Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yup, I have been absent from this blog for far too long. I am on the course after last minute shenanigans involving managers but I have made it. For the next four months I will be tied up with studies and the placement. Three days in and my first assignment needs to meet the Friday evening deadline. I can't complain because I knew from colleagues experiences it is an intensive course. One positive is no on calls for the next four months and Mon - Fridays only. It will be nice to have weekends back if only for a short while. I must away as more studying to attend to and it is No. 1 son's nineteenth birthday tomorrow. I cannot believe it is nineteen years since he arrived into our lives and into the world. I would remark  'Where has the time gone' but I know it was spent living.


Friday, February 10, 2012

For Scoakat...  Snowdrops, the welcome harbingers of spring.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

A day off to try out the new camera. The model I bought has been superceded by "the latest model" so I got a very nice discount from the lovely shop assistant. I didn't even have to haggle as she made the offer after I had examined the camera. Cheaper than amazon which amazed me. I have been hankering after a new camera for ages having realised the limitations of the old one and wanting to take more than quick snaps. As you can see we have snow plus very low temperatures at night. It's a struggle to get the moggies to go out first thing in the morning.... claw marks either side of the back door.
I am hoping to take some photos of the snowdrops as they emerge. There are a couple of places in the Wolds where one can see hundreds of the little blighters but the snow will currently have them covered. I can also finally start photographing some of the old churches around the county which I have spotted on my travels.

Todays foray into the world photographic was about learning how to use the camera. I studied photography at school for a couple of terms with SLR's and time spent in the dark room. All black and white photography but I have sadly forgotten much of what I learned at that time. But it is easier with digital cameras and using the PC to check out the results. I will have to see if I can take black and white photographs using this one or if that's something I can adjust digitally with the right software. However, the batteries quickly ran down after No.1 son's playtime with the camera yesterday. So I managed a few composed shots but the cold contributed to camera shake plus the excitable dog (She loves snow) made for a brief trip out.

Time for a hot chocolate and to warm up my frozen bones.

Friday, February 03, 2012

That  has been my approach to today after I contacted the council about removing a couple of mattresses. 'That will be £20-00 and we can collect the items on the 23rd of February' was the response to my query. I decided to take the mattresses to the local tip myself. I felt like the main act in Sykes' "The Plank" but in my case two large mattresses, one small car and a dodgy neck / shoulder. It was a bloody pantomime: to me, to you... open the doors... remove second mattress, fold in half again... remove mattress... rest try folding other way... anger and bloody mindedness won and both mattresses went in. Points to me after several rounds until I realised I would be crammed into the car as well for the two mile trip. Unable to see two of the mirrors and squeezed into a significantly shorter space than was really comfortable for me... we set off. Thankfully my erratic driving style and "The Who" blasting out of the open windows as I cranked the stereo up to 11 maintained an open road for me to meander along. I swear that traffic cop was laughing.
At the council tip I was directed to container number 6. More fun and games ensued as I realised I couldn't move my left arm or hold anything heavier than a gerbil. Mattress no. 1 came out, fell in the mud, picked up and transferred said mud to my clothes and face as I attempted and failed to heft it over my head. After three attempts I rested, retrieved my by now muddy hat from the puddle it fell in but did not realise this until it sat on my head. I charged the container and gradually inched the mattress into the waiting maw. I then looked at mattress no. 2...
 As I manfully hauled it into an upright position a council employee appeared in regulation Hi Viz jacket, walkie talkie and helmet. Hooray! The cavalry has arrived but no, he manoeuvred mattress no.1 into a position in the container which accorded with his feng shui and he then left. I charged again at the container whilst fired up with righteous indignation and succeeded in merely resting it against the side and out of the mud. Three further attempts finally saw it alongside its fellow which I then manoeuvred into my approximation of feng shui... Bloodied, muddy, sore and by now a veteran of mattress manoeuvreing I drove home.
That third bloody mattress can wait until another day... Pain killers, cider and a lovely home made pork casserole may revive me but my new mattress will be heaven sent tonight as I collapse into the arms of Morpheus.


Thursday, February 02, 2012

After struggling at work for the last two days with neck pain I finally called in sick. Two nights of poor sleep & feeling sick,  I could barely keep my eyes open. After yesterdays fun and games driving with limited movement in my neck I gave in to Mrs C's concerns that I am in no fit state to drive. The irony is that we had a new mattress delivered yesterday so I am hopeful this will help me get better. I think it may be a combination of bad posture, stress and tension coupled with the increased mileage whilst working over the last few weeks. So rest, gentle exercises and improving my posture during my days off will be my priority. This site has proved useful as I hunt down the posture pillow I bought a few months ago (in No.1 sons room with several other pillows).

In answer to BW's comments (I can't comment for some bizarre reason!) regarding the redecoration the builder popped in yesterday to fit an extra bit to the guttering to ensure the wall is further protected. He checked the plastering and said it should be ok to paint the walls. I just have to get my neck working again and perhaps I can crack on with that. I will give it a couple of weeks and then we will start on that. Finally the house will feel like a home again.

The reconfiguration at work continues apace with some staff having to reapply for jobs but not necessarily in the same place of work. To say morale is low is akin to discussing bears, wood and defecation habits. The next round of mutually agreed resignations is upon us and I guess some people will go down that route. As for me, I am still awaiting a decision as to the training I have applied for. I will be the only member in one team without this qualification and my concern is that it leaves me vulnerable to being "surplus to requirements" as a helpful colleague put it. Other teams are being amalgamated, staff down graded or pressured to move. Ironically, this takes place just as work is becoming increasingly busy as the recession (economic depression) bites. Time for my next round of pain killers and more coffee.