Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Domestic issues are taking up my time and I'm currently wearing a blue U.N. helmet to try and keep the peace. But after overheating for ninety minutes in a tin box yesterday I am more than happy to work from home today. It should be cooler here on the coast. Back to work...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A good night out and lots of beer consumed. The only bum note was the band who could play music but their presentation was truly awful. Think of Blue Peter budget, sticky backed plastic and Dr Who. As for the gormless Frank Skinner lookie-likie who appeared to aimlessly twiddle the knobs of the bottom half of a dalek....and the Beatle wigs!! We left.

The beer, the company and the craic was mighty and hopefully to be repeated soon.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I've had a few days off and enjoyed the sunshine, the peace and quiet as well as recharging my batteries.
Yesterdays news came as a shock with the death of Michael Jackson. It was totally unexpected although the news of Farah Fawcetts death was expected. I enjoyed Charlie's Angels, well what 16 year old boy wouldn't, but for me Kate Jackson was the most attractive of the three. Alluring, hidden sexuality and unobtainable as she was generally hidden in sensible clothes. She also appeared the more intelligent of the three.

Michael Jackson was a musical genius although perhaps we may eventually have some sort of explanation as to whether he was paedophile or not. What is more likely is the hagiography will explode into myth and any truths may never come out. I can see the myths already: He's not really dead, he's hiding away and living as a guru on a commune in Colorado; he's on the Nasa spacestation; he's been cryogenically frozen alongside Elvis, Lennon and Princess Di, etc...
It is a no brainer to realize that most of the media will focus upon Michael Jackson and not Farah Fawcett. The news today reports fans gathering, singing songs and offering up prayers. The myth will grow...

As an aside here is some food for thought, that we as consumers of various media do not just take 'news' at face value, that we do ask questions of what is presented to us.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Perhaps they were pretending to be dumb in their pursuit of world domination.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here comes summer...

Apart from a brief foray outdoors to walk the pooch in the early morning 'sunshine' I have been stuck indoors. It is the summer solstice this weekend and the days begin to shorten. So where is the long hot summer threatened promised by the Met office? The NHS plan to respond to the heatwave as 'fahsands' succumb to water shortages, temperatures in excess of 20 degrees celsius, exposure to flabby white bodies stress disorder and BBQ food poisonings is gathering dust. You can always rely on the British weather: damp, with more damp and some light dampness over eastern areas.
I'm orf for another paddle.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Baaa you woolly bastards!

Apparently I am a border collie although I would have said I was a Heinz 57.
It is currently bucketing down and I opened the window wide for 30 seconds with the result that both the pooch and I are wet. Not the smartest thing to do but hey, why not.
I would like to say I was hard at it but I had to go offline and do a quick virus check. Some advert pop up popped up on Mrs C's watch and LE also had the same thing. Difficult to get rid of and it came via Facebook. So whilst scanning for nasties I did a little light dusting and polishing, hoovered (Dysoned?) up, cleared some weeds, poo patrolled the garden and emptied the rubbish. I also had some cous cous with peppers and snorkers. It takes a hell of a long time to scan the PC these days.
Time to return to the hard slog.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A lazy day spent sprawled in a comfy chair in the garden with cool drinks and a good book. I occasionally wondered in to check on the progress of the Sunday lunch I was slowly cooking. Even the dog was sprawled on the grass with her paws in the air. Man, I love sunny summer Sundays.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A quick post only as I have finally got a moment to myself and NCIS is on a short while. Anybody know why dogs eat grass apart from when they have an upset stomach? I only ask because the 'orrible 'ound eats grass like nobody's business & what comes out the other end is not pleasant.

"Can I have a cheeseburger please with extra grass?"
"I speak proper for a dog, no "Can I haz cheezburger""

Otherwise, it's the weekend and that means the illusion of freedom for sixty odd hours away from the cares and woes of the world of mental health. Today has been spent dealing with writing up presentations for potential Best Interests / Approved MH Practitioner students. My head spins with legal jargon and how many lawyers can you section onto the head of a pin.
(Answer: Two at £60-00/hour, first half hour free).

As stated above, I intend to slump in front of the magic box and soak up highly entertaining rubbish whilst slurping down a beer or two. I think I'll have an Aldi 'Best 3X' courtesy of Bateman's. £1.29 a bottle cannot be sniffed at so I bought one plus two of their IPA's. I'm saving the 'Beers of Europe' beers for special occasions; Saints Days, Independence Days, Holy Days. I'll even drink a toast to Nick Griffin:

"May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your misbegotten racist skin and the smell of your rancid lies pollute your nostrils at every meal you eat. Cheers!"

Anyhow, much as I avoid leftwing loonies as much as I avoid the rightwing nutjobs please do have a gander at this site and sign up if you so desire.
I don't like extremists of any ilk but the racist bnp are particularly repulsive.

I must be orf...TTFN.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I am currently down with the leurgy: headache, dizziness and feeling somewhat under the weather. Trooper that I am I went into work today although given that the past two days I also had a 'touch'* of the dan dares I had considered staying within a few feet of a toilet. Thankfully, that had stopped so I was able to soldier on. The downside was my interview yesterday morning. I sat there, a sweating, nauseous, slightly befuddled wreck with an empty mind and fearful that my bowels might decide to erupt. Needless to say I wasn't offered the job but two things come to mind. One: They did not notice I was unwell and Two: My current secondment is at a higher grade; it is an open door to bigger and better things work wise; I have a lot of autonomy and I am continuing to learn in this job. The job I went for is at a lower grade, attracts a lot of flak and it would have been a retrograde step to similar work I did several years ago. The only plus point was being local and reducing my mileage. Unsurprisingly, as I put this case to my colleague last Friday he suggested I had already made my decision...to stay put. So why on earth did I persevere with the interview and should I be thankful to whichever nasty bug I picked up? What does bring an ironic smile to my face is that I never learn. After so many interviews over the past year I now realise that the changes I need to make aren't work related. I should learn to be satisfied because I belatedly realise that I enjoy my current job including the driving. I just pray that the secondment can be extended beyond September.

*Euphemism for flood.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

I only had three beers last night and this morning.....welcome to vertigo.Phone calls, paying an outstanding debt and friends to see. I would rather put my feet up and sleep because the past week has been a very tiring one. Several hundred miles travelled and some heated discussions have left me in need of some peace and quiet. Perhaps I'll take the dog up to the wolds and photograph some old churches although the weather doesn't look too good. Never mind. Lute music on youtube to soothe the muffled and puzzled head as I slowly prepare for the day ahead. The restorative powers of a good mug of assam tea and a bacon sandwich are also helping.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Today was a wonderful and a hugely enjoyable end to the week despite todays high mileage.
I thoroughly enjoyed the assessment I carried out today for a variety of reasons, especially the conversations with relatives and staff at the home I visited. Reminders that the world we inhabit is a small one and of the connections between strangers as we discussed London. I also 'popped' into my favourite beer emporium and bought some excellent bottled ales.

It's also the weekend...Woohoo!...kick off the shoes and chill out.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It's been one of those days...

First the police and now...

Ambulances, CSI, Royal Navy, what next? A blue police box materialising before our eyes.
Apart from being the nectar of the gods here is another reason to eat curries. I've known for many years about the benefits of spices, particularly turmeric.

I've had a chicken jal frezi marinating since 10 a.m. with extra added turmeric. The chilli's I add to my own dish later because Mrs C is not too fond of chilli. I've been trying to remember when I had my first curry and I can only think it was one of those vesta meals during the 1960's. My mother made her own curries and we were always delighted when friends came to dinner and tried one of her hot curries. Always plenty of water and plain yoghurt to hand as the flames caught hold. It's also feflected in my collection of cookbooks of which nearly half are from the Indian sub continent or southeast Asia. Plus two Caribbean cookbooks...mmmm, goat curry with beans and rice.
Anyhow, I have my front row seat at my bedroom window with tea and popcorn to fortify me. Three police vans and a squad car plus lots of coppers as they nick two local scrotes and take them away. Some sort of altercation but there is quite a audience for this one act play....They've gone now as must I.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cooking some snorkers yesterday evening and I stupidly placed the spatter lid down...on top of my right hand. Cue lots of Anglo-Saxon and various animals running for cover. Right as rain this morning but it has left a wicked scar. The lid's stepped and it looks as though I've been clawed by a large cat. I managed to convince a couple of people at work that I had an encounter with the Lincolnshire Black Cat. Who told the local press and how do I get out of this one?

I can photoshop this picture, darken it a bit and put an actionman figure in fighting for his life. That'll convince them...

Monday, June 01, 2009

A first for me: assessing someone on a bouncy castle. Who says you can't combine work and fun. It looked nothing like the one above.