Friday, January 18, 2019

I finally bought a new cafetière and opted for the dentable but safer metal option...

...After three of them met their maker these past few months.

In other news I did not get the promotion and boy has it created a stink within the team. The manager will employ a new band 6 and gets to keep me as band 5 which from a managerial perspective makes sense. After the initial dent to my ego for a few hours my view now is 'Meh!' I am happy in my current work and I will scrutinise the differences between the grades and work within the parameters of my banding. I will one day post the managers rationale for their decision which made me laugh but  I took this post on for a more 'relaxed'* role. But I find it fascinating that from the support workers through to the consultant, all have expressed surprise and anger. I'm not as I do remember the manager as a student nurse and therein lies a story for the future.  But it has been one of those weeks...

I found a note on my windscreen stating 'I'm sorry' with a mobile number attached. I scrutinise the car but as it was still dark I couldn't see any damage. I checked again on reaching work and the sun is up to find a paint scrape on my bumper. A thorough wipe with a damp tissue and little damage. I phone the number and a woman could not stop apologising and had a sleepless night. I reassured her that it's a little scrape and not to worry about it. I thanked her for her honesty in leaving a note.

The third incident of the week was that I was caught by a mobile speed camera doing 37 in a 30 mph zone. Bugger! The first time in the 38 years I have been driving as I am a careful driver and I generally observe the speed limit. I shall await the letter offering me a fine and three points on my licence or the option of the speed awareness course. The latter will obviously be my preferred choice as I really can do without the points.

But now it is the weekend and as I am yet again a member of a local fat fighters club I am having a glass of Shiraz and listening to music to chill out. my plans for this weekend include some walking and modelling. The nearly completed Dornier Do 24 as it just needs an aerial...

With a tiny 1/144 scale Su 37 Bercut which challenged my poor old eyes when applying the decals which isn't yet finished. Some paint touch ups required but applying masking tape without allowing time for the paint to completely dry invites trouble. I've left it a week so this weekend I can complete it.

Anyhow, time to put my feet up and I wish you all a relaxed and happy weekend. The temperature has dropped and perhaps we will see some snow flurries.


*It really isn't any easier!


Blogger Scoakat said...

I'm sorry about the promotion, but I also can understand somewhat how you feel as I find myself coming upon a generally similar circumstance at work. And you have your colleagues behind you and that must be for very good reason.

Glad the bumper was good, and good to not mind the little things. But she has a great conscience.

I'm seeing more and more cameras at intersections here, and while they can't ticket you that way yet, I fear it may be coming - and I will have to learn to slow down! Generally up to 9 mph over the posted limit won't usually get you a ticket here, but the anonymity of cameras will change that, I fear.

Happy weekend, Delcatto, enjoy your rest and modelling, and flurries. We're getting up to 6" as I type!

2:18 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you Scott.

6" of snow! I'm envious but also pleased we haven't got snow as travel becomes an issue over here for many people.

3:36 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

So sorry to hear this: but remember, it's not you. Will you be working to rule/working just your contractural hours/rejecting any non-Band 5 work/not volunteering for anything now?

How good to hear of an honest person re the damage. At least there is one left in the world!

Were you doing 37mph on your odometer? If so, you might be OK. Your have to be doing 30mph + 10% plus 2mph ie 36mph+ in a 30mph zone before they will issue a penalty notice. A 'flash' does not always mean you're stuffed. And they have to notify you within 2 weeks. Good luck... and there but for the g of g go all of us...

Glad you've got your modelling, and the shiraz, to distract you!

1:23 pm  

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