Saturday, May 31, 2008

After some bad news at work today I need some validation of life and the following certainly do that...



Friday, May 30, 2008

Today I have been mostly resting, sadly not on my laurels.
Apart from walking the mutt and nipping out to pay my dream taxes I have sprawled about the house with book and tea to hand. I did bake some bread and the smell and taste are delicious.So much so that whilst paying the dream tax I bought several more bags of flour as well as a couple of bottles of this excellent beer. (Warning to vegetarians: Look away now!). Given my return to work tomorrow I am going to treat Mrs C., No 1. and myself to a mixed grill including Lincolnshire sausages, black pudding and bacon, etc...Lovely.
Time to crack on with it.

Currently listening to Sandy Denny.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hooray! It's finished...

Just a few days for the ceiling to dry out and cleaning up the dust for the 20th time. The accumulated dust and soot of the past 30 years gets everywhere. We are going to get the room fully sorted before we move everything back in as well as springclean other rooms.
I didn't get to meet the manager for the prospective job because he's off sick. However, the application form has gone off and fingers crossed. I still have my doubts but I'll give it a go. The advantages are less travel and promotion. Oddly enough, my pay if I got the job wouldn't be much more than I earn now, although it would increase over the years. Being able to walk to work would certainly be an advantage although I guess I will still have some driving to do. The challenges of managing a new team and through lots of new changes will be interesting. The Chinese have a proverb for that...


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last night I decided to have an early night and no beer. I am getting old. I am middle-aged although that presupposes I will live to the ripe old age of 94! I kept my eyes open so as to watch 'The Apprentice' and, having seen that little twat fired, I opted for an early night. I have also arranged a day off work today so that I can keep an eye on the mutt and No.1 son. The delicate work of plastering is on today and both need to be distracted away from
wandering in whilst the work goes on.

Mrs C will take No 1 to Mackie Dee's as he calls it and I have the monster to entertain. The long walk this morning worked...we are both knackered and footsore...and wet.
We also bought some new bread baking tins and different types of flour. I am taking a leaf out of Seany's book and we intend to bake some bread. Having discovered flour to which one only adds water we really do fancy some home baked bread. That's a treat lined up for the next couple of days as well as finally getting to the homebrew shop. Brewing beer, baking bread, growing vegetables....get me a bow & arrows and I'll go game hunting. The good life to self sufficiency...somehow growing mushrooms appeals more to me than hunting tree rats.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ceiling woes pt 57.
It's boarded throughout and we have another layer of dust throughout the house. I forgot to mention yesterday that the plasterer limped in having fought and lost a fight with a skip (not bush kangaroo). But he's cracking on with the work and I am hoping he'll be completed tomorrow. More worryingly, Mrs C is exploring new curtains, wallpaper and paint (sigh!). I have no excuses for getting on with all the little repairs that have piled up over the...ahem...once the ceiling is done.
Work's all gone rather quiet. Where is everyone? The bank holiday was the quietist one I have ever known.
Q word alert...the floodgates will open.

However, after several days sans ale I feel the cry of a Black Sheep calling me.
So Baa Baa for now.

Monday, May 26, 2008


...and after.

The work has begun and it is a strange and uncomfortable feeling engendered when looking into the innards of one's home. The bloke has done a great job so far but despite his efforts to reduce the dust it is everywhere. The dog is utterly bewildered at having to spend much of the day at LE's house and the cats aren't bothered at all.

I'm just looking forward to getting it sorted and we can then redecorate. Mind you, it is a chance to properly spring clean the house and get rid of assorted junk. The front room is crammed with the contents of the back room and looks like Steptoe's yard.I can't even have a cold beer to relax because I am again on call tonight. No rest for the wicked or the witless.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

After seven days work I finally have a couple of days off and believe me they are sorely needed. On calls involving late night assessments of people who self harmed and others with yet more alcohol problems. Hence not a lot of sleep and yesterday it showed, especially as I struggled to drive home and keep my eyes open. A forty minute nap in front of the TV did the trick. Yes, Look North was that boring!
A quiet weekend is planned because we have the plasterers arriving on Monday and the room has to be cleared out and, we have no money. Sadly we cannot make our neighbour's seventieth birthday celebrations tonight but we'll sort out a card and pressie for next week (Happy Birthday Babs!).
I have also arranged a meeting next week with a manager from the prospective new job. To get a feel for what I am letting myself in for if I pass the interview and to show how keen I am. I am torn between excitement, anxiety and doubt as to whether I am doing the right thing and am I good enough for the prospective job.

However, we only come this way once and why not go for it. I'd rather regret screwing up as opposed to regrets about having not tried. After all, what can go wrong?
Tea required so TTFN.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

(Courtesy of a NZ nursing site....somewhere)

The above shows a diagram of one approach to achieving a work - life balance. My life currently revolves around work and despite all good intentions I still finished work forty minutes late...unpaid as per usual. Below is the amended UK version of the above...

But I have had a chat with my boss because the possibility of another job has hove to on the horizon. Promotion, a managerial post with clinical work included, more money and nearer home. All in all trebles all round as they would say in Private Eye. However, the move to a management post means a different sort of stress and may impact even more upon my 'life - work balance'. I'll have to be a responsible person, wear a tie and use management language, as well as having budgetry responsibilities.
The alternative is that I remain in a job from which I have sucked all the experience I am likely to gain and which has become mundane. I am also increasingly frustrated by the antics of a couple of colleagues whom, to put it frankly, I would not leave my dog with. It seems strange to talk of 'mundane' and crisis work together but I am ready for the next move and the excellent book below sums up part of my current life, over forty and fat...not yet fired. But after twenty years at the coal face of nursing perhaps now is the time to bite the managerial bullet. At the very least I'll gain some valuable interview experience.
I must away to see the bats in the garden. They are early this year aren't they?


Sunday, May 18, 2008

There are days when we have to request police assistance because someone needs admission and for a variety of reasons the individual is reluctant to go in. Reasons range from their belief that they aren't ill to us being representatives of the lizard aliens with a desire to suck out their soul and re-animate them as zombies. I can debate the mental health act, ethics and whether there is a scientific basis to modern psychiatry until the cows come home. But, if someone is barricading themselves in their room, refusing to believe their family is real and has a hoard of sharp shiny objects with which to repel boarders who are all in the pay of MI5, we call the police.
On the occasion I am writing of the police used tact, diplomacy and lots of patient negotiation to good effect. He went quietly and no one was harmed....not even the bunnies playing tag along the country roads.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


You'll have to excuse me yawning but I am shagged out somewhat tired having had a busy day off work. Loooooooong walk with the mutt; exercise bike; shopping and gardening. Despite a good nights sleep I am now ready for my bed but if I do that I'll be up at 4 am. I'll struggle manfully on.

The above graph should simplify the sleep cycle and what aids / hinders sleep. I'll direct your attention to sex and beer as the necessary prerequisites for a good nights sleep....until your other half finds out and your sleep may well become permanent.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Excuse the swearing but for FUCKS SAKE!
Peter Sutcliffe is appealing against his jail sentence because it breaches his human rights. I can understand that justice has to be fair, objective and that people have the right to appeals. But....the women he murdered. Their human rights are addressed how?
Wet flannel across brow and darkened room time 'til my blood pressure comes down.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Sunday spent pottering about....that Voldemort's a bugger to catch.
Grass mown, plants interfered with and roast dinner prepared and cooked. Even a spot of hoovering in between catching the rays and listening to the footy.

I've got a courtesy car and my plans to put the pooch in the back and head for the hills and walking were cancelled for another day. The amount of hair she sheds and a clean courtesy car do not mix. I had considered Barton where the walking is easy and the Sloop Inn apparently serves a good pint.
However, the day wasn't wasted and I am relaxed and raring to go for work tomorrow....sadly.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bloody PC is playing up again!
I'm posting this in between keeping busy in the's hard work drinking tea and reading a book. The fleabag below is the delightful Molly whose hobbies include sleeping and resting in style.

I have two days orf and got off to a flying start by having to surface early to drop the car in for repairs. The street artist (artist formerly known as wanker) who decided to remodel the wing mirror and door in a moment of the muse means the repairs will cost me more of the readies. The car lease ends in July so I have to choose another model, preferably camouflaged against twats. Certainly not red which is Mrs C's rationale for the vandalism."It's ferrari red and attracts them"
Given the mileage I cover and the rising cost of fuel I am searching for the most economical means of transport.

I like the following one...

With the above we can carry patients, somewhere for the briefcase and the ashtray; there'll be fit and healthy nurses....or dead ones from exhaustion. The trust could place adverts all over it so as to make more revenue. I'll phone the CEO on the hotline he's installed so that lowly workers can contact him with good ideas....

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I received some excellent news last night which made up for working over the bank holiday weekend, missing parties and fun. I absolutely hate working bank holidays, especially when the sun is shining and the world looks wonderful. It feels like the twilight zone with a few of us poor buggers working, holding the crippled SS NHS together with string, faith and chewing gum.
Anyhow, I heard from a old friend whom I've not seen for over 16 years. He set off on his bicycle from Toronto to Australia but met a woman in the far east and has been living in China for the past decade. We went to school together, shared teenage years of angst, music and laughter...lots of the latter. The years have dropped off me and I am back in North London, late seventies with punk, metal, reggae and new wave as the background music and the future bright and shiny ahead of us all. We could walk out of one job and into the next the following day with our wages spent on having a good responsibilities. G didn't smoke, drink or try herbal substances like the rest of us but he was and is always upbeat.

He took the plunge and emigrated to Canada, we took the piss and envied him as he had made the right choice. A few and far between meet-ups thro' the years until this huge gap of 16 years. He bade farewell to London via our favourite restaurant and a lot of sambuca and grappa one night in 1992. Apart from the occasional letter which included being held up at gunpoint we then lost touch.
A lot of catching up to do and stories to tell.

Friday, May 02, 2008

A morning spent weeding, planting and general garden maintenance. The sun shone (weakly), the mutt was happy chasing her ball and various cats sunning themselves.
Post meridian: There is a bloody hailstorm as I write this....
Still, I am a happy bunny watching a dvd of Genesis circa 1973 recorded live at Shepperton. Cheers Steve, I owe you a few drinks for this.I am a pig in the proverbial as I watched it....twice.

I never saw Genesis live and this dvd is the nearest I will come to that experience.
Aside from the above, several pints of Batemans XB at £2.00 a pint last night necessitated the fresh air and exercise in the garden this morning.We also came second in the quiz and won money in the raffle. Sometimes the gods smile upon the unrighteous so we nipped out and bought a lottery ticket. If the next post comes from Trinidad....