Sunday, April 18, 2010

I am slowly sipping one of my favourite bottled beers...

The initial peachy floral scent and then that delightful taste before the bitterness cuts through. Wonderful. I know that some beer afficianadoes dislike this beer and view it with great suspicion. Being a simpler soul than they I just enjoy the taste, especially during warmer weather. Today was a nice day although not as warm and sunny compared with yesterday. There does seem to be a slight film of ash from the unpronounceable volcano but nothing to frighten the horses. Is this a portent of things to come? Will it be a plague of fag butts (cigarette butts...not what passed through your minds in the USA!), lipstick smeared wine glasses or other detritus which once littered our public houses? Whatever it is the absence of noisy aircraft is enjoyable so long as you are not one of those planning to fly anywhere. Normal aerial services will undoubtedly resume fairly soon.
Green fingers alert!! I have spent a useful day potting up various tomato, chilli, herbs, salad leaf plants and cucumbers, the latter a first for me. They'll be raised indoors until strong enough to go outdoors and once the risk of overnight frosts lessen. I'll be buying some compost later this month for the outdoor pots and I'll be looking at the possibility of runner beans and hops. I will avoid for now onions, spuds, etc... although I do have a hankering to put in some fruits, possibly another try at strawberries or ever an optimist, grapes. My mother grew grapes successfully for several years in her North London garden. The garlic I planted last autumn appears to be thriving which is a good sign. The cold winter obviously did the trick. I am also trying to persuade Mrs C. that roses would be a really nice addition to the garden and I may well look into that, although realistically that may be for next year. I have one abiding memory of a particularly difficult time as a teenager and discovering the rose garden in a local public park. The scents were heavenly and suffused the air. I have always wanted to recreate that and the scent of some rose oils in a Cairo perfumery many years ago evoked magical memories. The scents of roses and lemons...mmm...lovely.
My beer is now finished and another one beckons...Marston's 'Old Empire IPA', yet another favourite.


Blogger Seany said...

I'm not a fan of Golden Glory personally, a bit too flowery for me.

Good luck with the planting. I hope you have more luck than I have with my seemingly indifferent crops!

3:45 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

The two tomato plants from the market have doubled in size and one now has a flower. I suspect they may be triffids!

8:59 am  

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