Monday, October 03, 2011

I love radio... I have stated this many times and I have my favourites which, when they finish up for good or are removed, it feels like the loss of a friend. Folkwaves was the latest programme to be axed and my Monday evenings still have a hole in them. But I cottoned on to Jarvis Cocker on 6 music some months back and I am hooked... full line and sinker. Absolutely marvellous, eclectic and certainly not to everyone's tastes but hugely enjoyable.The latest episode features Andrew Motion and a discussion about National Poetry Day. It also features a recording from 1889 of Tennyson declaiming his "The Charge of the Light Brigade".  I do enjoy poetry and I have written some exraordinarily bad poetry in my younger days, some of which I still have including an awful eulogy to Chet Baker when he died. So it is wonderful to listen to this programme and the little snippet of Tennyson plus a recording of Auden. I can heartily recommend giving the programme a listen as well as popping in to listen to future episodes and keep an open mind.


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