Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'z nota rat
I'za mouses.
Cute I iz.

Sadly more death and destruction in the garden. The remnants of yet another rat found mauled and in pieces. A quick shufti down the alley way confirmed the pile of crap behind the local chazbo's has grown bigger. A quick email to the council requesting they pay a visit because of elf & safety: rats, no access for emergency services and no swift exit for some people if zombies attempt to gain entry via the front door. Or to do a runner when the bailiffs call.

No.1 is a happy boy indeed with his laptop. Sadly, he's poorly at the moment but he can lie in bed and connect to the net to his hearts content today when he finally gets up. Mrs.C and I finally have our computer back...I'll have to move my cars on Parking Wars.


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