Thursday, February 09, 2012

A day off to try out the new camera. The model I bought has been superceded by "the latest model" so I got a very nice discount from the lovely shop assistant. I didn't even have to haggle as she made the offer after I had examined the camera. Cheaper than amazon which amazed me. I have been hankering after a new camera for ages having realised the limitations of the old one and wanting to take more than quick snaps. As you can see we have snow plus very low temperatures at night. It's a struggle to get the moggies to go out first thing in the morning.... claw marks either side of the back door.
I am hoping to take some photos of the snowdrops as they emerge. There are a couple of places in the Wolds where one can see hundreds of the little blighters but the snow will currently have them covered. I can also finally start photographing some of the old churches around the county which I have spotted on my travels.

Todays foray into the world photographic was about learning how to use the camera. I studied photography at school for a couple of terms with SLR's and time spent in the dark room. All black and white photography but I have sadly forgotten much of what I learned at that time. But it is easier with digital cameras and using the PC to check out the results. I will have to see if I can take black and white photographs using this one or if that's something I can adjust digitally with the right software. However, the batteries quickly ran down after No.1 son's playtime with the camera yesterday. So I managed a few composed shots but the cold contributed to camera shake plus the excitable dog (She loves snow) made for a brief trip out.

Time for a hot chocolate and to warm up my frozen bones.


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I don't know what a snowdrop is! I'm off to google now...

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