Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finally I have a date for the car to be collected and repaired plus a courtesy car all provided by the other driver's company insurance (Taxi service). He admitted liability and their insurers are sorting it all out. Yesterday was a somewhat surreal and hectic day where I lost the plot at one stage. Juggling the car insurance, home insurance, working and arranging training for care homes all got too much at one stage. I phoned someone only to be told 'You've already arranged this earlier today... are you alright?' I took the hint and took the dog for a very long and very welcome walk. Despite the wind and rain I needed the break. I also have neck and back pain today which is not good news. So I am taking it easy, appropriate pain relief and trying to stay relaxed. It has also made me more determined than ever to return to full time crisis work where I use pool cars and I travel noticeably fewer miles. I won't receive a decision on that until December but the team is extremely short staffed particularly of experienced staff. I am using costs and resources to push my argument but I can now only wait and see what happens.
Yesterday also saw the builders estimate arrive and it is considerably lower than I expected although more than I can scrape together. That has gone off to the insurers via email and snail mail so again I have to play the waiting game. Increased premiums next year will be the price paid for this. C'est la vie and as mentioned in an earlier post we will have the work completed and be able to redecorate. Another positive is that I have now lost so much weight my clothes no longer fit me, necessitating a quick trip to buy new shirts, t shirts, etc... It may be time to see if there are any extra work shifts going to plug the financial gaps! Meanwhile belt tightening figuratively and literally is the order of the day as I traipsed around Lincoln today having to hoist my trews up every 100 yards or so. I parked up and walked everywhere today despite the rain as my visits were all within the city centre. Time to break for tea and one low fat biscuit.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

An honest person after an accident. There is still hope in the world!!!

And as for the too many things list and duplicating - I've done that too.... it's our age dear. Except that you're two years older than me, and juggle a lot more things, so mine could be pre-senile dementia.

6:06 pm  

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