Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What a difference one day makes. I met with my boss today and I was offered the opportunity to reapply for the AMHP training I was turned down for earlier this year. Apparently the funding for our jobs from the local authority is now sorted out (for another year) and my boss is keen for me to remain with the team and not return full time to crisis work. The sweetener is that I will be cleared for training next year. Although I remain apprehensive regarding the powers involved with such work I have had a lot of time since February to mull over everything that happened (a senior manager whom I have 'history' with vetoed my training application but waved through some recently qualified staff). It is a great opportunity, I enjoy studying and applying studies to practice, it adds to post grad. qualifications and it opens up doors to future possibilities given the current maelstrom that is the NHS. I haven't yet lost my ambition and I am a realist who knows opportunity when it comes calling. Mind you, it's a bloody hard course and a very tough placement over a period of six months. So the thoughts of an early retirement are thankfully put away and I spent an active day with a smile on my face. Even the 140 miles round trip failed to wipe the smile away. I still feel too young to be put out to pasture and my experience and knowledge thankfully still count. Just remind me of this when I am whingeing next year on this blog about deadlines, studying and placement!

I have also made contact with some old friends after an absence of umpteen years. The upshot is that I'll meet some of them in London later this year and I have made plans for trips to Holland and Switzerland next year to catch up with them. The latter is for a surprise 50th birthday party for one friend who happily lives over there. He and his wife have been globe trotting for years and are now based back in Europe so it'll be good to catch up with them. With my son grown up I have realised the freedoms it offers me. Mrs C. won't travel by plane, ferry or the channel tunnel unless drunk and heavily sedated so she has already refused to attend both trips. C'est la vie...
 For tonight it is coffee and Prokofiev's fourth symphony on BBCi as entertainment. I am giving the booze a break for a couple of weeks after the beer excitement last week as it can be too much of a good thing and it puts on weight! With it being busy at work I prefer to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed in the mornings although the alarm call at 5.30 this morning was abit too bright eyed.


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