in Crouch End in the late seventies. Maybe that would add value to them on ebay?*


*Very unlikely!

Saturday, May 07, 2016

I wrote a blog post yesterday about my return to work but I'm afraid it turned into a rant. Having read it again I binned it. Suffice to say that all is not rosy in the world of mental health services with a severe shortage of staff, resources and an ever increasing demand for services. From a selfish perspective I shall be in demand for the foreseeable future. However, I am sticking to my two days per week for the next five months and then I will again have a break. This will fill the coffers, allow me the best of both worlds in that I keep my hand in work wise and have plenty of time for leisure activities. LE gave Mrs C. and me a one year subscription to some stately homes group. It looks like the basics version of the National Trust so we plan to visit several places over the summer. I can also attend to the garden after a dreadfully cold and wet Spring. Most of my plants from seed have snuffed it and I have amended my plans and bought some new tomato plants. They and the other seedlings will go in te raised bed this weekend.
The pooch remains lively for an old dog although we had two days of urinary accidents following the change in her medication. Various rugs ruined by canine biblical flooding and the house has acquired an unusual aroma because of this. Cleaning, airing rugs and open windows are now eventually eradicating this. She must have a five gallon bladder because I have never seen so much fluid gush from a sentient creature. Otherwise I continue to potter on and enjoy life at a sedate pace in the slow lane and occasionally on the hard shoulder.


p.s. It is apparently 'World Naked Gardening Day'!  I'll pass on that as sharp gardening implements, bitey insects and dangly bits do not mix!