Friday, October 16, 2015

Hello folks,

I've received a timely nudge from BW as I have neglected this site for several weeks, primarily because I have been very busy at work. We are all run off our feet as managers attempt to pile more & ever increasing loads of work upon us. I suspect this is currently the case everywhere in the NHS but I have returned home from work each evening and slumped in my armchair with the kindle to hand. I had a 'delightful' week off in the middle of all of that when my back gave out. Walking, heat pads & painkillers eased it off; bed rest definitely doesn't help but I couldn't drive hence a few annual leave days booked off. To cap it all the pooch has been ill with a few trips to the vet and a variety of medication to be administered every day. She's in her third week of treatment and fingers crossed she is over the worst of it but it's a clear sign she is in the last years of her life. Good food, warmth, love and affection from us to repay her loyalty and love for us. To cap it all Mrs C has been ill as well with shingles. Not very pleasant and bed rest with painkillers was the prescribed treatment for her. Finally, No.1 son has been told of a reconfiguration at work & he and his colleagues are likely to be regraded with new roles (their old jobs) and a reduction in pay. All in all, the last five weeks have not been very pleasant and not conducive to blogging. C'est la vie, etc...

But I'll dust my feet off and plod slowly onwards towards better adventures. Interestingly, we have a big meeting coming up at work & the rumour mill is working overtime. We know something is about to be announced and sadly some people have already expressed concerns about possible redundancies. I think that is unlikely and we are more likely to see teams being amalgamated, managers moved and what is very likely... ever more work! Garden wise... chillies and tomatoes gathered in and it is coming up to having a clear out. One tree marked for removal and groundwork for when I put a shed in plus the usual general tidy up and preparations for next year. For tonight though I will put my feet up, have a few beers and relax. I have rejoined fat busters and I have lost nine pounds over the last two weeks. I'm determined to lose more and get out on my bicycle although I am sure winter will have a say in that.

As an aside I was surprised to read a book about ghosts of Highgate and I discovered that the author had included my encounter with a ghost. I contacted the author and I am more than happy to allow its use. The author had spent a year trying to track me down but of course I had left London. It is truly bizarre to find oneself mentioned in a book. I felt like a dog with two tails and a plate of the butchers best sausages! A silver lining discovered amidst the black clouds indeed.