Monday, January 28, 2019

I have a sense of deja vu today as I found another damp note attached to my windscreen with a mobile number attached. Both No.1 son and I had a good look around the car and no damage discernible. After driving 500 miles in four days from Thursday to yesterday, with a two day course in Lincoln (excellent course on CBT approaches to PTSD) and an overnight trip to Colchester with no problems encountered, I have to park outside the house to attract bumpy numpties! I'll think about phoning because I can see no damage to the car.

On my 'pitstop' travelling to Colchester I always make a point of stopping here near Thetford. A brief stop to drink coffee from the flask, stretch my legs and get some rest and exercise. This time I remembered to take a photo of the Stag although I decided to avoid walking on the wet and muddy grass surrounding it. Lots of ramblers and some furtive behaviour from a couple of dodgy looking characters heading into the woods. It beggars belief what they may have been up to! The journey is one I have made many times and this is the first time I noticed anything unusual but I decided to keep my walking out in the open this time round. It brings a new adage to the old song 'If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise!' 

The journey itself is only 154 miles but it is mainly A roads, generally single lane and lots of villages with 30 mph speed limits. It is also extremely busy with HGV's, agricultural vehicles and caravans so the journey usually takes four hours although a decent break can see it taking longer. Bless her, my mum thought it was a two hour journey when we discussed it yesterday. It was lovely to catch up with the family and I intend to have a proper break next time with a couple of days in a local hotel so we can go out and about. My brother and brother-in-law plan to attend a beer festival next weekend so I definitely plan to factor that in next time.
After all that driving today has been very low key, writing up the revalidation paperwork which now only needs my supervisor to sign and I can sign it off on-line. I can then enjoy the rest of my break although the weather may have a say in that as snow is predicted this week. An excellent excuse for modelling if ever one was needed!

Some FOOD for THOUGHT as Brexit (Will it won't it happen?!) nears and bankers, politicians, media and assorted 'expert' celebs tell us why we should abandon our silly misinformed behaviour and trust them. 


Friday, January 18, 2019

I finally bought a new cafetière and opted for the dentable but safer metal option...

...After three of them met their maker these past few months.

In other news I did not get the promotion and boy has it created a stink within the team. The manager will employ a new band 6 and gets to keep me as band 5 which from a managerial perspective makes sense. After the initial dent to my ego for a few hours my view now is 'Meh!' I am happy in my current work and I will scrutinise the differences between the grades and work within the parameters of my banding. I will one day post the managers rationale for their decision which made me laugh but  I took this post on for a more 'relaxed'* role. But I find it fascinating that from the support workers through to the consultant, all have expressed surprise and anger. I'm not as I do remember the manager as a student nurse and therein lies a story for the future.  But it has been one of those weeks...

I found a note on my windscreen stating 'I'm sorry' with a mobile number attached. I scrutinise the car but as it was still dark I couldn't see any damage. I checked again on reaching work and the sun is up to find a paint scrape on my bumper. A thorough wipe with a damp tissue and little damage. I phone the number and a woman could not stop apologising and had a sleepless night. I reassured her that it's a little scrape and not to worry about it. I thanked her for her honesty in leaving a note.

The third incident of the week was that I was caught by a mobile speed camera doing 37 in a 30 mph zone. Bugger! The first time in the 38 years I have been driving as I am a careful driver and I generally observe the speed limit. I shall await the letter offering me a fine and three points on my licence or the option of the speed awareness course. The latter will obviously be my preferred choice as I really can do without the points.

But now it is the weekend and as I am yet again a member of a local fat fighters club I am having a glass of Shiraz and listening to music to chill out. my plans for this weekend include some walking and modelling. The nearly completed Dornier Do 24 as it just needs an aerial...

With a tiny 1/144 scale Su 37 Bercut which challenged my poor old eyes when applying the decals which isn't yet finished. Some paint touch ups required but applying masking tape without allowing time for the paint to completely dry invites trouble. I've left it a week so this weekend I can complete it.

Anyhow, time to put my feet up and I wish you all a relaxed and happy weekend. The temperature has dropped and perhaps we will see some snow flurries.


*It really isn't any easier!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Hello folks. Another day and another cafetière broken, the third one in as many months. This is either divine intervention suggesting I give up caffeine or I really am just a clumsy oaf. My money is very much on the latter! I shall be buying an all metal cafetière as I can only dent that.

It has been busy since the last entry with a lot happening at work and not enough hours in the day to deal with the various crises that have happened. I am also preparing for a promotion interview as it doesn't seem to matter what band I am in because we appear to be doing the same amount of work with similar pressures and demands made on us. For me it is a win-win situation: if I pass the interview I will be promoted with extra money but if I don't, I am happy enough with what I am doing and I can start to stick more strictly to my pay scale. I am happy to remain where I am for the next few years until I do retire. Funnily enough, having had the company of a young student for a couple of days I was reminded that I am an old bugger. Not only am I old enough to be her father, I am just about old enough to be her grandfather! As an aside, aren't youngsters annoying with their attachment to and continual fiddling about with their mobiles? 

I am once again back on track with model building. The above model had been put aside for the last three weeks as I focused on work and sleep. Each evening this past week there has been a Harry Potter movie on TV and I have slumped back in my chair, drank tea and lost myself in the fantasy of witches, wizards and magic. But this weekend, walking and modelling has been my escape from work and for relaxation. I am taking my time with this build (Panzer IV/70 (A) and enjoying a leisurely approach to it. Otherwise, the bench has now been tidied up for today and tea, some reading up stuff for the interview and then I'll be listening to more Big Foot stories on the internet. The latter is fascinating for me because some of these stories are complete fantasy / nonsense but others do make me question WTF? There are people who report sightings here in the UK and I think where on earth does something that big hide away. What on earth does it live on as we really don't have herds of deer  in the wild and why is the evidence always blurry, grainy and shaky photographs or videos?  Hmmm...I guess many people including myself have a need for magic and the unknown in our mundane lives! I wonder if there are any Big Foot model kits out there?


Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Just looking ahead to 2019 and seeing what it might bring us...

Yes, Happy New Year folks and welcome to 2019! At midnight there was an explosion from a firework that fairly rattled the houses. Apart from mealtimes it was the first time I have seen all four cats gathered together in close proximity to each other. Other than that I saw the new year in quietly after a busy day at work. Listening to music, reading a book and sipping an excellent whisky. I have today off and I spent an hour at the modelling table until the cats decided otherwise.

Little else to say except to wish you all a happy, peaceful and healthy 2019.