Friday, July 28, 2017

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Either there is something in the water or life is becoming more stressful for people.

As I've said in previous posts the goal posts regarding what is mental 'illness' and 'distress' have been moved to accommodate all sorts of human experiences. So more customers requiring a state sponsored medical solution to life's ills and conundrums. Not much more to say as I shall be taking a break from blogging and social media in general for a few more weeks. It's a strange world currently so please be careful out there and enjoy whatever makes you and yours happy.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Little Mindy has gone missing and I've been out searching for her. Local missing and found cats on-line forum has been added to with pictures and contact details but there is no sign of her. I guess we can only keep our fingers crossed and I shall put up some posters in the area later today. I just hope she has wandered into a comfy billet somewhere.

I've been off-line because of work and news about my father. He was taken into hospital with breathing difficulties and nursed in ITU for a few days. It's difficult because he is over in Ireland and dropping everything to go and see him isn't easy. Crisis passed and I have made plans to travel over there this autumn to spend some quality time with him and the family. My mother also has some medical problems but happily hers can be rectified. For a change I am money 'rich' but time poor although I am thoroughly tempted to reverse the situation job wise and spend quality time with my parents. As I have blogged before, I have mixed feelings about my father but once the old bugger has gone... so best take the opportunities offered and see him. This was brought home to me by the death last week of someone who was once a good friend but sadly alcoholism took her life at an early age.

Aside from that it has been all go on the work front and a combination of extremely busy long days and hot weather has taken it out of me. My days off are spent doing as little as possible with the military modelling and reading in the sunshine as my escapes from an increasingly hectic world. I shall post a fuller blog at some point but small cat search and rescue is calling me.