Saturday, April 17, 2010

I have emerged into the sunlit uplands after an extremely hectic 27 hours at work. Starting at 1.30 pm on Thursday and being on call I eventually finished my shifts at 5 pm on Friday having hadjust the two hours sleep. Police, mental health act assessments and chasing my tail resulted in me eventually getting home yesterday evening to a beer and sleeping until 10 am today. Absolutely cream crackered and the band I had hoped to see play last night just didn't happen. However, sunshine and a good nights sleep saw me walk/paddle the pooch and mowing the 'lawn'. It's so nice out that one friend's suggestion on facebook of a BBQ sounds like a good idea. Possibly for tomorrows Sunday lunch, a BBQ meat feast and feet up with a beer and a good book whilst preventing the dog from shoving her nose into the BBQ. Now that sounds like a plan...I can produce ash here in sympathy with the Icelandic ash cloud which has cleared the skies more successfully than the Luftwaffe did.
Best I wend my weary way to the supermercado.


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