Friday, August 26, 2016

This little lady gave birth to six kittens last Wednesday. I am a proud 'grandparent' and we are off to the foster carer to view them all. I cannot wait and we have a load of food, litter, etc to bring along. Another several weeks and she should be coming home and hopefully with one of the kittens. If not one of Maisie's then certainly one of the kittens they are currently inundated with.

I wasn't going to post but this was good news I wanted to share.


Monday, August 15, 2016

I am taking a sabbatical from the blog as I really haven't got a lot to say and there are things I need to attend to in real life. Later this month I will start some redecorating and we will be clearing out old rubbish. I am hoping that starting on just the one room will kick start me to decorating other rooms. I hate decorating but it needs to be done. I am also off to Ireland at some point although given my current workload that might be the beginning of October. I plan to have a couple of weeks off and drive over plus a week at home to recover. Work is busy and the atmosphere is extremely odd. Rumours are flying around and we suspect plans are being made to change the service and shake up teams. We'll see... I shall catch up with you all in several weeks time so until then

Ta Ta For Now!

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Despite my cold I ventured out yesterday as sustenance was needed and the moggies needed some grub. I spent some time leaning over the barrier and watching the fish when the pike put in an appearance. The Riverhead predator lurking like a U-boat awaiting its prey. Beautiful sleek creature but deadly and I am thankful they don't grow too big. I also enjoyed watching a family of moorhens amongst the reeds, the babies following in a line and then scattering as something catches their eye. A beautiful day and not much of a walk but I was drenched in sweat on my return and in need of a nap!

With glorious sunshine I sat out in the garden and soaked up the sun. Just the tonic required to chase away colds and the blues. Today I might even venture out with the lawn mower and tackle the grass but leave the weeding to another day. Hopefully wherever you are, the weather is perfect and you are enjoying life with good company and a beverage of your choice.

Friday, August 05, 2016

A busy week and a further visit to the vet because the pooch was not at all well. A skin growth had become infected hence the diarrhoea and the horrible smell emanating from her. A one off injection and a course of oral antibiotics has seen a huge improvement in the hairy monster. I think I am now working to pay veterinary bills but she is worth it. We believe she scratched at the growth hidden below her ear and I only noticed when I was checking her mouth to ascertain where the horrible smell was coming from. Not at all pleasant and something we will have to keep an eye on.

Otherwise I have been very busy at work as August seems to be one of the busiest months. Staff holidays, doctor changeover and school holidays are possible contributors to this. My plans for the next four days off depend on the dreadful cold I have acquired from Mrs C. Tissues, Olbas Oil and paracetamol are the order of the day. I'd like it to go because this event is on tomorrow and a certain aircraft is attending which I am very excited about. A banging head, dizziness, runny nose and a constant desire to sleep is currently not conducive to my attending the show. Fingers crossed because it does look like an exciting event.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Another early start today but this one was dog related. Mrs C woke me up before 4 a.m. to report an unholy mess downstairs involving said dog and diarrhoea. There was shit everywhere! We spent the next twenty minutes cleaning up, applying bleach and sundry other cleaning agents and I thanked the gods I bought in extra kitchen roll yesterday. This happened despite me ensuring she went outside just before midnight. Sadly, this may another sign that age is fast catching up with her although it might be that she has eaten something disgusting picked up outside or in the garden.  Poor old pooch.

Despite going back to bed and grabbing a further couple of hours sleep I find I am tired and struggle to fire on all cylinders after a disrupted sleep. A bacon bun and a pint mug of home brewed coffee was the answer and now I feel much improved. I am expecting a friend's return from France this weekend and I can catch up on the news as to how things are over there. The mainstream media is slow, unreliable and works to their own agenda so hearing about it from a friend who has been out there for the last two weeks will be interesting.
The situation at work may be resolved as I spoke with my boss yesterday and the missing person has been located. I also finally got paid after a couple of phone calls and then an apology for a 'glitch' which had caused this issue. A glitch must be another name for someone who forgot to put my time sheet in for processing! A delightful colleague in the pay department sorted it all out.Now to kick that fourth cylinder into life and crack on with the day.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Phew! A busy three days at work and I am very glad to have left it behind. Yesterday was particularly bad as I was the only nurse on duty as a result of leave, secondment and sickness. Unfortunately, umpteen nurses were required to attend to umpteen jobs and my planned admin day rapidly disappeared. On top of my regular work I was covering for colleagues on leave and a situation arose involving the police and crisis team. 5 p.m. could not come soon enough and I have to admit I ended up having a sleepless night, getting up very early and I feel dreadful this morning. I shall inevitably be phoning up this morning for an update as to the situation. On top of all that I discover I have not been paid for last months efforts and they still haven't sorted out my mileage. My goodwill has now run out and I will be having a chat with the team manager about this.

It is unlikely that some of you will be able to see this link which is an episode from '999: What's your emergency?'  but it gives a taste of what is happening in mental health services today. The police and the paramedics do a sterling job when it comes to mental health and they are absolutely correct. When 5 pm comes there is bugger all in most areas for mental health patients. The local crisis team is a name only and hardly anyone has a good thing to say about it. Sadly, it is not the fault of most of the crisis staff but comes down to funding and mismanagement. All in all a sad state of affairs.
On a brighter note...


Monday, July 25, 2016

It appears I may have acquired a follower on twatter who reads my blog and makes the occasional snide comment about it. It's quite amusing really but indicative of the sad inadequate life this individual leads. I don't link this blog to social media primarily because of my work although I say very little about the work itself on here. Another reason is that I retweeted something about a notorious media whore and within ten minutes I was being followed by several bot accounts all of which I blocked, as well as blocking the notorious media whore who is male and of a quasi religious bent. I have no desire to knowingly invite such characters to my blog. Hey ho! The weird and wonderful world of social media eh?