Friday, August 27, 2010

Ha Ha! A long weekend off and home for a curry and some beer. Johnny Cash on Spotify and I can switch my working brain off. Driving home with huge thunderclouds on my left and sunshine on my right was an odd experience. It felt like the intro to a Hollywood Sci Fi blockbuster but without the music and voiceover.Black lowering clouds with a huge orange fiery ball glowering opposite it. Spectacular and a reminder that the natural world can provide the best entertainment.
As for the weekend, I'm hoping to go out tomorrow with some friends for a few beers, maybe some live music and to catch up on the news. I haven't been in a pub for several weeks and a night to let off some steam would be nice with some loud and dirty rock music to blast away the cobwebs. For now, a quiet beer and catching up on blogs to some good sounds.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hat tip to for this...

The sound engineer deserves a slap for the lack of vocals but the guitar...smokin'.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

That sums up my weekend. Sleep, a couple of good books, more sleep, beer and dog a side order of sleep. I feel refreshed and more relaxed compared with 9 pm Friday. So I intend to continue the theme for what's left of the weekend and immerse myself in a good book with the radio on. Mind you, I did manage to spend 20 minutes in the garden yesterday in between the rain showers as I harvested some tomatoes and one chilli. That'll go into a curry this week.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Another week flown by and once again I have to blame work. We were once a fifteen strong team but now reduced to (tears) five to cover the same 500 square miles. Yet another night where I finish late, sans a lunch break and having worked an extra two hours unpaid. To tell the truth yesterday I felt close to breaking point and ready to walk but my colleagues are in the same boat and to ensure the same high standard of service we all do this. put in the extra to maintain a service. But the cracks are showing and everyone looks exhausted. Happily we acquire two new members of staff next month of whom one has lots of experience and the other is a newbie. We can inculcate the right experience, knowledge and attitude into the newbie with hopefully a good result. However, this weekend off and time to recharge the batteries before once more returning to the fray on Monday.The good news is that the coalition govt. is reviewing benefits for those "disabled" by alcohol and drug misuse. The bad news is the rediscovery of a "mental illness" to retain their benefits. i.e. Calling upon our services and that of other crisis teams nationally. So possibly even busier times ahead.

I would like to say lots happening on the home front but I'm working and never here. When I am I find sleep has first dibs on my time and the ten hours last night helped. I was on call but it's doubtful I'd have woken to a brass band playing oompah in the bedroom! The cat woke me at 6.30 with her desperate need for the toilet although her first port of call was the food bowls so no surprise there.
Anyway, a favourite song of mine and as I get older there is an added poignancy, for friends I've lost along the way...

Finally, just beautiful...


Thursday, August 12, 2010

I just discovered this via the London Standard and it makes me smile each time I watch it...

Two welcome days off after a busy three days in my best interests job and a hell of a lot of mileage. Three hours a day in a tin box on wheels isn't healthy although the scenery is delightful. The good news is that our manager may have finally heard the pennies we keep dropping and he is considering moving us to a new base in Lincoln. A shorter journey for all of us, more space and we won't be sharing an office with others who resent our presence. Especially since my comments about her job being as pertinent to mental health work as Abba is to the Jehovah's Witnesses. I must remember..."Honesty is not the managers/politicians way"...repeat ten times.

No.1 attended his appointment today for stress/anger management......he described a young wet behind the ears woman who meant well but spoke gobbledegook and when he asked her to explain she gabbled more of the same. As I sadly thought, a scripted cognitive behavioural therapy approach which is as useful as pissing on a bush fire despite the six pints of 4X to fuel your bladder. No.1 is seventeen, bright and still not quite an adult despite his pretensions to be one. The young woman failed to notice this, kicked the ball at an open goal and launched it into tier Z, hitting the man eating popcorn. Epic Fail...His behaviour has improved over the last few weeks but this has been as a result of some paid physical work in the local scout park and his girlfriend's current holiday in the land of fourecks*. She isn't around to wind him up so an oasis of calm has descended. No luck on the work front for him and the applications continue to go in as he scours the papers, net and checks word of mouth. He goes back to college in three weeks time by which time the Christmas jobs will be advertised. Again, fingers crossed and we'll see.

In the meantime an old friend has returned from China after living there for the past fifteen years and he's moved to Lincolnshire. Although he has Canadian citizenship his mother is now elderly and he wants to be nearby. His wife is considering nurse training so we'll get together and catch up on the last seventeen years. He had originally set off cycling from London to Sydney but met his wife in Hong Kong and moved to mainland China. He's a unique individual so it will be a fun meeting although I'll ensure he doesn't meet my son until later because he opens his mouth and everything spills out. My son only knows a sanitised version of my history and I want it to stay that way until he's much older. Busy days ahead but for tonight I hope for clear skies and a good view of the meteor shower.
* Pterry Pratchett: borrow, buy or 'alf inch his books to find out!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

No blogging of late because all work and no play makes for extremely boring blogs. Sadly I would love to blog more about work because mental illness, social issues and the inability of some individuals without any mental illness to accept any responsibility for themselves and their behaviour does make for interesting stories. However, confidentiality and my need to earn a crust doesn't allow me to do this. The changed hours in the team has kept us busy. Same volume of work with fewer hours in which to address it all although I am now working longer but fewer days. We also received a bumper parcel of new paperwork which will apparently aid us in our endeavours. None of it is necessary so we filed it in a back drawer safely out of our way. The arrival of the parcel confirmed my belief that one particular department could be axed to save money. But what do I know given my belief that business managers, equality managers, PR managers are unnecessary in the NHS but they've been employed in droves. So the next time that one overworked nurse rushes past you whilst you are trying to attract their attention, maybe that auditor or the equality manager could answer your clinical need. Perhaps the quality manager or the accountant plus their several admin staff could help you...rather than the one tired overworked accountable nurse.