Thursday, February 27, 2014

Following national and international news and this article immediately caught my eye. Why am I not surprised by the eu's desire to influence voters via a campaign of lies, obfuscation and propaganda.

What sticks in my throat is the use of taxpayers money to spy upon us in the lead up to supposedly free elections. I guess it shows the eurocrats are worried and believe the electorate will vote in eurosceptics and people who question the current nature of the eu and proposals for a European federal state. So with the NSA, GCHQ and now the eu spying on us and on each other, plus China, Russia and large corporations... there must be one poor bugger somewhere who doesn't belong to any of these groups and is the recipient of all of their attention. Must be me then...


Update: hat tip to Bill Sticker regarding internet shenanigans by governments and their associates.

Monday, February 24, 2014

A week sans blogging courtesy of some acquired leurgy...

Two days of vomiting and detained by duvet before I felt strong enough to face the world. Even then, I had no appetite and couldn't face food until Friday when I consumed my bodyweight in toast. It looks like I made the acquaintance of norovirus so I have since blitzed the kitchen, the animals food bowls and thrown out various foodstuffs lurking in the fridge. What surprised me is the impact of the sickness and how weak I felt following it. Also the blinding headaches which finally stopped on Saturday. However, all is well now and I am back into my usual routine. 
I have been following the events in the Ukraine with interest and some concern... shades of the world prior Sarajevo 1914 comes to mind. The Arab spring became the Syrian nightmare and now a tinderbox situation on Europe's doorstep is smouldering after a brief burst of flame. The east and south of the country including the Crimea is pro - Russia and the Russians won't need much of an excuse to 'rescue' their own citizens and their Ukrainian compatriots. Close by lie the Islamic regions of Russia and from there the dominoes of Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iraq, Syria and Iran... an area of long standing historical feuds and enmities. Meanwhile Hague and other incompetents are attempting to swim in these waters without their water wings by issuing  warnings to Russia! So as the UK and other countries prepare to commemorate the outbreak of World War 1 it seems little has actually been learned from history. Hopefully some serious negotiation is taking place with Russia and the Ukrainians but I won't hold my breath. I am no expert although I studied Russian and Middle - Eastern history at university, hence my worries about the path we appear to be headed on.  I feel that I require some escapist DVD's this afternoon just to give my febrile imagination a rest.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Yesterday evening I developed a dreadful toothache and I could feel, whenever I poked at it, a sore swelling beneath the bridge covering two of my teeth. A Friday evening, no dentists open and the emergency dentist  did not get back to me.

I resorted to an old and well tried remedy apart from poking at it so that I obtained momentary relief when I left it alone... alcohol! I swilled some malt whisky around the affected area which I of course swallowed. After an evening of good whisky I had an excellent nights sleep and this morning the pain had gone. However, lesson learned and I shall be booking myself in to see a dentist next week. I don't generally mind dentists having learnt at an early age to dissociate myself from the action in the dentists chair. I do however, have an aversion to teeth and in particular dentures. As a child there was a dentists shop near our regular bus stop and one window was full of old dentures. I hated looking at them and I would avert my eyes elsewhere. You can imagine the job I was given years ago as a student nurse... washing the dentures of elderly patients! I hated that job more than any other as we rinsed them at night, placed them in steradent and ready for the patients use the next morning. Ugh... it still gives me the shivers. Incidently, why are the cocaine drops advertised using children playing? 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We have had rain, snow, sleet, sunshine and lots of gusty winds so far today. I took the pooch out for her walk this morning in the snow and much as we both enjoyed it, both she and I were glad to get home and warm in front of the fire. A hot shower, a pot of coffee and a grilled breakfast saw me right as ninepence. The wind is currently howling around the house and luckily I have no need to go out in it.
I had a blip on my diet over the past week so this coming week I will be sticking to plan and behaving myself. I spoke with a woman at fat fighters last night and she retires this week from  over thirty years in nursing as a RGN. She stated "It's just got too busy, complicated and I've had enough... although I'll miss it". I explained that I am planning to return to nursing and she agreed that one either has it in their blood or not. We both agreed that part time and local would be the preferable option. I have sent my application form off electronically to the local social enterprise and I will await their response.

I had a brief look at the news this morning and my conclusion remains the same regarding the floods. The environment agency should be ended; local government should work with local people and local agencies to manage this issue and some common sense applied to building appropriate housing in food plains.  Further examples, such as this type of housethis or perhaps a house on stilts.

I do like the above house although I suspect costs will ensure any house built will look like the one pictured below...

MDF as the preferred material although with the floods will we be able to grow bamboo as well as paddy fields? All joking aside, some serious thought must be given to the current building upon flood plains, as well as planting more trees and reducing the amount of concreting over soil. Sadly, short termism and big government and big business is unlikely to see any sensible solutions soon.


Sunday, February 09, 2014


I managed to attend to some necessary tasks in the garden yesterday during a dry spell although the wind continued to blow a houlie. The plastic greenhouse has survived the winds although I moved it and repaired some of the damage. I'm hoping to grow some cucumbers this year and to avoid the depredations of the snails and slugs. I also cleared out a corner spot for an apple tree and I will be scouring the various garden centres for a suitable English eating apple tree. I have been reading this site for guidance and if I don't find a suitable tree locally (my preference) I will order on-line. I prefer to see things in the flesh and to support local businesses. Although my garden is a mess, we have been lucky to escape the dreadful floods which are blighting the south west of England. However, this may explain why the current floods are worse than ever as well as the environment agency's tardiness. If this is true then the anger will grow and the forthcoming eu elections will be very interesting.
Here in sunny Grimsby we have had a lot of rain and wind but it is relatively mild compared to the West Country. The warning about cats being blown away during this windy weather happily doesn't apply to my cats... the two elderly pusses have to be pried from whichever comfortable chair they have glued themselves to. But they are venerable old beasties now so I cannot blame them and Tigger looks like a furry bowling ball. She would require a bigger gust of wind than is usual to lift her airbourne!

On the job search front the local "social enterprise"is advertising for nurses so I have my CV up to date and ready for when I can access the application forms. They ask prospective candidates to use their website which has been down all weekend so a phone call tomorrow morning to appraise them of this problem. A part-time job on my own doorstep would be the ideal and there are community as well as ward based jobs going. Hopefully, once I have sorted that out and the weather improves I shall finally get down to Essex for a couple of days. With the days lengthening and getting brighter I may be able to shake off the malaise I have been under for the past few weeks and motivate my arse into a higher gear

Friday, February 07, 2014

Well, that was interesting. I apparently have two blogspot acounts and I could access the unused one but not this original one on the iPad Air. Yes... I have leapt into the 21st century and bought myself one. I have to admit that I prevaricated over this purchase for months and driving Mrs C mad with my indecision. It's the cost that put me off and my belief of "Do I really need a new toy?"  But petty annoyances with the laptop and memories of how accessible the 'old' iPod was finally came into play. What can I say... It is bloody marvellous! Another reason is that I need a bigger screen than that on my mobile. Increasing age and associated deteriorating eyesight is now more apparent. So this is by way of a test on the new toy. There is one downside to a touch screen and recent mandolin practice... the fingertips of my left hand are like leather and I can't feel the screen.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

I must be growing stupid in my dotage so I've confined myself to this corner where I'll stick pencils up my nostrils and wear my underpants on my head ( © E.Blackadder Esq. ). After the excitement of receiving news of the interview I enquired further as to what the job entailed. Imagine my horror when I felt a keen sense of déjà vu... 400 miles weekly commute plus mileages of between 100 - 500 miles per week on top of that. I was returning to a situation similar to my last job. I cancelled the interview and I am now looking at a couple of job opportunities closer to home where commuting will be less than 5 miles. That sounds like a cunning plan to me...

On the home front I have had a few sleepless nights courtesy of a bad back with added sciatica as a side dish. I keep moving around and some painkillers help although one night I got so fed up I resorted to what was left of the whisky. That and watching old episodes of Colditz on you tube got me through that night! But the dark dog days of January have given way to the brighter days of February. So much so that I wandered around the garden, examined the mud patch at the bottom of the garden and I am considering my plans for the plants I would like to put in. I am hoping we will have some dry days which will allow the garden to dry out and I can get in to tidy up. I also captured some photographs of this...

It looks like a Sparrowhawk and it was after the sparrows hiding in the bushes. Despite several attempts over ten minutes it flew away without any prey. A beautiful yet deadly creature which I captured on camera from the upstairs bedroom.We have plenty of seed out for the birds with sparrows, doves, pigeons, thrushes and blue tits visiting although no sign of a robin. Time for a quiet afternoon in with a good book, coffee and despite the bright day, keeping wrapped up and warm.