Thursday, January 26, 2012

My redecorating plans are on hold as the builder suggested we wait a few months before painting. The quote for a new double glazed window was breathtaking so we have decided to just replace the cracked pane (76" x 48"... it's a whopper). So plans changed but overall I am happy. I only need No.1 son to find employment and this year will be off to a great start. I can't help but contrast this with the national and international situation. As a friend stated the other day "It's getting very interesting and more than a little scarey". But the media and day to day activities show a public that is either oblivious or indifferent to it all. The government has no answers except more government. We have local councillors, MP's, the cabinet, MEP's, euro government, regional govt.'s plus dense layers of bureaucracy and the result is a complete dogs mess with no real democracy at all. Sadly,I believe there will be a complete breakdown in society and we are heading towards the 21st century version of the 1930's.

The nonsense about the Leveson enquiry (whitewash & inevitable call for greater restrictions on a free press), Scottish independence, the olympics, etc... is a noisy sideshow which ignores the white elephant ride in the corner: war with Iran, oil, power and the death throes of western societies as we know them. I would make some glib remark about popcorn and getting a good seat but as I have said before we will all be part of this show. I guess it is fingers crossed and hang onto our seats because it will be an extremely bumpy and dangerous ride.

I saved the above because the glaziers arrived and we have a new laminated window in. A sixth of the ridiculous price quoted by the double glazing people. I also thought long and hard about posting this because it is not a jolly post. However, I do believe we are going to hell in a handcart I am an optimist(ic realist) and I believe ordinary people will find their own solutions. I might not agree with those solutions (hanging bankers and politicians) but things will change and life will go on. The Roman Empire died a long and protracted death and this may well be the same. On an optimistic note I have booked tickets to see Nazareth at the local biker club so this evenings music is very much seventies rock with Nazareth, Deep Purple and Rainbow playing. Mind you, half an hour of live Ramones crept in, one of my favourite bands and I lost count of how many times I saw them live along with the Clash. The folly of youth... never wasted although I frequently was...


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

But the media and day to day activities show a public that is either oblivious or indifferent to it all.

An excellent summary of wherin lies the problem.

Why does the builder suggest *months* before painting? I've always understood emulsion to be breathable - but have always, on new plaster, thinnned the first coat to 50%, then left 48 hours, before second coat at 75%, leave again for 24 hours, then top coat neat (as new plaster is very absorbent).

We have a cracked pane too... should sort out getting a new one... the last one was £60 just for the glass (and that was a small pane that Mr BW fitted). While there isn't condensation between the sheeets of glass (and goodness knows how there isn't) I'm tempted to leave it.

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