Wednesday, January 04, 2012

It is blowing a hoolie out there. The pooch's second walk this evening saw her spaniel ears flapping and consequently led to further demented doggie behaviour from her. Dark early despite the days getting longer and we are in the doldrums of post celebrations and dank, dark and gloomy days of January. I don't mind it too much because I enjoy the contrasts in the weather we have here and I enjoyed watching the swans this evening whilst the pooch chased the wind.
I am having to watch the pennies following the celebrations but this afternoon Mrs. C and I had a look at beds. Our bed is coming to the end of its life and at some point this year I'll have to bite the bullet and buy a new one. But parting with hundreds of pounds,especially at his time of the year had me extremely tight lipped and watchful around the various salesmen. We have found one that looks to be good value, will last several years and has an excellent and very supportive mattress. But what brought a smile to my face was the table at the front of the shop with cheap sparkling wine, crisps and peanuts set out for prospective customers. After the splurge that was Christmas and New Year who wants to carry on? I have decided to sleep on it (I couldn't resist it!)  and make my decision next week despite Mrs.C's keeness to acquire the bed... and a similar one for our son! The latter will not happen because his priority is a job as my wage supporting three adults and assorted furry familiars does not stretch that far.

We also started a clear out of rubbish which was inadvertently started by Mrs.C breaking the brand new table lamp she had just purchased. She responded well to my laughter... shouted at the dog and an overarm throw to land the pieces into further smaller pieces in the bin. It only cost three quid so not earth shattering. After that we had a clear out and I was surprised to find we still had loads of old videos, mainly of Time Team and some children's programmes. All of them very worn but it made me think as to how in such a short space of time one technology is quickly superceded by another. We'll be clearing out the bigger stuff tomorrow to the local tip. I can then check when they next have a sale of old bikes as I need one since my own bike was stolen (it still rankles).
Anyhow, time for a small drop of the malt...


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