Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ould buggers day!

Yes, that once a year annual celebration has come around again. I am now 56 years young!
Cake, chocolates and several mugs of tea to celebrate and happily, after a change in my works days, I have today off. My plans this evening may contain some beer and a good book. At my age I believe I have done all the birthday celebrations I want to do and suggestions such as a birthday bungee jump are met with a disdainful stare. It takes longer each year for me to recover so a cup of the old Rosie and a slice of cake does very nicely. I thenk yew.


Friday, September 23, 2016

Nearly six weeks have flown by since I decided to have a break from blogging.  As per usual my timescale for completing activities has gone slightly askew. I have decorated 75%  of the back room today rather than the planned August painting schedule. The past two days of cleaning, plastering and today painting completed an hour ago. I will finish off next week apart from the ceiling which I will attend to when I feel like it. Once done, I can move my modelling kits and caboodle downstairs including an old desk on which I can do the work. The idea is that delicate items can be stored away from curious kitties. Both cats returned from a day spent outdoors last week with some blue substance on their faces. After the initial panic as to whether they had ingested poison we realised they had been rubbing up against some water colour paint! So the desk with drawers will hopefully prevent little paws breaking delicate objects and faces being shoved into glue, paints, etc...

I spent a couple of days in Colchester to visit the family although we didn't traipse around very much. My mum struggles with warm weather and no longer walks too far. It was good to catch up and I plan to go down again early next year. The next trip will include accommodation at a B & B as my mum's cottage is small and my back was sore after sleeping on the floor. That was one of the two reasons why the decorating was delayed. The other is a trapped nerve in my left shoulder which, although not painful, can at times be bloody uncomfortable. Exercises have helped and I have become used to the odd sensations going down my arm. Happily it has improved and it hasn't been too much of a problem. 

I have had two weeks away from work and I return there next week with a change in my working days. I will be working Mondays at the Single Point of Access (SPA) where my role is to triage all referrals to the mental health service. The majority of this work is via the phone with some face to face assessments as well. The other two - three days per week will be with the other community team as they are very short staffed. Regarding mental health services in the UK, we are in 'interesting times' as money and resources are in short supply. Having received my latest annual mortgage statement, albeit six months late, I have worked out that returning to work full time for 12 - 18 months could see the mortgage completely paid off. Hence I am more than happy to return to working more hours if they are available and escaping the dead hand sooner rather than later. 

The cats are happy and in a few weeks time we should be getting Maisie and one of the kittens back from the foster carers. I am not sure how the two boys will react but they had lived with two other cats until the old ladies died. We had planned to wait until Sandy had passed on but having rescued Maisie we will give her a home. Sandy is plodding on, deaf as a post and with frequent accidents. I have to clean daily  a 'growth' and the area around it to prevent infection. Sadly, she is very old now and she very likely has a year left to her. She is pampered although having to shout because of her deafness isn't much fun. I have decided that we will not be getting another dog when she is gone as four cats is enough. Particularly the veterinary bills for her care and treatment this past year has also informed that decision. It doesn't help that adding steroids to Labrador = a dog that eats everything including the contents of the bin if we forget to lock it out of her reach. Having said that, she seems happy enough and her occasional treat of a jelly baby puts the extra wag in her tail!

So I am back to blogging and I hope you are all well.