Friday, September 08, 2017

Forgive the dreadful photograph as I used the iPad and I'm not as proficient with it as I am with the mobile or the camera. The latest model completed, a Soviet T26 A tank circa 1941 after some blood, tears but no sweat! I sliced my thumb open hence the blood. As stated in an earlier post I like these little pre-war and early war tanks based on theVickers E tank. Hence my desire to build as many variants as possible so I've plonked it for now beside the Polish TP7. However, moving on from Nerdsville...

I took the plunge after further laptop woes and bought a 'new' computer. New in inserted quotation marks as I opted for a refurbished iMac. Nearly new and less than half the price of a new model. It's very different from using windows and android. Very simple to use and the wireless mouse and tiny keyboard is a revelation. A large screen for my poor eyesight and as I don't game or do anything remarkable using the PC, this more than meets my needs. Will I become an apple fanboy? I doubt it as I regard this as a tool and also for fun. I have an on-line course to do later this year and this will help. I also decided to treat myself after finding out another friend has been taken from our pen this past week. That makes two people dying before their time, one aged 57 and the other 59 years within the last month. In light of this news I decided to start enjoying life as I can't take it with me. My mother also had a cataract operation this week, happily successful and hopefully will give her a new lease of life.

                                           Look at all the space!

I had tried to persuade her to use a PC so that she could Skype, receive and save photos and videos, generally keep in touch but she isn't interested and I can't say I disagree with her decision given the current state of social media. Anyhow, there's a cold beer with my name on it and a good book to immerse myself in.


Monday, September 04, 2017

          Caught in the act of toilet papercide! Little bugler.

The first of eight days off and boy do I need the R & R. The hospital staff have cottoned on to our existence and anything out the ordinary, a little bit unusual or does not merit a tick in their list of little boxes, refer to those odd buggers in psychiatry. So business has been lively of late and when I am working three or four long days in a row I tend to work, sleep and read books. On the plus side I miss much of the media frenzy over the latest 'offence', royal birth or overpaid footballer bought for the overall GDP of a small African country. I now regard each shift as being immersed in the job experience and A & E as my second home. Oddly enough I do now enjoy the work and the challenges it brings although the handy portable arrogance plane to smooth off the rough edges of doctors is seeing regular use. I would love to regale you with some stories but that will have to wait for my proper retirement from nursing altogether. This month will be an odd one in that I effectively have a total of three weeks off. I haven't taken any annual leave yet and I was prevailed on to start taking time off. I should be going to Ireland after yet another health scare for my dad but I have little enthusiasm for that trip. I will be visiting my mum and family but I also have an opportunity for days out at York and other places. Play the part of the tourist with camera (mobile), guidebooks (mobile) and maps (mobile again!) as I visit those places I keep meaning to see. I might even venture further afield and see Hadrian's Wall at long last.

As for today...after working five long days in a row I opted for a couple of hours at the modelling table and spent a frustrating couple of hours sorting out the laptop after last weeks encounter with the blue screen of death. Rebooting the laptop was straightforward and it works well but attempting to remove macafee security was the nightmare today. I asked an expert but even my son struggled to remove it. I finally found a removal tool that had to be downloaded and utilised to get rid of the bugger. Fingers crossed this has now been sorted out, we'll see.

Friday, July 28, 2017

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Either there is something in the water or life is becoming more stressful for people.

As I've said in previous posts the goal posts regarding what is mental 'illness' and 'distress' have been moved to accommodate all sorts of human experiences. So more customers requiring a state sponsored medical solution to life's ills and conundrums. Not much more to say as I shall be taking a break from blogging and social media in general for a few more weeks. It's a strange world currently so please be careful out there and enjoy whatever makes you and yours happy.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Little Mindy has gone missing and I've been out searching for her. Local missing and found cats on-line forum has been added to with pictures and contact details but there is no sign of her. I guess we can only keep our fingers crossed and I shall put up some posters in the area later today. I just hope she has wandered into a comfy billet somewhere.

I've been off-line because of work and news about my father. He was taken into hospital with breathing difficulties and nursed in ITU for a few days. It's difficult because he is over in Ireland and dropping everything to go and see him isn't easy. Crisis passed and I have made plans to travel over there this autumn to spend some quality time with him and the family. My mother also has some medical problems but happily hers can be rectified. For a change I am money 'rich' but time poor although I am thoroughly tempted to reverse the situation job wise and spend quality time with my parents. As I have blogged before, I have mixed feelings about my father but once the old bugger has gone... so best take the opportunities offered and see him. This was brought home to me by the death last week of someone who was once a good friend but sadly alcoholism took her life at an early age.

Aside from that it has been all go on the work front and a combination of extremely busy long days and hot weather has taken it out of me. My days off are spent doing as little as possible with the military modelling and reading in the sunshine as my escapes from an increasingly hectic world. I shall post a fuller blog at some point but small cat search and rescue is calling me.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The new position for the raised bed has done wonders for the cucumber and tomato plants, not so much for the chilli. The latter is flowering but the plant itself remains small and I have no idea why. They have all been fed the same, plenty of water and attention. But thinking back to when I set it up after moving the bed and perhaps there was less composted material in the middle and this may account for the discrepancies in size.

I spent yesterday weeding, clearing out rubbish, placing supports for the tomato plant and ensuring the netting is secure.The rest of the garden is tidied up but little else done. I set up a wild flower patch where the raised bed used to be because it is very shady there. Hit and miss with some hardier plants (weeds?) growing well. With three or four twelve hour days at work I have to wait for days off to tend to the garden.

Maisie certainly loves the garden and she's happy to sit out there and soak up the sun, chitter at the birds and follow me around when I am pottering about. She is settled in now although she still stares longingly at the front door at times, possibly remembering her old life on the streets as a stray cat. Who knows? The new build at the back blocks a lot of light out so I will have to consider and plan how to improve the garden next year. I still want to plant something in the corner to provide some more privacy from the new build and because of the little ankle biters roaming around the alley. We previously had a Hawthorn bush and I now regret removing it. I'm now considering planting a Blackthorn instead... Sloe gin and jam comes to mind! It might be some time before it grows to a height to provide privacy. For now, it's cloudy and cooler today with showers so I am popping in and out during the dry spells.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Phew! What a scorcher.
It has been 28 C (82 Fahrenheit) today and absolutely marvellous. Days off and good weather have coincided and summer is finally here. There won't be much blogging because why spend good weather indoors. I hope it's good for you.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Today is the 73rd anniversary of the D Day landings where the weather prior to landing was wet, windy and the crossing was rough. Today's weather has come out in sympathy to commemorate it. The weather is currently the standard default for a British summertime; cold, very wet and windy. Three of the cats sit at the back door or the windows waiting for us to change the settings to dry. Sherlock has been out there for several hours, probably curled up in a dry spot somewhere but he isn't the brightest and I would not be surprised to find him soaking wet on his eventual return home.

I have made my mind up about the election and now know whom I will cast my vote for. It's a shame The Monster Raving Loony Party isn't standing locally because they would get my vote! What an absolute shower applies to the main parties and we have to vote for them. All of them making capital out of the murderous islamist tossers from the weekend. I will have to pop in first thing on Thursday morning to cast my vote as I will be back at work for the next three days. Another three days of twelve hour shifts immersed in the job and pretty much cut off from the rest of the real world. However, there are plans afoot job wise...
Back to listening to CBS radio mysteries on you tube which are a godsend in avoiding the current media nonsense and I can thoroughly recommend them.