Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Take away the deer and that is the current state of the garden. It has rained non-stop for the past twelve hours and added to the already sodden ground. Rain stops play and my gardening tools remain locked away for now. At least the ducks and swans are happy! Back to the books and music plus more coffee.

Monday, April 09, 2018

The Fluff monster has now gone.

Our local cat lady took him for his appointment with the vet for his nutectomy and general check up. He'll then be fostered whilst they seek a new home for him. He was named Samson because of his long fur and a handsome fellow he will be once he has gained more weight. Despite three pouches of food a day plus dry food and titbits of ham and chicken, he was still underweight but slowly filling out. I am sad to see him go but the past few weeks of cat fights as the girls did not like having an intact male staying with us has been trying. He is friendly, easy going and a delightful cat so some family will be pleased to get him. Five cats would have been too much and I suspect I already have a reputation locally as the mad cat man. The house will be a thankfully calmer and quieter place now.


Thursday, April 05, 2018

Swan watch!

The swans are beginning to nest but they usually prefer the safety of an island further upstream. These two were building the nest yesterday and Mrs C and I took some pictures on my mobile. I popped out early this morning to check on progress and the female is sitting comfortably on the nest. Lovely to see although the traffic cone and shopping trolley don't particularly present a rural idyll!

I am assuming they are nesting here because of a lack of space on the island as over the past two years there have been a lot of cygnets born and survived to adulthood. Wonderful to see plus reports of otters further upstream is also good news. We intend to keep an eye on their progress and hopefully the local feral scrotes won't bother them. The empty land behind them is in the centre of town and has been an empty wasteland for the past fourteen years apart from occasional use by a visiting funfair. Good to see brownfield sites remaining empty as greenfield sites are gobbled up by greedy developers for housing, especially flood plain sites! The stupidity of national and local governments and the greed of landowners and developers. A pox on them all!

Finally, just the one picture of the work in progress on the KV1.


Wednesday, April 04, 2018

I didn't get the job but for once I received some excellent feedback and an honest response when I asked "Did the job go internally?" Apparently I provided excellent answers but the internal candidates have the advantage of knowing what approaches are used particularly with regard to physical health. The use of many medications in psychiatry, particularly anti-psychotic medications can shorten ones life by 10 - 20 years. If psychiatrists stated from the start "This medication will possibly reduce some of the symptoms of psychosis but it is extremely likely to cause significant weight gain, dull your senses, cause impotence, contribute to heart problems and as a male you will grow large breasts. You are also highly likely to develop diabetes and die twenty years earlier than the average." It is unlikely to improve the uptake of that medication. It is only over the last few years that psychiatry has begun to address this, generally because others (patients) have pointed out how awful the side effects are of these medications. I discovered yesterday that the system used locally and it is a good system, is completely different from the systems used elsewhere in the NHS.

The feedback I received yesterday has directed me to some excellent sites to explore and learn for when I attend another interview and I can then answer questions using these specific buzzwords. It's interesting that gaining a job depends on stating these specific buzzwords related to physical health and any past experience in non-pharmacological approaches is ignored or appears superfluous. I might have reservations about local mental health services but I now believe they have the right approach and other services are only now playing catch up. So yesterday I felt completely deflated and angry but today, c'est la vie! I learned something new and finally received an answer as to why my efforts to get a job with that particular health trust fell at the last hurdle. They have suggested I apply for a couple of jobs which will be advertised in the next few weeks.

The finally completed DH2 biplane is in the cabinet and although I am not happy with it, I have completed a kit that I did not think I would finish. No rigging as I value my sanity and I can imagine the rigging is there. I am now at this stage for the KV 1c, a heavy Russian tank which gave the Germans a nasty shock in 1941 along with the T34 tank. I also bought some new brushes from the local thrift store as my paint brushes do get a battering. A nice easy armour kit after the nightmare of wings and spars, going together very well and no real problems encountered.

Primer on and the tracks painted up but feline interventions put a stop to the work in progress as rain stopped any play outdoors. Maisie dislikes the temporary resident Fluffy and an almighty cat fight broke out beneath the desk. Fur and hisses everywhere so I had to intervene. Fluffy is with us until next Tuesday when he'll be taken to the vet for neutering and then rehoming. I'd love to keep him as he is a delightful and friendly little character but this is Maisie's home and she is a rescue cat, as are the others. I can't afford five cats especially as I am not currently employed but some home will be made complete and all the richer for his presence.  His meow is decidedly odd as he sounds like the trill of a mobile phone!

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Then there were five...

Yes, Fluffy has moved in temporarily on a part-time basis. He was visited by the cat rescue lady and we have confirmed he is an un-neutered male with no chip. He will be going to the vet next week via the cat rescue group for a check up and de-nadgering. He is extremely underweight and very thin, matted fur and I have applied some anti-flea stuff. Beautiful cat and such a gentle friendly personality. Shame we can't keep him as Maisie really doesn't like him. I suspect they'd settle down in time but five cats is too much. Having said that, he is sleeping on my lap and the other cats are fine with him. He prefers to go out at night but sleep in the house during the day. I'll need to return to work soon to feed this menagerie!

Happy Easter, Egg Day, Passover or extended Non-religious DIY weekend wherever you are.