Friday, October 07, 2011

The painless bit has now been done with a builder popping in to identify the source of the water leak and view the extent of the damage to the walls. He will prepare a quote for the insurance company and that is when the hard work begins... I absolutely loathe dealing with insurance companies. They negotiate hard whilst making one feel like a crook. My approach now is to view it all dispassionately as business and to consider the opposition with my work head on. It works for me as I view them as personality disordered trying to obtain something for nothing. What astonishes me is the source of the leak: the guttering is a few inches too short hence water running straight down the corner of the house in the alleyway. A job which could have been completed in 30 minutes for less than a tenner. I never noticed and now I am kicking myself because this must have been going on since we bought the house. The leaky bath was initially blamed for the damage and that was dealt with.But allowing the walls to dry out just didn't happen because the water, unbeknownst to us, continued to leak through whenever it rained. A salutary and expensive lesson learned depending on the fun and games with the insurance company. The only bright side is that the guttering will be easily fixed whilst the internal walls will be cleared of plaster, allowed to dry out for 2 - 3 months and then replastered. We will do the redecorating ourselves and it will also be an opportunity to buy new carpets, new furniture,etc... Mrs C. is keen for the latter to happen and I can see me digging deep in the purse for these replacements. The discussion over colours, wallpaper, three piece suites, etc... will be lively especially once LE offers her opinion on colour schemes. I have definite preferences and so has Mrs C. The back room is tastefully coloured in a light cream and a dusky pink which I like and want to keep as the preferred colour scheme. LE and Mrs C's liking for the current trend of seventies kitsch... bleugh! No chance of those horrible schemes in the house. I wonder if I can suggest the inflatable furniture again although the cats would quickly deflate that scheme. But that is to get too far ahead as I gird my loins for battle with the insurers.
On a different tack I noticed that the local cygnets are thriving and all seven of them have survived thus far. However, one of them has been chased away by the parents and is not allowed to remain with the parents and other six cygnets. I know the parents will chase all of them away eventually but it does seem unusual to single one out for this treatment. It looks like the smallest cygnet and I wonder if this has any influence on the parents behaviour? But for today's brisk walk with the pooch  I was wrapped up as it was windy and very overcast. Autumn is definitely here at last and it is cold in the evenings. Time to switch the heating on and enjoy evenings in front of the fire, shame it's only a gas fire although the beasties enjoy plonking their bodies in front of it. Time to enjoy the rest of my day off as tomorrow is the beginning of a seven day stretch and I am on call over the whole weekend. With one member of staff off sick for the next eight weeks and another on holiday our numbers are fewer than ever. I'll have to buy a dream tax ticket for tonights euro lottery and hopefully reduce numbers further!


Blogger Scoakat said...

Sorry to hear about the house. Good luck with the insurers! You're last point is a good one - I too would love to win the lottery, but first I must get off my arse and buy a ticket now and again. I can't win if I don't play!

10:31 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

"I never noticed and now I am kicking myself because this must have been going on since we bought the house. "

Didn't the survey point this up?

I think your conception/personalisation/visualisation of the insurance company people is excellent. I shall have to try that one myself...

And good luck for the seven days working. Hope you can get some sensible time off at the end of it.

12:56 pm  

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