Thursday, February 02, 2012

After struggling at work for the last two days with neck pain I finally called in sick. Two nights of poor sleep & feeling sick,  I could barely keep my eyes open. After yesterdays fun and games driving with limited movement in my neck I gave in to Mrs C's concerns that I am in no fit state to drive. The irony is that we had a new mattress delivered yesterday so I am hopeful this will help me get better. I think it may be a combination of bad posture, stress and tension coupled with the increased mileage whilst working over the last few weeks. So rest, gentle exercises and improving my posture during my days off will be my priority. This site has proved useful as I hunt down the posture pillow I bought a few months ago (in No.1 sons room with several other pillows).

In answer to BW's comments (I can't comment for some bizarre reason!) regarding the redecoration the builder popped in yesterday to fit an extra bit to the guttering to ensure the wall is further protected. He checked the plastering and said it should be ok to paint the walls. I just have to get my neck working again and perhaps I can crack on with that. I will give it a couple of weeks and then we will start on that. Finally the house will feel like a home again.

The reconfiguration at work continues apace with some staff having to reapply for jobs but not necessarily in the same place of work. To say morale is low is akin to discussing bears, wood and defecation habits. The next round of mutually agreed resignations is upon us and I guess some people will go down that route. As for me, I am still awaiting a decision as to the training I have applied for. I will be the only member in one team without this qualification and my concern is that it leaves me vulnerable to being "surplus to requirements" as a helpful colleague put it. Other teams are being amalgamated, staff down graded or pressured to move. Ironically, this takes place just as work is becoming increasingly busy as the recession (economic depression) bites. Time for my next round of pain killers and more coffee.


Blogger Scoakat said...

Oh, Del, my heart sank when i saw the pic. I hope you're not getting any arm pain or the like. I had neck surgery less than a year ago so the memory is still fresh. It's only a 2 week recovery but you'd not be the same after. Good luck with everything.

10:24 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Hi Scoakat.
I get tingling and some pain in my arm. It eases after a few days as long as I do the exercises taught to me by an osteopath many years ago.

5:45 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Sounds like a trapped nerve to me, from those symptoms and the way they resolve. Do take care not to everdo things... no lifting mattresses, or painting, for instance ;)

Can't you get your son to do the painting? Some sort of return for the free board and lodging...

Sorry to hear about the ongoing work situation.

7:40 pm  

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