Saturday, March 29, 2014

I haven't posted much this month because I currently have little of note to say. I continue to trawl the net for news as well as reading my favourite blogs and there is certainly no shortage of news. Ukraine, missing planes, Syria and the recent face to face of Cleggy and Compo in 'The Last of the European Whine'. However, others usually write better and more incisive stuff and any comments I'd make would not make the slightest bit of difference.
 Where is the missing aircraft?
 My answer: "Buggered if I know" which also sums up most of the current media response apart from the alien abduction / Big Foot / Princess Diana conspiracy theories put forward by some of the more enlightened folk out there.
Is Putin gay and is his Russian expansionism an expression of his closeted frustration?
 "No idea although some rough trade at Ivans truck stop might alleviate this?"
Syria?..  "?"*

As for Cleggy and Farage, the political, media and other elites could do with a substantial kick up the arse and for many people UKIP meet that need. Yes, some of them are barking mad what with gay rainbows, brown people under the bed and "The Archers" losing its credibility as a middle England middle-class middle-aged radio soap (I never listen to it). I will vote for them in the EU elections in May but as for next year... I really don't know. I support gay marriage, I have no problem with muliculturalism although I do have concerns about pandering to religious fanatics whether muslim or christian. Separate religion from all state concerns and ensure it remains a private matter. i.e. No religious schools or in parliament (Elected second chamber required!). But voting for them as a protest against t'others gives me pause for thought because was this not the slippery slope in Twenties and Thirties Germany? A populist politician with simple sounding solutions to complex problems? I don't know but it feels uncomfortable. If you get the chance to watch it The Nazis: A warning from history is well worth it. Frightening and unfortunately something similar can happen again. Look at Bosnia, Rwanda and the current situation in Syria... hence my concerns about politicians with slogans and simplistic solutions to complex problems.

Here's a solution...

... because I certainly have no answers.


* Short version of FUBAR.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I love how some of the newspapers in the UK make wildly inaccurate predictions, particularly health scares and the weather. One paper predicted a heatwave for ten days... nope, not here. The intermittent showers and cold winds are about par for the course. Happily, during the dry bit this morning I managed to plant out some recent additions including my first ever Brussels Sprouts.  I have not grown these before so I'm keen to see what results I do get. Fingers crossed plus some hard work and perhaps I'll have a crop similar to that below.

As I type the rain is pouring down and we have thunder and lightning... marvellous.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Missing in Acton...

*Creeps in from stage left*

I'll just blow the cobwebs off the blog and sweep the dust away after nearly three weeks absence. There, that's better although the half eaten apple core in the corner was a surprise.

I have taken the Queen's shilling and accepted an offer of work. I attended the interview which went well, probably because I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Nine months of relaxation and little stress during my break from employment helped enormously. They phoned back yesterday and offered me a job and I have accepted it. It is local with a possible commute of no more than two miles as they are currently going through a process of relocation. It is also Monday - Friday and 9 - 5, so all of the appropriate boxes have been ticked for me. Oddly enough, I found that waiting for the phone call regarding the application success or not was more stressful. Now it is a matter of waiting for my references to go through and an agreed starting date, possibly in April. The job itself is as a community mental health nurse plus my amhp duties. I am excited as well as apprehensive but I am looking forward to rejoining the fray. The area the team will cover is small compared to my previous jobs so mileage will be minimal. As may be imagined, Mrs C is delighted because I will be out of her hair and she can reclaim the house without my interference!

Apropos the above, after nearly three weeks of total abstinence I had a few beers last night to celebrate... I think I will abstain for another few weeks given my aching head this morning. I decided that slimming world dieting was being defeated by my fondness for the ale. Sadly, scientific research for non-fattening beer has been so far unsuccessful. I am off for more tea and to rest my sore head.


Saturday, March 01, 2014

It's my son's birthday today... He is 21 years old!!

Where have the last twenty one years gone to because it really does seem like yesterday when Mrs C and I rushed to the local hospital via ambulance. It was about 5 am and there was snow on the ground and we lived in a pokey little flat two floors above a funeral parlour via an outside metal staircase. In the hospital the "ward" was situated in a corridor because of renovations although Mrs C gave birth in an appropriate room. The first midwife was dreadful and in a hurry although the second one who took over was lovely. A West Indian woman who was helpful, concerned and couldn't do enough. There was a complication during the birth and the room was suddenly invaded by a horde of nurses and doctors. No. 1 son wasn't breathing apparently but that was quickly sorted and all was well. The midwife cleaned him up and gave him to me as well as a cup of tea. Mrs C wasn't offered one until she asked for it. So No.1 arrived at 08.30 and the world as I knew it irrevocably changed. Despite our ups and downs over the years I am immensely proud of him. We had discussed names with Mrs C liking Ciaran or Matthew whereas I liked Augustus Xerxes Caesar... only kidding. He received none of those names and we named him Philip, after a good friend of mine although I do like to wind people up stating "We named him after Prince Philip, God bless him". I would like to claim he was named after top bloke Phil Harding but the first Time Team programme didn't air until January 1994. His future is ahead of him although with the noise increasing as armchair warriors rattle sabres for a second Crimean war I do worry what the future holds. For today, it is a time of celebration and happiness.