Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sadly I have been posted as injured, missing in action at work...only the one day mind you. An industrial injury whereby my knee met the immovable object of the gear console in one of the pool cars....on three separate occasions. Cue hopalong cassidy impression. I have now learnt to enter the car slowly and with great care. Even idiots learn eventually and the pain has certainly ensured I remember.

Otherwise, it has been a succession of cold, damp, grey days whilst dealing with a neverending list of inappropiate referrals. On the home front we are beginning the preparations for crimblefest. Turkey in the freezer, cards bought plus stamps and, I bought some lights for the window. I have said before how I like the warm, welcoming glow of Dickensian style lights. Along with port, hot chestnuts and mince pies plus Christmas carols to warm the cockles of the heart of an old agnostic. The older I get the more I hark back to these safe ports of familiarity and security. I will have to hunt out the DVD's of 'A Christmas Carol'.
Our local is open again but I haven't bothered to go in. I may just pop in this afternoon as the combination of a day off and holdin' foldin' means I can buy a pint. If the ale is not up to standard I may have to venture further afield in the County. Mrs C. insists I only bought this house because of the pub across the road.
I'll limp over there later and seek solace in a (I hope) good pint.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The happiness was nice whilst it briefly lasted. I received a letter stating I have to pay out for not returning the spare key for the lease car. After a short conversation with the lease company I have to write to them explaining why I should not pay and include the receipt for the car. Duly done: reason for my not wanting to pay - I gave both sets of keys to the complete plonker who has obviously mislaid the spare one. I haven't had this car for several weeks now and it is still giving me grief. Two lots of lease expenses deducted despite my no longer having the car. Now £173 for a key!!!

My second moan is that my printer will not work. I suspect the PC is not recognising the usb connecting the printer, oddly enough after No.1 unplugged it because there were too many untidy cables around. Attempts to rectify it failed so I uninstalled all the printer stuff and Hey Presto! Nothing at all now. Hence a handwritten letter to the lease company although I did manage to scan the receipt so copies are available. it's enough to drive one into the pub but my local is being run by strangers who have put the prices up and no real ale is available.
My final bit of woe concerns work but that may have to wait for another day. Suffice to say we are being used as a repository for naughty employees. We have become a gulag...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'z nota rat
I'za mouses.
Cute I iz.

Sadly more death and destruction in the garden. The remnants of yet another rat found mauled and in pieces. A quick shufti down the alley way confirmed the pile of crap behind the local chazbo's has grown bigger. A quick email to the council requesting they pay a visit because of elf & safety: rats, no access for emergency services and no swift exit for some people if zombies attempt to gain entry via the front door. Or to do a runner when the bailiffs call.

No.1 is a happy boy indeed with his laptop. Sadly, he's poorly at the moment but he can lie in bed and connect to the net to his hearts content today when he finally gets up. Mrs.C and I finally have our computer back...I'll have to move my cars on Parking Wars.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I am a happy bunny!
We bought a breadmaker this morning and what made it even better was the 25% reduction in price. It is stretching the bounds of credibility by describing myself as joining the ranks of bakers, even the very talented, brave and beautiful Josephine above. But it makes bread so as a real baker friend of mine would say, "Job's a good 'un".
We also gave No.1 son his Christmas present early. It's a laptop but it means the PC is free and he can concentrate on his music, networking school work. It keeps him happy and apart from his lip to his parents he is a good lad. So all in all a happy household with smiles all round.

News on the pub front is that it has reopened under temporary management from the pubco. Alas, no real ale until next week but as I am now broke I can wait until payday. Rumours abound regarding previous management and what was believed to be the new management. I guess, rather than jump on the bandwagon and fling ordure at various people, I will wait until the true facts come out. As a Camra member I have a very low opinion of many of the large pubco's so I won't be surprised to find any crap can be laid at their door. It's a business but for local people this is our local pub. As with post offices and corner shops so with pubs: they matter to ordinary folk (I'm avoiding saying local people because Royston Vasey comes to mind!). Government, national and local, appear to miss this point and despite statements of listening to the public, they clearly don't. What's the answer apart from politicians / wall / rifles? But I am a happy bunny as I await my first loaf from the breadmaker so no negative vibes. I'll compare it with oven baked although my last effort last week was very poor. I didn't knead it enough and, although it tasted nice it was rather small and dense.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's happened...The Tap has shut. I'll have to walk further than 50 yards for a pint of excellent beer and the craic. Sadly, Dave and Rose had had enough and we are currently all in the dark as to whether the pub will re-open, when and by whom. C'est la vie....
On the work front it has gone from sweet F.A. to man the lifeboats, all hell has broken loose! Still, all grist to the mill and other assorted cliches. Tonight I will have a couple of beers to fortify me for the task of buying No.1's Christmas present, a laptop. I've gone for an all singing, all dancing, turn it up to 11 laptop. That way he'll be sorted for all of five minutes before it becomes obsolete by the advance of scientific progress. More importantly, I will have access to my PC once more.

It is not needs barmaids and this is their official uniform (I live in hope).

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bah! Cash problems.
Despite emails and telephone calls, the pay department not only deducted charges for the lease car I no longer have, they also deducted extra for some bizarre reason. After three days it has finally been sorted but I won't receive it until payday. Another month on lentils and beans.Mrs C is also on reduced hours so the rest of the month will be spent quietly in front of the TV/PC/radio/good book. Time to reacquaint myself with the local library. Thankfully dog walking is free.
With woe on the homefront, crap at work and a lack of the readies,I am beginning to wish for a quieter and simpler life.

News in: Mrs.C is unemployed after Sunday unless the pub acquires new owners. Shit and fan comes to mind.