Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The weather has changed and the cats clamour to get in / remain in / hide away when it's time to turf them out for toilet beaks. As above, they appear to be permanently attached to radiators. We have to play hunt the cat first thing each morning for Molly (She's in the box) because she has taken to hiding from us. I can't blame her as my second cold in two weeks brought me out in sympathy with her and my marked reluctance to emerge from the duvet. Two paracetamol and a trip down the M1 yesterday finally helped as I performed yet another 300 + miles round trip for one assessment. I took a colleague along as part of her training and we put the world to rights... well, we moaned about the NHS, managers, colleagues, etc... The M1 was a doddle despite being busy especially with HGV's and the usual shocking behaviour of white van drivers. But I was pleasantly surprised in that despite several hours of driving I felt quite fresh, relaxed and full of vim and vigour on my return. I can only put it down to the ongoing weight loss, exercise and generally improved levels of fitness.  I'll be buying a new wardrobe of clothes next year as everything now hangs off me, a situation I am very happy with. I also plan to buy a secondhand bike next spring because I miss cycling and I still keep an eye out for my stolen bike although it has probably been stripped down and sold off long ago. I have also looked into local sailing clubs because I promised myself last year that I would lose weight and take up sailing again. The cycling is top of my list for when spring returns because a cheap bike and I'm away with plans to explore the Wolds. A good lock for the bike even in the garden as I found to my cost!
I must away as the hound is sitting by the front door hinting at her evening walk.


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