Friday, March 01, 2013

It is No.1 sons twentieth birthday and this is what he bought for himself. I walked over with him to the local council car park so that he could get a bit of practice in before going on the roads. He has the motorcycle Compulsory Basic Training this coming Sunday which is a legal requirement before he can go on the roads so todays session was an acclimatisation . He was extremely nervous and stalled several times before getting it right.I hopped on to show him, started it up and I was away first time. I haven't ridden a bike in twenty eight years and I hadn't forgotten my skills. however, I prefer bicycles to motorbikes as the slower pace, exercise and ease of use is far more preferable for me. I have to admit to some unease about his acquiring the bike and Mrs C. refers to it as 'my worse nightmare come true'. He's twenty and it is his choice and I believe he'll be Ok given his generally cautious nature.    

He has already worked out the safe and quieter route to work and commuting will make up the bulk of his biking until his confidence improves and the good weather arrives. He suggested I return to biking but as already stated I prefer cycling and my eye is currently on buying a second hand Romahome campervan.

Small enough to use for daily driving but good for trips away, I can bring the dog along & I can attach a bicycle to it. That sounds good to me and I can explore to my hearts content. It beats getting wet on a bike, a real sign of age catching up with me!


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