Thursday, December 01, 2011

Pinch, punch, First of the month and all that mallarkey.
It's winter and the sun is shining outside and the beeb news gave lots of time to its drought news for southern England. I also had a chocolate from my advent calender and I am currently listening to Christmas songs on spotify. You just know my enthusiasm will wane fairly quickly...
I looked at my entries for this time last year when everywhere was covered in snow and the country ground to a halt.Very different this year and I do wonder whether we will have snow this month. New cars have been leased for the crisis team and I again suggested 4x4's. Lovely cars have arrived but they have plumped for the cheap two wheel drive versions. Cue the fun and games if the weather does change for the worse.
 I saw an otter in our local river the other evening whilst out dog walking a few days ago. I was astonished to see what is a large predator in the river and I was riveted to the spot with delight and wonderment. The two anglers who also witnessed it were not so delighted as the fish stock will rapidly diminish. I really am going to start carrying a camera with me to capture these moments.


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