Saturday, November 19, 2011

After the last three mucous filled days and heavy investment in Olbas oil I feel human again. (Some) Chores around the house completed,  breakfasted on bacon, eggs and tomatoes, dog groomed and then we went for a long walk. She hadn't been out for three days and we both needed to blow away the cobwebs. I am supposed to be going out tonight to a wedding reception but I am opting for another early night and sleep. The cold wiped me out and I still feel a little unsteady on my feet. Mind you, a few beers last night may have contributed to that. I have also decided to avoid the political blogs for a while again because I just get wound up. I will concentrate upon my immediate world for now rather than impotently raging at the stupidity of others.
No.1 son found out at yesterdays apprenticeship interview from another interviewee that last weeks interviews resulted in someone else getting the job. No wonder he is so angry with it all. He was also informed by the job centre that he is not entitled to any benefits because he refused to attend. As he pointed out to them: his money was stopped anyway, he has attended several interviews he arranged and they are patronising and singularly useless at finding him any work.  He is continuing to look for work and he is now reconsidering college with part time work to keep him going.
Like the picture below I now intend to put my feet up, listen to the local sports radio* and chill out.


* I will be asleep within ten minutes!


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