Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's happened...The Tap has shut. I'll have to walk further than 50 yards for a pint of excellent beer and the craic. Sadly, Dave and Rose had had enough and we are currently all in the dark as to whether the pub will re-open, when and by whom. C'est la vie....
On the work front it has gone from sweet F.A. to man the lifeboats, all hell has broken loose! Still, all grist to the mill and other assorted cliches. Tonight I will have a couple of beers to fortify me for the task of buying No.1's Christmas present, a laptop. I've gone for an all singing, all dancing, turn it up to 11 laptop. That way he'll be sorted for all of five minutes before it becomes obsolete by the advance of scientific progress. More importantly, I will have access to my PC once more.

It is not needs barmaids and this is their official uniform (I live in hope).


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Where do I vote?!

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