Thursday, March 28, 2013

Woo Hoo!! The weekend starts here and it's a long 'un. I don't return to the coal face until Tuesday although it really does not feel like Easter at all. However, I am not religious so I guess Easter rituals would consist of gardening, DIY and a tentative attempt at an early barbecue. It still feels like winter although having woken up at 4 a.m on my day off (Why? oh why?) and I spent the morning aht and abaht, I enjoyed the weak sunshine whenever it teased us from behind a cloud. The dog gambolled on her walk and I gambled upon completing the shopping before the frantic panicked crowds descended en masse because shops are closed on Sunday. I found it quite sad watching one old woman buying basics and obviously pricing up her weekly shopping. I am often tempted to buy a decent joint of beef and a bottle of wine and then present it to someone in that position. Years ago we were reduced to a kindly neighbour leaving some vegetables and other groceries on our doorstep when we were in dire straits and on one occasion I did give a tenner to an elderly woman who was struggling to pay her electric bill. For me that was repaying the kindness of those neighbours and passing that goodwill on.
Anyhow... the weekend and notwithstanding the snow predicted tomorrow I have toured the ravaged garden, shaken my head in sorrow and bought in a load of compost ready for planting. Ever an optimist although I don't think I will put any seeds in yet. I have also bought in enough beer and cider to see me through the weekend and I will scrutinise t'internet for activities this weekend. There is a steam railway weekend down at Ludborough and I may pop along there with my trusty camera for it's first serious action of the year. I like trains, well I just like steam and transport of all kinds. That's Saturday taken care of although I suspect Mrs C. may decline the opportunity, taking the view that it is "boys and their toys".
Time for more music courtesy of Black Label Society (LOUD) and more beer.



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