Friday, April 30, 2010

Bugger and thrice bugger!! I have leave from work and I have a stiff neck and shoulders. Usually a sign of stress and there is plenty of it currently. Mrs C. neglected to pay a bill and the debt collectors came acalling. I have now paid it off but I was more than a mite furious, especially at being lied to. Now broke and still annoyed, especially since my plans for the month ahead may now have to change without the readies to hand.
On a gentler note No.1 son now has new spectacles after living without for the past few years (not cool) and he looks quite the fashionable young chap about town. he managed to bring stylish and cheap together so as a reward I bought him the pair of shorts he wanted. I have always had a penchant for Hawaiian shirts and he has bought a similarly styled pair of shorts...loud and flowery. He is also a tad excited because he will get to meet Bear Grylls again in a few weeks time. He has been in the scouts since he first joined the cubs aged nine and his ambition is to be a scout leader.He's also training to be a kayak instructor hence his excitement when he found me exploring possible jobs in Canada. Sadly not for a few years yet...

So tonight will be a quiet night in although we're off to see an excellent psychobilly band at our local this coming weekend. Loud, sweaty and frantic with references to zombies and voodoo....just hits the spot.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

As I sit here with the rain lashing down outside and contemplating a beer, I am ready to watch the "Big Debate". I haven't seen the last two because work intervened but following the PM's microphone debacle in Rochdale t'other day I am keen to watch this one.

Whether tonight's head to head to head will have any impact upon the election is debateable. Avoiding mention of the extent and depth of the real cuts required with the possibility that will scare voters into voting for the party promising strawberries and cream may lead to a dull programme tonight. If it is dull I'll be tuning back in to Planet Rock as I have already made my mind up.

For sustenance I am sure these'll help me survive....mmmm lovely.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Just a quick link in between battling with paperwork...

Sometimes a perspective other than the usual mainstream media is useful and this is well worth a few minutes of your time.

This brought a smile to my face this morning.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

An addendum: I watched the bats flitting above our garden and two Chinese lanterns drifted over. So human aerial activity of a sort is taking place. What always astonishes me is that we live in the centre of town and there is so much fauna present. Foxes, bats and a small assortment of songbirds plus the ubiquitous seagulls and pigeons.
I am slowly sipping one of my favourite bottled beers...

The initial peachy floral scent and then that delightful taste before the bitterness cuts through. Wonderful. I know that some beer afficianadoes dislike this beer and view it with great suspicion. Being a simpler soul than they I just enjoy the taste, especially during warmer weather. Today was a nice day although not as warm and sunny compared with yesterday. There does seem to be a slight film of ash from the unpronounceable volcano but nothing to frighten the horses. Is this a portent of things to come? Will it be a plague of fag butts (cigarette butts...not what passed through your minds in the USA!), lipstick smeared wine glasses or other detritus which once littered our public houses? Whatever it is the absence of noisy aircraft is enjoyable so long as you are not one of those planning to fly anywhere. Normal aerial services will undoubtedly resume fairly soon.
Green fingers alert!! I have spent a useful day potting up various tomato, chilli, herbs, salad leaf plants and cucumbers, the latter a first for me. They'll be raised indoors until strong enough to go outdoors and once the risk of overnight frosts lessen. I'll be buying some compost later this month for the outdoor pots and I'll be looking at the possibility of runner beans and hops. I will avoid for now onions, spuds, etc... although I do have a hankering to put in some fruits, possibly another try at strawberries or ever an optimist, grapes. My mother grew grapes successfully for several years in her North London garden. The garlic I planted last autumn appears to be thriving which is a good sign. The cold winter obviously did the trick. I am also trying to persuade Mrs C. that roses would be a really nice addition to the garden and I may well look into that, although realistically that may be for next year. I have one abiding memory of a particularly difficult time as a teenager and discovering the rose garden in a local public park. The scents were heavenly and suffused the air. I have always wanted to recreate that and the scent of some rose oils in a Cairo perfumery many years ago evoked magical memories. The scents of roses and lemons...mmm...lovely.
My beer is now finished and another one beckons...Marston's 'Old Empire IPA', yet another favourite.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I have emerged into the sunlit uplands after an extremely hectic 27 hours at work. Starting at 1.30 pm on Thursday and being on call I eventually finished my shifts at 5 pm on Friday having hadjust the two hours sleep. Police, mental health act assessments and chasing my tail resulted in me eventually getting home yesterday evening to a beer and sleeping until 10 am today. Absolutely cream crackered and the band I had hoped to see play last night just didn't happen. However, sunshine and a good nights sleep saw me walk/paddle the pooch and mowing the 'lawn'. It's so nice out that one friend's suggestion on facebook of a BBQ sounds like a good idea. Possibly for tomorrows Sunday lunch, a BBQ meat feast and feet up with a beer and a good book whilst preventing the dog from shoving her nose into the BBQ. Now that sounds like a plan...I can produce ash here in sympathy with the Icelandic ash cloud which has cleared the skies more successfully than the Luftwaffe did.
Best I wend my weary way to the supermercado.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hey! I've missed the fourth birthday for this blog.

No more terrible twos, troublesome's learnt the power of swearing and reached the 'fuck you fours'. As I look back over the past four years and think drivel and nonsense, I am surprised. A good aide memoire as I view my selected and highly censored entries, especially where work is concerned. Several entries omitted/deleted because blogging in anger or when drunk is not a good idea or because my soapbox has blown up the rant meter. Blogging has slowed down of late because of the pressure of work and, quite frankly, at times I have had nothing to say or my mind has gone blank. I could add as part of the delcatto manifesto to blog everyday but like most of the political rubbish published it ain't gonna happen. I'll just continue in the same vein I have mined over the past four years.
I have been giving a lot of thought to what to do and where to go for my fiftieth birthday this year. I have always wanted to see Hadrian's Wall and walk along parts of it. So I intend to have a week off and do just that. Possibly camping although the weather may influence that decision nearer the time. I'm not one for big parties or being the centre of attention so I can hopefully escape that. We'll see how my plans go and whether something else comes to mind.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update regarding Mrs C's new netbook....

It did not last four days before it died on her. We returned it to Argos and when asked would you like a replacement I had the sense to ask "How many other models of this type have been returned with the same problem?" It turns out one was returned yesterday so I asked for my money back. Mrs C is not a happy bunny and neither am I. Shoddy Chinese rubbish.

Monday, April 05, 2010

I finally gave in to pester power and bought a netbook....for Mrs C. It looks like a dinky toy but she is now connected to the net and no longer has to wait her turn when we males hog the males are wont to do. £50 knocked off the price and we are both happy although it only took her several weeks of hints, pestering and significant sighs whenever the PC was being used. Having set it up for her I am quite impressed and I am thinking it is possibly preferable to the work laptop.
Today is a welcome day off from work despite the rain and lack of sunshine. Bank holiday weekends generally result in alcohol fuelled overdoses after relationships break up. This weekend we had none of that although it's fair to say today isn't yet over...large female soprano moment yet to come. It's nice just to chill, walk the dog and have a pint although the above purchase may mean the latter is suspended for the next three weeks. It is also a welcome break from the endless discussions about the future of the team with rumours flying all over the place. I got annoyed in the end and stated "Just be bloody thankful you still have jobs!".It is inevitable that our team will be amalgamated with another team. It will be to save money and achieve more value for money (more bangs for your buck!). Crisis work is either flat out non-stop without time for a cuppa let alone meals or, it's tumble weed and navel gazing.
Anyhow, despite the weather we've opted for BBQ burgers and a salad tea in the imaginary sunshine...indoors naturally. Imagination can't cope with the rain and a gale blowing around bare legs.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

O God, no....Chocolate!!