Thursday, November 10, 2011

Swearing alert - If easily offended by strong oaths please go to CBeebies where you can enjoy less challenging language and ideas.

Days off and a chance for a beer or two. I need beer after the last few days at work but not because of the work. Listening to social workers whingeing about the govt., society and the public sector strike at the end of this month turned my stomach. This forthcoming strike can be interpreted as a genuine response to the government attack upon public sector pensions. But once you place it in the context of reality: no money; the private sector create the wealth and their pensions are generally shite especially since new labour robbed them; the eu sinking fast and a general economic malaise in the west. It beggars belief that a general public sector strike is called until one sits back and takes another perspective. The conversations I heard back this up. An opportunity to attack a Tory govt. and to bring it down. So much for democracy. I have a day off on the actual day and for once I am glad because I have never crossed a picket line but this may have been the first tme I did so. I had been a trade unionist for much of my working life including holding steward positions within trades unions. I withdrew my active support  ten years ago when I realised the bullshit, the betrayals of the working class and the idiocy that went with much of the unions and new labour. Again I have to add a disclaimer in that I do not support the shower of shite that currently makes up the govt. because they are no different from the last shower of illiberal, thieving, lying fuckbags that slowly destroyed this country for personal gain. It will be another winter of discontent...

Local BBC radio is being reviewed with a view to saving money / streamlining services / providing value for money. What it really means is to cut the services which some people like whilst saving money to fund management and ensure thousands of staff and ceebrities are available for the Olympics in London next year. When the vote was announced that London had won the 2012 bid I realised I was a miserable curmudgeon because for once I wanted the French to win. It is public money but the BBC board and managers know best. After the loss of Folkwaves from BBC Lincolnshire the cuts will remove other folk, jazz, etc... programmes from the airwaves. Just cut a small % of the funding to sport and redirect it to local radio... problem solved. Alternatively, stop the licence fee and introduce the real world and advertising to the BBC. Having to endure the interminable adverts for various BBC shite programmes on the various BBC stations... eastenders, strictly, currently children in need... fuck off! My children in need money has gone, for the umpteenth year running, to the Poppy Appeal and I like BBC radio! But it drives me nuts hearing bloody BBC adverts for their own programmes none of which I care about.  But to give them credit where it is due... Frozen Planet. Wonderful camera work, beautiful scenery, the various critters,  engaging and just a first rate incredible programme. If you get the chance to watch it I can highly recommend that you do so.
Finally, I do want the BBC to continue but I want the mouthpiece for generally leftist bullshit to stop and for a service that provides balanced information, entertainment and education as well as providing top notch programmes. £140 odd a year is not a bad price but it is our money. That means it should represent all and not just the metropolitan liberal elite of the south east of England. Now that I have finished this howl into the wilderness I will continue to listen to BBC Radio Foyle, Ulster, Shropshire, etc... until my favourite programmes are removed and we are inundated with more bland, boring boyzone bollox of the musical and verbal kind. I hope the language hasn't been too rough for you but if it has... it means there is still life and passion. As a 101 year old woman recently said to me... 'Enjoy the best of life, the alternative is worse'.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Yes to all.

I don't understand why so few people comprehend how the world (mal)functions these days.

Hope you're feeling better by now, and that your son has had success with his applications.

My 'word verification' word is 'preale' btw. Sounds a good idea...

7:20 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Preale... I'll have one or two libations over the weekend when I am off. Still no word re. the interviews and he has another apprenticeship interview tomorrow.

8:17 pm  
Blogger Welch and Forbes said...

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