Monday, October 10, 2011

Bugger, damn and blast!
Sitting at a road junction this evening and the minibus behind me decided to try and drive through me. The car is driveable but the rear bumper is holed below the waterline, above the waterline and is kaput. He admitted liability and could not stop apologising. The perfect end to the day and 130 miles of trouble free driving until that moment. More insurance woes although this one will be straight forward to deal with. However, it made me realise... time to sort out my will because this was a minor crunch but I have seen far too may accidents on Lincolnshire's roads over the past few years. There are some real lunatics on the roads if by lunatic I mean moonstruck mindless idiots. The other driver was horrified and I do feel sorry for him although tinged with anger because this was not a accident but human error. 'I thought you'd gone so I pulled out' was his statement to which I answered 'Clearly I hadn't'. Mind you, the shock lasted a while followed by an adrenalin rush and I was extremely wired when I arrived late for my fat fighters class. Chillin' now with large brandies, Jack Johnson for sounds and an enforced work day at home tomorrow as insurance companies will deal with the consequences of this crunch.


Blogger Scoakat said...

A car is just a car, glad you're okay, Del.

10:53 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Glad you're OK.

Let's hope he doesn't change his story when he comes to tell his boss/the insurance company... and don't underestimate the effect that a no-fault accident will have on *your* premium next year.

FWIW I do think that drivers on Lincolnshire's roads are even madder than those on the roads round here (and that's saying something).

Hope it's all mended and sorted soon.

5:48 pm  

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