Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cycling Folk...

I pumped up the tyres, removed foliage and wildlife, sprayed a liberal dose of WD40 to all moving parts and orf I went. I cycled a grand total of 2 miles accompanied by No.1 son who was a frigate to my somewhat wobbly 'stately' battleship. The front brake needs some adjustments and I will have to raise the saddle another inch, but I am back in the saddle again.
Did I enjoy it? You betcha. So my plan is to gradually increase the time and mileage I cycle each day. Especially if this weather is going to last. But slow and easy does it.My general plan is to cycle for fun and exercise, but to also finally bite the bullet and go on a diet...'Positive thoughts, positive thoughts...' More in the future about that, I am at the contemplative stage now...shudder.

I am also following the excellent Cambridge Folk Festival and wishing I was there for it all. Maybe next year; I had gone to several CFF's during the eighties and nineties and I have good memories of them apart from one where I over imbibed on the ale and whiskey. I apparently had a good time at that one! No.1 son went to the 1993 festival at the grand old age of five months, which amuses him no end.
I am off to cook lunch but I will give my impressions of the CFF as I listen to it all.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Free to shop,bop,pop and drop...

Friday's nice bloke...Prof.Mick Aston.

", Delcatto for the weekend"*

Sweating like a toffee crisp on the dashboard of an SUV in the Mojave desert at midday. Topping up the body's electrolyte balance with beer...I can only drink so much pomegranate juice. Sixty hours yet again of fun and frivolity! So what have I got lined up for the weekend?
Apart from the delight of washing away the vomit in front of our gate...courtesy of some drunken 15 year old twat...that was 15 minutes ago.
A phone call earlier from my mate in Maryland...he's been there two years now and having a whale of a time.
For the weekend...pricing up drum kits with my son and then buying him various things for two weeks of camping with the scouts.
Pub at some point to help someone celebrate their birthday...well, you've just got to be a good citizen and help out.He'd do the same for me...forcing those pints down in the name of neighbourliness and friendship.If only Hizbollah and the Israeli's got together for a pint and a game of Crib...all sorted by chucking out time.
"You're my have the Beka'a Valley...go on it's yours...and we'll pay for the breakages".
"What do you mean Muslims don't drink alcohol?!They're three deep at the bar of 'The Pigs Ear' in the High Street".
I need to find the footpump for the bicycle and once sorted take it out for a leisurely jaunt on Sunday...I'll keep it very local and probably locals as well.I'll need fortifying preparity to going on those roads!
Otherwise, a relaxed and leisurely weekend.
We won a bottle of wine in the picture quiz last night, more by luck than judgement.

*Sung to the tune of Free Nelson Mandella.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Musical interlute....

It's Thursday and quiz night in the pub. Beer and getting the answers wrong whilst arguing the toss with other teams.It begs the question whether quizzes would hold much of an attraction for me if I was in my late teens/ early twenties. At that age I was out at gigs, discos, parties, pubs and more pubs...noticeable for the absence of quizzes. A nice sitdown, a pint and flexing my brain is more appealing these days.
I don't have to dress in the 'correct' fashion or dance like a frenzied dervish to impress the birds girls. Mainly because my son would be embarrassed and Mrs.C would take a dim view of such antics. I would probably be in A&E with some joint or other displaced. So a sedate activity such as a quiz is about right...or does quiz-rage exist?
No.1 son is off to a thrash/death/21st century metal night. He has asked for his Christmas present early...a drum kit. We've agreed but I've suggested a second hand kit until he is more accomplished at'll stop his current habit of drumming paradiddles on any and every surface around the house. I'll have to warn the neighbours...the last drummer left for a distant galaxy..."It canna take the power captain"...
Still, an electric guitar and the drums...I don't know where he gets the talent from.I've an uncle who plays the accordian, maybe that's where cause it aint me (until I fulfill my desire for the mandolin!).Mind you, I played the recorder at school but so did every other kid...and the clarinet at the age of twelve for three terms. My sister tortured a violin as well as our ears for a few years. Mrs.C blames me for introducing him to rock music. All I did was play Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Led Zepp, AC/DC, etc...and he did the rest. Mind you, I play world music and folk but he has avoided those genres! He also wanted nothing to do with my previous life as a Morris Dancer*....He called that 'sad'. I've told him it's in the genes...he'll wake up one day and join a Morris troupe!!
I must dash and prepare for the motley.

*It was only for a few months.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cycle of Life....

Mrs.C. mobilising for Poland slowly now and she has improved a bit.She is firmly ensconsed on a hard chair watching various soaps and Big Brother.Various drugs,ice packs and hot water bottle have eased the pain and seized muscles somewhat.The televisual anaesthetic is helping...

I used to do a lot of cycling when I lived in London.It was the best way to get around town, even in the wet. Cheap,reliable,healthy and eco-friendly...I moved away from London to an area that does not possess much in the way of hills. From cycling ten - thirty miles per day I dropped to zilch.I had muscled cheeks and chiselled calves; now I have wobbly cheeks and wizened calves.The trusty bike has collected dust, rust and cobwebs (Good name for an album that: 'Dust,Rust and Cobwebs') and has been used as storage for a variety of household goods over the past three years.
So today in between waiting on and nursing my better half, I checked the bike over. It looks ok and with a bit of elbow grease I may be able to ride it again...slowly at first and at times when I shan't frighten small chidren, nuns and people of a nervous disposition.
I had a variety of bikes over the years including a state of the art 'Marin Muirwoods' in bright fluorescent pink which cost a lot of moola. I sold it eventually to a despatch rider after several weeks because lowlife scum kept nicking bits of it.Cycling nine miles home on the pedals in the rain late at night because some wanker has stolen the saddle is not fun.But this bike is a run of the mill Peugeot (irony!) 'mountain' (I use the term in it's broadest sense) bike which I have now owned for sixteen years.It's done a lot of miles with several changes of wheels along the way....stories to be told in future posts.
There is supposed to be a humourous picture of the 'A bike' from Clive Sinclair here but blogger is not allowing me to upload imagine a funny picture...close your eyes and picture it.Go on, go on, go on, g'wan,g'wan,g' can picture'll have some tea with that? Go on, etc....
I have to admit that as I drive around and see cyclists on the local A roads...Jesus, you'd take your life in your hands. HGV's,sales reps, racers...I do wonder why there aren't any more cycling fatalities in the media.'Scuse me, nursing bit to do...
Drivers do not appear to be aware of cyclists.Yes, many will move out and make room but just as many drive as close as they possibly can to a cyclist whilst driving at sixty or seventy mph plus.So I am choosing to do something that is healthy (if I start slowly and sensibly), eco-friendly (washing powder sales go up, increased water use in machines and showers as I sweat buckets/covered in insects/road muck),reliable (three sets of puncture repair kits) and cheap (insurance?).Plus the bonus of presenting myself as a slowly moving target for all the motorists who hate cyclists using their road..."I pay my road tax,these unwashed hippies..."
...I'll start with the local town roads firstly this coming's as easy as falling off a bike.


A day of a different sort of work...Mrs.C is not well having hurt her back.So I am at home today waiting on her hand and foot...The painkillers have eventually kicked in so my 'waiting' currently consists of blogging. She can't bend over ("I heard that at the back there!"), movement of any sort is painful and her back appears to have seized up.So rest and very gentle movement is called for.
Back pain is so common and at work there are various courses in moving and handling. On the net, search for back pain and there are millions of sites, from the sensible to the esoteric to the downright barking at the moon. Strangely enough, many of these sites are selling something.
"Shekel for an ex-Leper"...."Buy my snake oil..cure your lumbago".
Various beds, chairs, treatments, advice,etc...I found this site so Mrs.C is currently hanging upside down from the clothes line...she's getting an all round tan as well as it's a rotary clothes line. I suspect I'll be in need of pain relief when she reads this...

Listening to: French Cafe Singers - Music from before WW2.
I have to go...I'm back to waiting...

Monday, July 24, 2006


Much too Wossie would say "We need wain".

I'm off to work...

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I went to a lovely barbecue yesterday and remarkably I had only the two glasses of mild....I was driving but I have belatedly found I cannot drink too much in this hot weather.the BBQ was thoroughly enjoyable with excellent company and food.I am working later today so I am relaxing prior to girding my loins for the day ahead.
The BBQ set me thinking as to my favourite sausage...titter ye not!

I like to try new recipes and there have been many weird and wonderful sausages over the years. But I do like good ingredients and taste. So a nice pork sausage with herbs, Lincolnshire or Cumberland do feature often on my plate. Pork and apple, Greek or Toulouse sausages are also regulars. I have tried varieties with cheese,chilli, peppers, wine,etc...added which are fine on the odd occasion.Also wild boar, ostrich, the list is endless. So a mixture for the BBQ perhaps but good simple ones for bangers and mash or toad-in-the-hole....with a good gravy naturally.I'll never lose weight on this lot!
Are there any tasty low fat sausages out there? Real taste, not the bland miserable excuses for low fat snorkers in the supermarkets. I guess it's like the holy grail in beer...a genuine real ale that makes you lose weight as you drink it.A bit like sausages made from flying pigs! I'll keep drinking beers until I stumble across it one day.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Beach baby...

It made me smile...

All sing along now....

Beach baby beach baby,
Give me your hand,
Give me something that I'll remember,
Just like before we can walk by the shore in the moonlight,
Beach baby, beach baby,
Here on the sand,
From July,
Til the end of September....

You at the back there, sing up. Don't pretend you don't know the song.
(by First Class).

Yes, we've been down to the beach today...sunny Cleethorpes.
Walking barefoot on the golden sand, paddling in the water and enjoying the breeze.
Fish and chips plus ice cream...lovely. Lots of scooters as there is a rally this weekend. Surprisingly, the beach was relatively empty although we didn't get there until 4 pm.

Breaking engines have turned out to the derelict building on the river. The local scrotes have set fire to it again.Can't we just round up the local scrotes and send them out to Afghanistan/Iraq/next muslim country on Bush's invasion list & off his xmas list. That one line now makes me sound like a Daily Mail reader...arghh!
"National'll make men or corpses out of 'em".

Unsurprisingly, I was against the idea of national service when I was a young man.There were rumours that Thatcher considered bringing it back but some of the saner tories looked at the situation in Ulster and it didn't see the light of day.
Listening: Deep Purple - 'Fireball' currently...I love the drums on this track.

Fire is out, the FB got to it quickly and it appears to be extinguished now.
Sadly, I am back to work tomorrow for a seven day stretch whilst the sun shines, the beach,summer fun and cool beers beckon...Sighhh.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Random drivel...

Today Ella had her first service...12,500 miles.(See entry 22/06/06).
So of course I brought her to the carwash yesterday plus a damn good hoovering.Afterwards she glistened like a shiney object glistening in the sun.
After the service today the staff washed and hoovered her! I had also forgotten my removal of dog guard and cover from the boot but had brought the mutt along for a walk. The excitement of sitting up front with me was too hair all over the seats.Doh!!
Having left the car there first thing I thought I'd stroll around the industrial bit of town, you know, just downwind of the rubbish disposal plant and fishmeal factory. Olfactory heaven for a dog....and it was humid.On the plus side the council has put hanging baskets and large flower containers everywhere. It's a start...

Photo courtesy of someone else but I can't remember who.

Playing: Genesis - 'A Trick of The Tail'.
I can't remember when I first heard Genesis, possibly late night radio John Peel or Bob Harris in the early seventies.I do regret never seeing them play live.By the time I was old enough to buy tickets for gigs, punk started and I followed other bands and fashions.I started listening to Genesis again in the early eighties and I believe this was the first album of theirs that I bought.Quintessentially English and perfect for relaxing.
However, I look out of a window and I ask one question. Where has the sun gone? I paid me money and it's my day off...where is it?
I'm orf in search of the sun...quiz night tonight and will we have a continuation of the controversy of last week.

Q: Name the fat female comedian whose jokes have men bang to rights?
A: Jo Brandt.

The answer is of course Willy Brandt Jo Brand.
Cue uproar from the team whose paper we marked...sigh...It is a quiz in a pub, not entry exams for Oxbridge. But you may imagine the uproar if you are lying all prepped up and ready for surgery.
"We have had to cancel Mr.Smith...we asked for a Brain surgeon but unfortunately the employment agency sent us Wayne the Drain surgeon".


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The swallows appear to be thriving and growing in size every day.The parents look sleek and small in comparison to the ever widening chicks. The down side to their presence is the amount of bird shit on our front door step.Mrs.Catto cleaned it up yesterday and now there appears to be twice as much today. It is fascinating watching the parents at work, with frequent feeds for the little blighters. I'll have to see if I can surreptitiously photograph one of the parents feeding the chicks.
Otherwise I am at work this afternoon when I would rather sit out in the sunshine in the garden. At one point yesterday my cars temperature guage showed 38 degrees celsius...phew.Maybe I'll get called out to the coast and can paddle my feet in the sea.Alongside half of the east midlands!

It cools the imagination if nothing else.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Easy to swallow...

I stated in an earlier post about swallows nesting above our front door.Well, there are five baby swallows in the nest.Over the past week we have kept a discreet eye upon them as we don't want to frighten the parents away.

You can just about see a couple of them peeking out over the top awaiting their next meal.My God but those parents work hard to feed the voracious little 'uns, who create a tremendous din whenever they think their parents are around. As I took the photos the parents were swooping around several feet above my head so only a couple of snaps were possible.

I do wonder how many will survive as the world is a harsh place.The cats are banned from going anywhere near the nest so that will improve their survival somewhat.
Having taken the photos, I could really do with a decent camera for close-ups.

Yesterday was a fun day, alcohol and conversation with friends throughout the afternoon. I had a few pints of Timothy Taylor Golden Best. Delightfully refreshing, a good session light mild served perfectly at the best pub in Grimsby.

As per usual Hobgoblin was the choice of ale for the others but hot weather and a cool light ale were the perfect choice for me....not a cloud in the sky.
I am still hopeful that Dave the Landlord will surprise me and put Marston's Old Empire on tap.I have only tried the bottled version which I rate very highly.On cask it must be even better.I can live in hope and use pester power.

Having talked about various real ales I am orf to make meself a cuppa chai.

n.b. Looking through the blogworld THIS: Cats that look like Hitler

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Morning is broken...

Bleary eyed and heavy headed,
Ten degrees short of feeling deaded,
Cold water shower invigorates,
Clears the brain,
But don't you hate,
The morning after to be dreaded.

Milkthistle surely that'll help,
Or pints of water beside the bed,
A bit of ginger,
To ease the belly,
The surest cure of all,
Stay in with tea and watch the telly.

Nope, it does not scan well but I do feel better now...It was the 80 shilling.I do so like Scottish beers. I'm off to market now as it's continental and there will undoubtedly be some lovely French grub there. I need to stock up on lavender soap as the last lot I bought has long gone.

Friday, July 14, 2006

...It's my oyster...

Friday and I have 60 hours of FREEDOM!!!
No.1 son has just gone off with the scouts for a weekend of camping and I am heading for the pub to see old two new beers, or so I am informed.
The continental market is in town, there is a real ale 'do' at the Cleethorpes Light railway and so much more....if I bothered to look.But I'm off work and I don't care...I'm a rebel and I can wear my hat backwards. I wonder what Sir Cliff would do with this freedom? Sing, probably.
So I'll be orf.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Surprisingly, work today was quiet and enabled us all to deal with our favourite activity...paperwork.The oil for the wheels of the NHS, yet still the machine squeaks, groans and shudders.So much for the paperless system...

Yesterday I was on the receiving end of treatment at my G.P. I phoned up to arrange a routine appointment for the next day and the receptionist asked me what the symptoms were.
Me: "Some tingling and occasional numbness in my left arm over the past week".
R: "Ah...what else?"
Me: "I've been breathless on the odd occasion,but that's due to the heat exacerbating my hayfever".
R: "So, your left arm is numb and tingling, you're breathless and....any chest pains?"
Me: "No but my left shoulder and neck is a bit painful.So is tomorrow after 4p.m. ok to see a doctor?"
R: "Just bear with me."
I am placed on hold with some light jazzy riff to entertain me.

R:"Mr.Catto, the doctor can see you in half an hour.Will you be alright 'til then?"
Me:(Panic now beginning to rise)"Oh, tomorrow is alright.I've got work in a short while and I..."
R: "The doctor says he'll see you in half an hour, you may have to wait a bit but he will see you."
Me: ", OK."
R: "You'll be ok 'til then, it's not long so don't worry."

By now the penny has dropped and the receptionist believes I am having a heart attack.I don't believe this but I am now thinking furiously and relays of panic switches have lit up. "Maybe I am having a heart attack."

I eventually see the senior GP who gives me the once over and listens to my explanations about hayfever, etc...

GP: "You have a history of stiff neck and shoulders with pain."
Me: "Yes, for the past fifteen years."
GP: "Your heart's fine, BP is excellent and you have a trapped nerve which will ease in time."
Me:(Thank fuck for that) "That's great news doctor, thankyou."
GP: "You do not smoke which is good news but you are overweight, so let's just weigh you."

Several minutes later after a lecture on diet and I should know better as a nurse,etc...I walk out of the surgery a much happier man.
Diet has started today....I know a bloody warning when I see one.
I could murder some chocolate!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gang Green...

We have a new addition to the household given to Mrs.Catto by a friend. It looks very nice but we have no idea what it is. Even No.1 son likes the plant and it will hopefully flourish.I guess we will have to trawl the web so as to identify it.

Close up of foliage from it's best angle.

Slowly but surely we are 'greening' the house with additional houseplants.Sadly, the garden looks a real mess but I have my plans for later this summer.We can get rid of the mower once I've given the back garden a makeover.More plants, less grass and a few tasteful paving stones plus some obligatory gravel.No bloody decking tho', it is a garden, not a sailing ship of yore. I have a yen for a couple of small fruit trees, a fig and possibly an apple tree. I achieved one ambtion last month and that was to buy an olive tree....It stands six inches high! Pride of place in the kitchen where it will receive lots of light and avoid draughts.
An interest in gardening is a sure sign of middle-age, well, for those who had no previous interest in all things green. From mowing the lawn, it has inexorably crept upon me...B&Q garden dept.,trowels and dibbers, reading gardening magazines. It'll be water features and sheds next. I shan't be trying ScareyDucks tomato experiment, I'll stick to other forms of manure.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Phew! Showered and fed in roughly that order.Another day in the great metropolis with fine views of the cathedral, especially after I took the wrong turning and ended up beside it.

Courtesy of John Copeland Esq.

I've only known the city several years now, including many of the seedier parts (work related!!) and I take a wrong turning. I need a holiday to recharge my batteries which of late have been battered...and deep fried in this weather.Anyway, I made it to an excellent presentation from an esteemed colleague and discussion afterwards. The trouble is, I am always working when I go to Lincoln and I never have time to stop off and enjoy the delights on offer. i.e. Good pubs and places of interest. The last time I went in the cathedral was when my father came over several years ago.So when I have time off later this year I shall go and play tourist. The castle is well worth a visit and I was last there when the Sealed Knot were in town. Sadly I had no camera at the time but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Even No.1 son thought it was a good display. Tis the season for re-enactors and they are in Lincolnshire at The Heckington Show .

Currently drinking Wychwood's Wychcraft Ale which (sic) is smooth and goes down well.

Music of choice: The Stone Roses is still the platter that matters...well, hard drive.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I do not believe it! Another dent in my car...are there meteorites specifically aimed at my car or small gnomes wreaking revenge for friends and family who've become roadkill.Agghh! and Agghh! again. Sod it. I can't even get angry this time because I suspect someone may have played bumper cars in the carpark yesterday. Could it be a 'Little old lady in a small car' gently reminding me to 'watch it'.

'We've got our eye on you, watch it sonny'.

The uniforms may have gone but the memories does the webley revolver in the glove compartment of the little purple p reg. micra.Don't mess with 'em. TTFN.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy shopper blues...

Courtesy of Misty

I heard on the radio about HMV 'slashing' prices because the company has lost profits to the supermarket chains, hence the need to recoup some monies.
Just like the sweet music of the pied piper I heard that call and I was over to the nearest store in a trice...which I had to park up outside.
What did I buy?
Elton John - 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'; an album I had heard various songs from and, although I am not a great EJ fan, this is a pretty good album.

Nick Drake - 'Made To Love Magic'; I had heard the Nick Drake programme on Radio 2 earlier this year and I thoroughly enjoyed his music.

Air(French Band) - 'Moon Safari'; I heard this in a music store when it first came out (1998)and I was hooked.'La Femme D'Argent' is so wonderfully evocative...but you listen to it yourselves and see what it evokes for you;Great in the car.

Genesis - 'Nursery Cryme'; a vinyl album I sold to put food on the table and now replaced by a CD. Great memories for me usually associated with Jamaican roll-ups and chilling out after parties many moons ago.

I am off to see 'Les Bleus' hopefully beat 'gli Azzuri'.
Vive la France! Allez Allez!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Passing thoughts...

Day off...Wahey!!
After working the equivalent of four and a half days over the last three days I can relax.Muttley walked early on and now in the doghouse after barking and growling at some poor old woman.There is a common belief that dogs can sense the innate goodness or otherwise of people. I just think she doesn't like elderly disabled women whom she usually becomes very aggressive with.Maybe she was one in a previous life or a henpecked husband...or she is just plain addled.
It is such a relief to relax after working flat out for the past three days.It could be a combination of things that has caused a surge of activity for our team.The hot weather and long bright days; Englands exit from the world cup and heightened emotions; people out and about and mixing more with each other instead of cooped up indoors.General uncertainty in everyday life and increased anxieties...maybe just human nature and the ability to screw up.Whatever, we are kept busy.
On the plus side....£75-00 one way flights to Hong Kong. Could this presage cheap long haul flights because if it does, a New Zealand holiday looks possible.Woohoo!Yes, I have heard the arguments about pollution but I tend to be one of lifes optimists and believe we will crack the issues of fuel and pollution.That is probably the result of a childhood reading science fiction. But I compare tne innovations since my childhood in everyday 'mundane' uses of technology.e.g. The ATM's in the high street or the use of the internet , mobile phones,laptops, etc...
TTFN...I'm wanted at the door.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Barley...not just for beer.

As per usual I sat staring at the screen with not a thought as to what I should write. I heard that shout "Don't write anything". So I scanned and read through various blogs for inspiration and came to Random Burblings.
It was his post about seeing 52 movies a year and his latest viewing which prompted todays post The Wind That Shakes The Barley .I haven't yet seen the film but I intend to do so.
My maternal grandfather fought as a soldier for the Free State during the civil war.I remember as a boy during the 1960's admiring his medals and asking what they were awarded for. To this day I still don't know and seeing Alans post has reawakened my interest. My paternal grandfather apparently spent some time interned by the British authorities.Again, I know little about this and perhaps I need to find out what happened. Not only to satisfy my curiosity but also to get a sense of who I am and my family history.I guess it also helps to repair some schisms within my family. Divorce within Irish Catholic families, even in the 1970's was frowned upon and the consequences run to this day. So some work and research to satisfy a variety of concerns but also to satisfy the amateur historian within me. It is also an excuse to go back to Ireland if ever one was needed, for the first time in 14 years....and to drink the Guinness!

Monday, July 03, 2006

What happened Saturday?

Well, just about recovered from the world cup exit and the therapy of too much work is helping me to forget....whatever it is.
Heatwave...I'm awaiting the first report of people succumbing to the high temperatures. Lovely whilst in the garden/ on the beach /in the park, horrible torture whilst at work or being broiled in the car.

"More ice please waiter".

The temperature in my car at 3 pm was 33 degrees celsius...and that was in the shade!
No complaints here, I just wish I had a few days off to enjoy it before the sun disappears. The other plus point is girls in summer frocks (that shows my age!).
I think a trip to Mablethorpe might be called for : a paddle in the sea, warm sands and a bag of chips.I'm off on Thursday so we'll see.It's too warm for this so I'm orf to the garden and soak up the rays.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Portugal hung,no draw,it's the quarter...

Big day ahead and despite a few beers last night I was up at the crack this morning.
Dog walked and soaked in the dock...nearly a barney with a Siberian Huskey. Much barking but Muttley wisely kept several feet away as she made her point. Thankfully she is all bark and no bite. Shopping done next: separately because the last time I tied the mutt up outside she escaped and caused mayhem in Sainbury's. Lots of chores need attending to won't stop spinning if I leave them until next year week. Decks cleared and in true nautical fashion shipshape and Bristol etc...

It's the quarter finals and Portugal...One of our oldest allies, a la Napoleon and Wellesley, The Peninsula War,etc...I'll be in the pub with lots of others, a noisy emotional maelstrom as yet another rollercoaster of a match gets under way.
Will we do it this time? Will we meet Brazil in the semi...or even France? Am I and sveral million others setting ourselves up for another letdown by overpaid primped and poncey primadonnas? Probably...but England has a real chance this time so I'll be giving my vocal support. Come on England!!!
Otherwise good morner fellow bloggers and visitors.It's a hot day ahead and perfect for outdoor pursuits and plenty of sun cream factor 50+.The morning forecast map showed England and Wales as bright red for the U.V. chart.Hence my taking the mutt out very early.So I am off to the garden for a bit of sunshine and then the pub.