Thursday, March 28, 2013

Woo Hoo!! The weekend starts here and it's a long 'un. I don't return to the coal face until Tuesday although it really does not feel like Easter at all. However, I am not religious so I guess Easter rituals would consist of gardening, DIY and a tentative attempt at an early barbecue. It still feels like winter although having woken up at 4 a.m on my day off (Why? oh why?) and I spent the morning aht and abaht, I enjoyed the weak sunshine whenever it teased us from behind a cloud. The dog gambolled on her walk and I gambled upon completing the shopping before the frantic panicked crowds descended en masse because shops are closed on Sunday. I found it quite sad watching one old woman buying basics and obviously pricing up her weekly shopping. I am often tempted to buy a decent joint of beef and a bottle of wine and then present it to someone in that position. Years ago we were reduced to a kindly neighbour leaving some vegetables and other groceries on our doorstep when we were in dire straits and on one occasion I did give a tenner to an elderly woman who was struggling to pay her electric bill. For me that was repaying the kindness of those neighbours and passing that goodwill on.
Anyhow... the weekend and notwithstanding the snow predicted tomorrow I have toured the ravaged garden, shaken my head in sorrow and bought in a load of compost ready for planting. Ever an optimist although I don't think I will put any seeds in yet. I have also bought in enough beer and cider to see me through the weekend and I will scrutinise t'internet for activities this weekend. There is a steam railway weekend down at Ludborough and I may pop along there with my trusty camera for it's first serious action of the year. I like trains, well I just like steam and transport of all kinds. That's Saturday taken care of although I suspect Mrs C. may decline the opportunity, taking the view that it is "boys and their toys".
Time for more music courtesy of Black Label Society (LOUD) and more beer.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Found it...

Excuse me whilst I dust off the cobwebs and air the blog... it's been a while.
I expect to be blogging to an empty space but my own fault as I have neglected this site of late.

Sadly it is still winter out there despite todays date. It is cold, wet and after tonight the roads will be icy and treacherous under foot. Perfect excuse to stay in, keep warm and catch up on all the TV and radio  I have missed this past week. Work remains as busy as ever although I do have some news on that front. I have bitten the bullet and opted for early retirement this summer. I have had more than enough of the excessive mileage, high fuel and car repair costs, the internal NHS politics and the stress all of this causes me. I will have to carry on working but I can work part time, either for the NHS, privately or for an agency. I intend to have a couple of months off and enjoy some much needed R & R. I hope there will be some sunshine this summer  but I could always go off in search of the sun although possibly not to Cyprus. It will be the first time in thirty five years that I will not be employed. A scary but also liberating feeling in that I may be able to make some choices about what I want to do next. Work wise it will be nursing but I can return to the Open University (Have you seen the prices?!!), follow up some genealogy particularly in the USA, buy the campervan I have hankered after for the past two years, recommence sailing lessons... I will be time rich for a blessed change. More importantly I might be able to enjoy a balanced life with a reasonable social life, something I have missed over the last three hectic years. I just have to plough through the next three months as I become demob happy and hope my car lasts the pace.

On a more sombre note Mrs C's mother died last week so we have been dealing with that and it has reinforced my belief that I have made the right decision. Life goes on and sadly death is an inevitable part of the cycle of life. One of my work colleagues suggested I could work with the Inuit in Nunavut but I'm not sure I could cope with any more snow. There is also the little matter of having a hernia operation at some point before I am fit enough to do anything adventurous. The money looks good and what an adventure... maybe in 2014 once my health is sorted out (waiting lists permitting). I can also spend some quality time with my mother in the land of the East Saxons this summer. Are all the youngsters in Essex still bright orange with bright white teeth and available for television? I still can't convince her to come to Grimsby as she states her travelling days are over. For now, keeping warm and learning the spells to bring good weather as I enjoy my weekend off.          

p.s. I had better look up that record as I could be promoting a dreadful song... *Heads for youtube*.

Friday, March 01, 2013

It is No.1 sons twentieth birthday and this is what he bought for himself. I walked over with him to the local council car park so that he could get a bit of practice in before going on the roads. He has the motorcycle Compulsory Basic Training this coming Sunday which is a legal requirement before he can go on the roads so todays session was an acclimatisation . He was extremely nervous and stalled several times before getting it right.I hopped on to show him, started it up and I was away first time. I haven't ridden a bike in twenty eight years and I hadn't forgotten my skills. however, I prefer bicycles to motorbikes as the slower pace, exercise and ease of use is far more preferable for me. I have to admit to some unease about his acquiring the bike and Mrs C. refers to it as 'my worse nightmare come true'. He's twenty and it is his choice and I believe he'll be Ok given his generally cautious nature.    

He has already worked out the safe and quieter route to work and commuting will make up the bulk of his biking until his confidence improves and the good weather arrives. He suggested I return to biking but as already stated I prefer cycling and my eye is currently on buying a second hand Romahome campervan.

Small enough to use for daily driving but good for trips away, I can bring the dog along & I can attach a bicycle to it. That sounds good to me and I can explore to my hearts content. It beats getting wet on a bike, a real sign of age catching up with me!