Sunday, May 31, 2015

Well there's a surprise!
My son bought himself a nearly new car and sold his old one within a couple of hours. He needed something reliable for very early morning starts and for when he is called in at short notice for emergencies. Happily he opted for a sensible Kia with low mileage, zero tax and excellent mpg for his money. He researched everything very thoroughly and got himself a good deal. It also reminded me that I haven't posted any pictures of my big boys toy. Having ensured she was valeted I can now post up a picture.

I don't usually become attached to cars although the fact that I have hung on to the Suzuki says otherwise! But I do like this car and I particularly like the comfort and luxury of driving it. Ironically, the longest single journey I have taken in it is twenty odd miles. I say ironically because my old job saw me travelling one hundred plus miles per day.

The other irony is that come the weekend I prefer to walk and leave the cars parked up. Yesterday I took a lengthy stroll around town and popped into a new cafe.

This photo of Riverhead Coffee is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Since the local Starbucks closed down I haven't bothered with popping out for coffee but having a local non-chain coffee shop on my doorstep I could not resist. I am all for supporting local businesses so a comfy chair, a window on the world and an excellent Cappuccino proved ideal. Taking fifteen minutes to put my feet up and savour a quiet moment was just what was needed. I shall be using it regularly and hopefully it will go from strength to strength. This town could do with more investment but there are still lots of empty shops and empty brown field sites. Having talked about coffee I must now put the kettle on for a decent cup of tea.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sometimes the news states the bleeding obvious and the 'news' ('Olds' surely?) about Fifa is an example of that.

Governments, both local, national and international riven with corruption so it's no surprise that sport is riven with similar corruption. In the same week of Blatter sinking his snout further into the trough we have Blair ending a successful career as a Middle-East peace maker. A small child wearing a crucifix leading a pet pig on a lead can now walk from Cairo to Damascus without encountering any trouble whatsoever thanks to his freely offered voluntary ministrations. I guess when Blatter retires on medical grounds with 'dementia' later this year to avoid various law enforcement agencies Blair could slide seamlessly in to replace him. 
Meanwhile we carry on just buggering on and trying to make ends meet. The boiler will finally be replaced next month after I realised that it can be repaired once too often. I don't believe there is an original part left in it and we have certainly made use of the British Gas home care scheme over the years. My plan to pay off the mortgage seems to be getting further away but this is an old house and there is always something requiring attention and inevitably money to pay for that attention. C'est la vie... Hence my plan is to continue plodding on over the next couple of years at work because surprisingly I find I am enjoying it again. Even the difficult days and there have been many of them over the past several weeks. I know myself well enough to realise my enthusiasm won't last but I will be happy if it lasts until December. Talking with colleagues tho' and considering what I will do beyond working when one suggested I return to college part time whilst working, possibly a counselling course. To be honest the plumbing and woodwork courses look more promising so I could finally learn some DIY skills!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Sunday morning put to good use in the garden with mowing, weeding, planting out, etc... A reaffirmation of life beyond the craziness of the recent election and the media frenzy before, during and ever after. Tomato seeds have grown and I have now planted them into large pots with new compost including a coconut based compost to which one adds water and steps back as it expands. I am sticking to four tomato plants only as that should supply more than enough fruit. The raspberry plant is thriving as are the cucumber plants. All we need now is some sunshine!

I deliberately avoided social media including the blog as the election madness ensued. Yesterday's 'riot' in Westminster by various clowns, dupes, thugs and the ignorant shows how frustration, anger and resentment can flare up into violence. From a personal perspective I am not sure what to think about the election result. I feel a sense of relief that the adults will continue to govern although I am not entirely sure this government will be to my liking. The alternative would have been a weak and naive man buffeted by competing demands and an increasing chaos by his attempts to improve society. I guess my sense of relief accords with my being a middle-aged man who wants a quiet life. Time will tell and, although I did not vote for the Tories, my sense of relief might turn to horror and anger as a result of their actions.  Looking through twitter yesterday and the explosion of anger by some of the left expressed there that ordinary people would choose an alternative to their perceived bien pensant philosophy was astonishing. Seeing statements from some of these people that Tories should be beaten, killed, refused service in shops or removed from their jobs smacks of the worst kind of fascistic bullying. Absolutely astonishing that people can claim to care for others and society, then make these threats or goad others into violence because they voted Tory.  Hence the perfect grounding of my hands in soil and attending to growing plants. Perfect antidote to blind and mindless stupidity.
It is also an antidote to the last two extremely busy weeks at work as we are still short of four staff and covering their case-loads on top of our own workloads. There isn't even time for banter between colleagues any more because it is all go. The good news is that not only has No.1 son been promoted at work, he also passed his driving test. I no longer have to be available as the experienced driver to his learner. He's currently like a dog with two tails and I can have my weekends back and attend to the garden, amongst other things. The sun is out now so I must TTFN....